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By the time the weekday TTAC crew rolls back into their cubicles/corner offices/gondola-of-the-“Zorin”-blimp-high-over-San-Francisco, the eBay auction for my 2009 Audi S5 will be crashing to a vaguely interesting end.

It had never occurred to me that my decision to sell a car would be “news”, but it probably never occurred to Elon Musk that he would have to explain his divorce to the readers of Jalopnik, either. Click the jump to find out why I’m selling, what the drooling morons of various BMW-oriented web forums think about it, and why I not-so-secretly hope it doesn’t meet the reserve…

There are very few one-of-a-kind cars in the world. My 2009 Audi S5 is one of them. To my knowledge, it was the first S5 produced by Audi’s “Exclusive” division, and a contingent of Audi dealers visiting Ingolstadt was treated to a sneak preview of the car before I ever saw it, just to impress upon them the lengths to which Audi would go to please their customers.

It is painted 1973 Porsche Lime Green, as seen on the Carrera RS 3.0 and the Porsche IROC cars. I paired the very loud exterior color with the Tuscan Brown interior because I wanted to pay homage to the early Seventies and the bright, cheerful, vintage look of German cars from that era. Some time around 1982, the default German look became a dark car, dark windows, dark Serengeti Driver sunglasses, hard-ass expression on the face of the oh-so-snobby man behind the wheel. I think that’s pathetic. Cars are supposed to be fun.

I’ve driven the S5 32,000 miles in the past 22 months. It’s gone from Chicago to New York to South Carolina, and back to my home town of Powell, OH. Although I’ve owned some attention-getting cars in my life, including a Lotus Seven replica, nothing pulls like the Audi. Squads of tough-looking black kids run across the street in downtown ATL to have me take their pictures. Teenaged girls working drive-throughs put their phone numbers on the receipts and hand them out with a lingering touch. Valets move Bentley Flying Spurs out of the way. Women of a certain age come to a dead halt in parking lots and beckon me over to chat while they slip three-carat rings off their left hands into their pockets. People drive up next to me and flip me off. I find notes left on the car, asking about drug deals.

My Audi has done hundreds of laps on racetracks, most notably during the CTS-V Challenge where the brakes proved inadequate to a televised run around Monticello. It appeared on SPEED TV. It has hundreds of Google results.

I have enjoyed every single day with the Audi, but it doesn’t seem to fit the person I currently am as much as it fits the person I used to be. My girlfriend hates being stared at while we drive down the road. I can’t tow a race car with it. The monthly payment is roughly what it would take to buy a sunburst-finish Gibson Les Paul Studio. Maybe it’s time for it to go.

A friend of mine with a reasonably successful auto-brokerage service wanted something interesting to launch his eBay biz with, so I handed over the S5. He put together the auction listing, misspelling just one word. (I’m so proud!) I didn’t think anybody would really notice.

I was wrong. The auction has appeared on most of the special-interest sites out there, particularly the German-car ones. Without exception, these anonymous little beta-males piss and moan that:

* The floormats are dirty (Yeah. They’re WeatherTechs.)
* The engine bay isn’t clean. (A clean engine doesn’t run any better.)
* It’s ridiculous to mention that the car will come with new tires. (That’s because they all run 20″ Sumitomos on their thugged-out used M3s. A real set of OEM Dunlops for this car costs big bucks.)
* A green car with a red interior is stupid. (It’s brown inside.)
* They would never “rock one”. (I doubt they’ve ever “rocked”.)
* LOLOMGFAIL (This, usually from people with Chinese-language arm tats)
* And so on.

It frustrates the piss out of me to see my little vintage-look Audi subjected to their comments. I don’t care if they wouldn’t “hard-park” it at Cars and Coffee. When I look at the car, I see my memories.

