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Hybrid drivers rejoice! You are in the process of being replaced as the trolls of the automotive world by EV drivers like this one. What this Tesla pilot clearly doesn’t understand is that his/her license plate is every bit as self-satisfied and obnoxious as this one. And nowhere near as clever or inventive as this one.

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32 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Embracing Stereotypes Edition...”

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    Cammy Corrigan

    OK, is anyone else going to say it, or shall I?

    OK, I’ll do it.

    According to this graph* quite a bit of the electricity used to power his Tesla, comes from Fossil fuels. Which emit carbon (probably much to the driver’s surprise). If the driver wants to lower carbon emissions, may I suggest they lobby their congressman to have an infrastructure for electricity generation geared towards renewable sources?

    * =

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      He doesn’t have to, Cammy. In California, you simply select the source of electricity that you buy. Maybe he buys only Nuclear.

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      Does it not all flow into the same grid?

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      Some Guy

      I do find the whole idea of claiming that your electricity comes from wind or solar power when you’re on the grid as being completely ludicrous… no matter how a person justifies it as being environmentally friendly.

      It’s like pouring bottled water into a swimming pool, drinking the pool water, and saying that you’re drinking bottled water.

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      Ok I’ll say it.
      Since the Electric Motor is 90% efficient, it doesn’t matter if he powers it with 100% Coal.

      Secondly, unless you’re Dick Cheney, lusting after IRAN’s oil, then you should be kissing this guy’s *** for helping America STOP funding Terrorists, giving us less reason to be in Foreign Countries, Help Stop Global Warming by keeping PPM of carbon down, and helping start New Innovative US Industries.

      Or you could kiss Exxons —.

      Third, if you do own Exxon or BP, there’s nothing stopping You from Demanding Exxon spend some Real Money, like 22 Billion a Year, to get into Wind and be come the Dominant Wind Producer in the United States. Demand Exxon Innovate to solve Todays Problems, not sit on their fat rears and lazily protect a Monopoly Position, leaning to the Death March toward Global Warming.

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    Depends on how that electricty was made. Where was this pic taken? Natural gas, coal, hydroelectic, nuclear, solar, what?

    If that sucker is powered by coal, it might be pretty hard to prove that driving it is cleaner than gassing up your Lotus.

    LOL NCLR would be kinda ballsy but only on a government car during the Cold War.

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      Looks like SoCal, probably LA. So, probably South California Edison for power.

      They seem to get 17% from renewable sources. I’m not sure how much is from nuclear, but probably around 20%. So, maybe 60% coal/fossil fuel.

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      The picture was taken on the northbound I-5 just past the junction with the northbound 55 in Santa Ana, California.

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    1) A quick google search shows that user “chronopublish” over at posted that this is the plate on their Tesla, so I don’t think it is a shop.

    2) At least one, if not several Tesla owners have enough PV’s deployed to charge their cars using just solar. Not oil free manufacturing, but oil free miles.

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    for me I would not spend an extra penny on a vanity plate

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    …and all the moving parts are lubricated with……

    wait for it…..


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    I tried to get e^πi=-1, but the NY DMV doesn’t do symbols.

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    Brian E

    It should say YAY COAL instead.

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    Ya probably wouldn’t like mine either–“LESSCO2” on my Beetle TDI, which uses a steady diet of B20. I don’t get many reactions, except for one guy who asked me, “Is your name Lessco?”

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      Reminds me of the Empty Nest episode where Charley gets a vanity plate that says “CLOVER” on it, intending it to be “sea lover” since he allegedly bags chicks on the cruise ship, except everyone else reads it as “clover.” Gold.

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    “Trolls of the Automotive World”…say you see a hybrid with a “Wind Power” or some similar sticker. The next block you see a dual wheel HD diesel pickup with nothing in the bed sporting a NRA sticker and fading “W” sticker…why is the hybrid driver the smug one? Sheesh.

    LOL on the name “Lessco”

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    Dr Lemming

    Playing the smug enviro card again….

    So many vehicles are primarily sold by the image they convey of the driver, yet somehow that usually is ignored herein. Instead we merrily poke fun at those who choose to display values that deviate from “I’m filthy rich,” “I have a really big one,” and/or “I’d rather be age 14.”

    Imagine: Tesla owners may want to point out that they are making an effort to reduce their oil dependence. Might that have something to do with sadness about the Gulf of Mexico blowout? Or the billions of dollars and thousands of lives spent defending our oil interests in the middle east? Or maybe preferring not to breath smog (it’s a real drag if you have asthma)?

    How much more horrible to make such a statement than to be a royal narcissist in a red Porsche.

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      Dr. Nguyen Van Falk

      The Talking Heads said it best: Stop making sense.

      Smug eco-pride is much more innocuous than some asshole in a BMW cutting everyone off or the yuppie in a Supercharged Range Rover talking on their cell phone driving through Chicago in the bike lanes because she’s late for her hair appointment. I say good for this guy. It’s funny to read people’s indignation over someone taking pride in their cars performance that’s not measured by HP, displacement, or (most importantly) perceived expense.

      Asshole in a S63 AMG says “I say, look at that tasteless pauper over there in his Tesla bragging about his fuel efficiency! More cars like that and my portfolio may take a hit.” Drives off with license plate reading “A nmbr 1” Yeah, it’s the dude in the tesla who’s a jerk…

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    Somehow I seem to remember that the rich and Californian are not known for their humility or tact. This is the stereotype of the smug “greenie” embodied.

    That being said, oil DOES actually suck in equal proportion to it’s wonderfulness, which makes it a devil’s bargain our society depends on but creates a vague feeling of guilt. Poking people in that particular spot is not the best way to convince them of anything, it’s kinda like reminding people that cheap chocolate is grown with child slavery, or that their chickens come from a factory where they never see sunlight. You get a horrified look and then a river of denial, or worse a pretend sort of posturing that they enjoy doing things with bad effects.

    The problem is that this does nothing to change things for the better. Not only that, it’s hardest on the people who can’t buy “virtue” easily because they can’t afford to buy PV cells, fair trade chocolate and free range eggs. It’s like tripping the blind, a malicious game of sorts.

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    The real crime is driving around with the top up on a beautiful CA afternoon.

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    Shrug, sees nothing wrong with smugness. People buy luxury cars for a reason. Rappers bling their cars out like no other. I see religious people having the Jesus’s fish thingy. Same thing, just as long as they let me have my flying spaghetti monster I’m fine.

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    August 2001, on a business trip in LA, get passed by a Boxster with 2 lovely blondes, hair flying, and the plate LSBNS

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    As a license plate collector, I’ve paid attention to vanity plates for years. The very first Oregon vanity plate I saw in 1971 was on a new lime-green Barracuda that passed me at about 85 mph on southbound I-5: REPENT.

    I had WINNERS on my red 1980 Firebird Formula for a while, and found out that lots of people wanted to street-race me.

    Offhand, I can’t think of any attitude that I haven’t seen someone try to express on a vanity plate.

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      Dr. Nguyen Van Falk

      That “Repent” license plate reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw in Milwaukee a few years ago. It read “Warning! In case of rapture, this vehicle will be unmanned.” I assume he’s christian, so doesn’t the bible say things about the meek and humble and self righteousness? I was glad it was so preposterous, otherwise I’d think the guy was a real tool.

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      A few months back I saw my favorite vanity plate of all time.

      It was a CT Early American plate on a Corvair.

      It said “UNSAFE”.

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    My favorite plate, was a MILF driven Mercedes drop top.

    It read…WASHIS… thats nasty.

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