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I happen to like the Juke, in about the same way I like the Datsun F10. Even though the F10 was a CC competitor for the world’s ugliest car, I’m all for anything that makes our streets less boring; bring it on! And the Juke certainly does that. And you can’t deny there’s more than a few similarities, right down to protuberances on their front fender tops:

The C-pillar with that blacked out rear section, the upswept window line, the two-door look, and…

Interestingly enough, while the rest of the Juke evokes (for me anyway) the F10 wagon, at the rear, it’s the hatchback that comes to mind, with its graceful arc at the top, and the prominent license plate surround. I say bravo, Nissan, for having the guts to retro one of your all-time…um…memorable designs.

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29 Comments on “Nissan Juke Design Inspiration Discovered...”

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    There’s some of that awful Aston Martin SUV in it too:

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    The Lagonda looks a lot more like the F10 than the Juke IMO.

    Most of the Juke isn’t that bad, and parts are even attactive. It’s the horrible botched face that ruins the entire look of the Juke. The Juke’s biggest problem is that the foglights are bigger and more prominent than the headlights, and the headlights are way too high and not integrated at all with the grill. If Nissan would just take the foglights, make them much smaller, and integrate them into the blacked out lower fascia, while at the same time getting rid of the high mounted headlights in lieu of wedge shaped ones that replace the outer third on either side of the grill, the design could be a real winner.

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      John R

      tssssk…um, yeah…those foglights ARE the headlights…

      In any event I dig this thing. It’s like a pokemon version of the Infiniti FX. Also, from what I’ve read it can get out of it’s own way very well and is pretty decent in the corners.

      Sounds like the Kia Soul has some real comp.

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      Hmm, so the big lights are the headlights, and the turn signals/parking lights are completely separate and above the headlights… I’m not sure if that makes this better or worse. Something about that front end just screws with my perception of what a car should look like, and not in a good ‘my eyes suddenly opened to the possibilities’ way.

      I’m not against funkiness in design, I love the looks of the Kia Soul.

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      Not sure if fog lights are optional in the US or come as standard, but they’re in the lower grille where fitted, nearest the road. This gives quite a standout effect if all the lights are on at the same time: you can see this being tested in the factory here: 


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    I’ll add the juke to the list of cars I won’t buy because of looks – I don’t care how good they are – any acura, any mazda

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    The two big round things are the headlights, top wedge are city and turning lights.
    Optionnal fogs are on the bottom black part.

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    Paul, at first I thought you were being a smart ass, but you’ve almost convinced me the Juke’s–for lack of a better word–“stylists” were inspired by the old F10. I used to pass a couple of them every day on my way to school, a wagon and a fastback, and they never failed to get my attention. Like the Juke, you had to admire the ballsiness of the people who them into production.

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    The Juke’s design is really intriguing to me. It’s not beautiful by any means, but it is interesting. I think a front-drive manual version (in the silver shown in the picture) could be in my future.

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    You can’t really say its basic shape is the answer to the question nobody asked, unless nobody ever asked what an overinflated Volvo C30 would look like. Yeah, nevermind.

    I’m not afraid to say I like it. Why would I be? I mean, it’s not like Strippo is my real name or anything.

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    The F10 may be insulted by this comparison, but I see it.

    Another candidate is the new, improved Citroen 2CV:

    But Paul, what about the origins of the name for the Juke? Now that has possibilities….

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    I don’t think there are currently enough attractive cars in production to justify admiring the outstandingly ugly ones.

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    The F10 came by its ugliness the good, old-fashioned way: ALL Japanese cars of the era were turds. The Juke… its “designer” ought to be shot before he can procreate.

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    Speaking of inspiration, I think a case can be made that the 1975 AMC Pacer inspired the 1977 Porsche 928. The greenhouse is about the same shape, as well as the tail lights. The 928 was a “slammed” Pacer.

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    I dunno.

    I get kind of a KIA-Soul-wet-clay-model-in-the-wind-tunnel-vibe.

    But that’s just me.

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    It’s cute and pretty ballsy. I rather Nissan take a risk than bland such as their current Sentra and Versa. I can’t believe the back seat doesn’t fold!

    Their cube and their juke are one of the least space efficient vehicle in their respective segment. Come on man!

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    I would drive a lifetime of Pontiac Azteks if it meant I never had to see one of these again!

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    The Japanese car makers have lost their way in the design forest. One strange design after another is being foisted upon us. Honda, Nissan and Toyota are equally guilty. Hyundai/Kia have clearly taken the lead in design. The Japanese big three should be very alarmed.

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    If it were green, it would look like a frog. But at least it’s unique

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    I had the F10 hatchback; it was tres cool, however, at 6’1″ I couldn’t sit up straight in the driver’s chair.

    Count me in the minority – I like the looks of the Juke, and I really like the Cube, as well as the Soul and the Multipla. There’s nothing inherently wrong in being different, unless it’s being done for the sole purpose of being different.

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    Classic TTAC responses here! The complete lack of originality in comments ironically reinforces the notion that Nissan is going the right way with the Juke.

    Personally, I see the spliced DNA of a Citroen DS in a 3-way with a VehiCROSS and a Nissan Leaf.

    It’s bold, spunky, mechanically interesting and, from all accounts, really fun to drive. I’m glad they built it. All those that whine and complain loudly should be forced to drive 2002 Camrys for 10 years.

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    The problem with the F10 is that it was not only ugly, it was a horrible, sweaty little car to drive and ride in too. My buddy had one when we were in high school in the mid 80’s. Most of the time we took my ’74 Ford Torino wagon everywhere, it was a lot more comfortable.

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