I see myself briefly clipping 142 on the back straight at VIR before smoking and curb-hopping my way in on the “Daytona Prototype line.” I remember parking it on the street in Manhattan, my girl on my arm, and walking downstairs to the Village Vanguard to see Al Foster’s quartet play five feet from my table. I think about the night before the CTS-V Challenge, killing half a bottle of vodka and falling over the motel bed onto the ground. I think about being black-flagged out of NJMP for “high-speed drifting” during a rainy track event, looking at Turn One through the driver’s window at eighty miles per hour.

This is my car. My memories. When the broker called to ask me what the reserve should be, I paused for a moment, and said, “Make it too high to see.”

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88 Comments on “The Internet Has An Opinion About My eBay Auction...”

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    You need a tougher E skin. There are countless morons that will be asking questions and making comments from another solar system. Get over it, and don’t waste your time because the idiots are not buyers either. However that right guy is out there and you will know right away when it’s a live one. Don’t despair, it takes 3 or more times on occasion to sell on EBay but the audience is there. You may also be contacted after the listing expires, don’t be so anxious to re list it right away.

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    I can’t tow a race car with it.

    Sounds to me like somebody needs their Caprice back.

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      I can’t tow a race car with it.

      ‘Nuff said. When you have graduated from your track car being street legal to not street legal then you have left the “internet racers” far behind you. (Plus a trailer is worth a second a lap.)

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    Wow, I’ve seen this. I live in Powell. It’s a great looking car – totally unique, as you say. I think I’ve seen this parked in the lot of a building that housed primarily Nationwide offices, out by the Tuttle Mall, so I’d assume you’ve done some work there, at least as a consultant.

    At any rate, I hope whoever buys it doesn’t take it out of Columbus. I’d miss seeing it around.

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    In fairness to the morans, the seats do look pretty red in the photos. I love that green, and yes, cars should be fun.

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    Jack, besides the engine bay plastics the tires could use a few coats of Armor All too.

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    Congrats for getting a paint-to-sample car. I may never buy a new Porsche, but when I price one out paint-to-sample is the only option I always choose. DB350 mittelblau for me please. I really wish today’s designers would rediscover some of the beautiful colors and paints from before metallic paints ruled the automotive world.

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    I doubt any woman with 3 carats is attracted to lime green.

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      werewolf34 ….my 68 yr old mother just had her entire kitchen painted lime green ( its the ” in ” color now she tells me ) and you should see the rock on her finger .

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    “Teenaged girls working drive-throughs put their phone numbers on the receipts and hand them out with a lingering touch.”

    OK, I could see that happening once.

    “Women of a certain age come to a dead halt in parking lots and beckon me over to chat while they slip three-carat rings off their left hands into their pockets.”

    Really, McLovin!?

    “My girlfriend hates being stared at while we drive down the road.”

    Now the plot thickens: You’re halfheartedly trying to get rid of your dream car because your girlfriend is jealous of the way you CLAIM other women act around it!

    PS. Love the colors! Keep it!

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    I don’t care for lime green. I flash back to the kitchen appliances of my childhood.

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    DC Bruce

    Kudos on the the custom color. As one who is old enough to remember when those multi-colored cars were new, I miss ’em. Enough black, silver and white (with occasional arrest-me red thrown in)! Gimme some color dammit! (Although, I could never get my eyes around international safety orange 2002tii’s.)

    Having just completed a weekend of used car shopping with my daughter, I like dirty engines. A cleaned engine can hide a multitude of sins.

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    That green color was terrible on a 1973 Porsche and it is still terrible on a 2009 Audi. The 1970s are not known for the good taste displayed during that decade.

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    That’s a hot car with a hot color. I definitely would rock it. I like most things 70s though, baby shit brown and shag carpets, Frazetta murals on vans with diamond windows… that sort of thing, so make of my opinion what you will. I’m still lusting for a Corvorado myself (google it).

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    John Horner

    I love the colors which were available on 70s German cars and 50s American cars. Actual colors in a bewildering array of choices.

    Today the most popular color is “silver” which is really gray, which is by definition no color at all. Photographers reference many things to an 18% gray reflective surface. It is dull, dull, dull.

