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Mad cars are what make this industry fun. The second generation Renault Megane had a polarising effect; people either hated it (me) or loved it (the others). And people did love it. Very much. Then there was the Fiat 600 Abarth, where they tweaked the engine (which was in the boot) so much, it could only stay cool with the boot lid open. When they found out the car could go faster with the boot lid open, Fiat sold the car with the boot lid permanently open! Then we come to Nissan. While quite not in the same league as the Abarth, Nissan has had some pretty wild cars. The Cube and the Juke certainly stay seared in one’s mind. And it looks like they’ll be doing it again.

USA Today reports that Nissan is set to announce that they’ll be making a convertible version of the Nissan Murano. Dealers have already seen a version of it in Las Vegas. Tim Gallagher, Nissan spokesperson, did the usual tease that always comes before a car is launched “We haven’t said anything official but it’s been out there for a few month and I would tend to believe it.” Well, pictures of the thing have been on the interwebs for over a year now, get on with it. Now, I’m no market researcher, but I thought that crossovers of that nature were bought by suburban mums who like the safety that a crossover brings, and they don’t like their coiffure disturbed. Let’s hope Nissan use a metal folding roof, after all, little Zach and Nicole are precious.

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12 Comments on “(Not So) Wild Arse Rumour Of The Day: Nissan To Take A Tin Opener To The Murano?...”

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    Yeah, a four door convertible. In the days of the Model T, that was called a touring car.

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    The result is probably going to resemble the PT convertible, which isn’t a bad thing.

    Personally, I’m surprised no one has tried this before. There’s a lack of “comfortable” convertibles on the market: other than the Sebring, everything else is cramped and/or hideously expensive and all of them are low-riders with access issues. A tall convertible won’t make the buff-books happy, but it’ll suit, ahem, the sorority set very well.

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      I always wondered how successful the PT Cruiser convertible might have been if it had been left a 4-door instead of converted to a 2-door. In fact, when was the last 4-door convertible available in the US? I can only think of the old, sixties Lincoln Continental but there has to have been something since then.

      Nissan deserves kudos for going out on a limb with some of their latest products. OTOH, the as-mentioned Cube, Juke, and now Murano ‘vert (even the old Quest with its wild dash design), it sure seems awfully like the last, desperate days of any dying auto manufacturer. Studebaker’s last gasp was the radical Avanti, and even more similiar is AMC when, towards the end, they came out with stuff like the Gremlin, Pacer, and Matador coupe.

      Are times now that tough at Nissan that they have to resort to last-ditch efforts, too?

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      @rudiger, how about the current four door Wrangler ?

      I imagine a convertible Murano will have the torsional rigidity of a bed pillow unless they resort to some form of bracing like the Wrangler has.

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      Nissan and their luxury branch Infiniti have had the highest year over year gains of any Japanese automaker. In fact Nissan recently went on record as saying they plan on becoming the biggest Japanese automaker in the next 5-10 years. Nissans also the industry leader in EV technology and has the highest production capacity for EVs in the next several years. I’d say their in pretty good shape…

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      I imagine a convertible Murano will have the torsional rigidity of a bed pillow

      The intended audience won’t care. This isn’t a convertible for rock crawling or open-air racing, it’s a way to take two upper-middle-class couples out for lunch, theatre and après-theatre coffee.

      Think Camry Solara with a higher hip point and easier ingress and you get the idea.

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      “@rudiger, how about the current four door Wrangler?”If it’s the Wrangler Unlimited with the rare, half-doors and removable plastic windows, I’ll concede that one as a 4-door convertible.

      But if we’re talking about the much more common Unlimited with the roll-up glass windows in full-framed doors, nah.

      Not to mention the machinations required to get the top down on an Unlimited. It’s not what most people consider a convertible, i.e., unsnap a couple of windshield header latches and press a switch.

      From what I’ve seen of the Murano ‘vert, it’s going to be the usual, frameless side glass with an electric top.

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    Remember the Dodge Dakota convertible? Didn’t think so. You’ll be asking the same thing about the Murano convertible a few years from now.

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    The real challenge will be designing various wind-screen devices that don’t threaten the toupées on the pates of its target market buyers or passengers.

    The appeal of the Murano is lost on me. It’s got all the weight of an SUV and none of the roominess that makes that worth it.

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      The Murano’s original intent was to be an urban SUV/crossover with no off-road pretensions. Style, handling and passenger comfort for all 5 passengers was key. The rear seat legroom is substantial, and the seat reclines. Think a sporty, roomier Lexus RX.

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      I see–not your Home Depot manure hauler, then. It still looks funny (to me, anyway) to have such a big car be all swoopy.

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    After doing a little research, it turns out that the Murano convertible will not be a 4-door, but will be a 2-door, a la PT Cruiser.

    So if you missed your chance to get a PT ‘vert before it was cancelled, now’s your chance.

    It also gives an indication of the chances of the Murano convertible being a success.

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