    Given the level of interest and activity on your auction, my guess is that it is going to sell … assuming your reserve is somewhat lower than the Buy It Now price. Whether or not the winning bidder pays up or not is another matter :).

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    Yea, internet forums can be rough. You should have seen the reaction when I brought up putting a 1980 “screaming chicken” Firebird hood decal on the G8.
    So, is your next ride going to be a MKT or the new Grand Cherokee?

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    It really is a strange color for that car though

    I mean maybe if it had a drop + some black rims…

    Ehhh w/e

    The internet might be cruel sometimes, but in this case I think the internet is on point.

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    By chance is your girlfriend a Peanut M&M? You know, the hot one with the knee-high white boots? Kidding, kidding. Good luck with the sale.

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    Gorgeous car.

    Seeing as you’ve thrown it open I agree with the criticism highlighting the apparent lack of cleanliness.

    I currently drive VAG and have owned more in the past; IMO the VAG owner/potential owner is more demanding when it comes to this than followers of other equivalent brands.

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    Sumitomos? More like Linglongs or Sunnys.

    The internet beta-males (I’m borrowing the term) drooling over ebay listings of expensive cars they’ll never buy, are probably used to seeing immaculately detailed interiors and exteriors, complete with perfectly groomed and squeaky clean carpet. Some german car forums (which shall remain unnamed) have a lot of members who think their cars need a proprietary socket to drain the oil, and need write-ups on applying decals.

    Ify your S5 had a Facebook page, I’d +Like. Good luck on the sale!

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    We need to get past the rock throwing peanut gallery.
    I caught hell when I purchased the “orange/red” 2005 Mazda3.
    Everybody hates it. I adore it.

    My wife hates the two tone paint job I had Ford do on my new MKS.
    But then again, she hates my plaid/quilted leather jacket.

    I remember back in the sixties when my brother purchased a Fiat 850 Spider on the floor of the Chicago Auto Show.
    We both lusted for that little DAYGLOW green car from the moment we saw it.

    Everybody else hated it.

    And it’s NOT the attention we want. There is something that grabs us deep down with colors and designs. Can’t explain it, but weary of explaining myself to others.

    So I guess what I am trying to say is… Let Your Freak Flag Fly and one finger salute all the negative and boring pedestrians.

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    Question: how easy is it to fit a pair of carseats?

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    I suggest you clean the engine bay and slap on a set of Sumitomos. As they used to say at the Piggly Wiggly: stack ’em high and watch ’em fly…stack ’em deep and sell ’em cheap…

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    My girlfriend hates being stared at while we drive down the road.

    The S5 may be bright green, but surely you must have squired her around in something even higher profile.

    “Unique intellectual”? Doesn’t that mean odd nerd?

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    I dunno if it’s the color I’d choose, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s awesome. Thumbs-up on getting an interesting color, and a non-metallic, no less!

    If it were up to me I’d certainly utilize the Exclusive paint option, but I think my head would explode from trying to choose the perfect color. Though some type of maroon sounds like a very nice fit for this car (and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a maroon S5, so the rarity is there too)…

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    The phone number claim seems legitimate: My pushing-70 dad had a couple of teenage girls on their prom night sidle up to him and slyly compliment his Nissan 350Z – and it’s silver.

    Can’t say I’ve experienced anything similar in my Mercury Mystique or my Saab 9-5. Maybe when I get the 17s on this Monday.

    (Dunlops, of course.)

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    Trying to double your money on the paint job, ehh? ;) Love the car, good luck with the sale.

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    You know what, now that you’ve explained it, I get what you were going for with the color scheme.
    Not really my cup of tea, but I think it’s awesome you decided to stick your nose out there and have some damn fun!
    Getting the same-old Reflex Silver paint w/ Charcoal interior would’ve been everyone else’s bag, not yours.
    (btw, if it was 70’s you were going for, too bad you didn’t put on a couple Bruce Lee stripes on there; even if you did them in vinyl.)

    Beta-male crit aside, I Do see how the lack of pervasive, congruent cleanliness & sparkle pinged the BS-Detectors of the eBay crowd.
    -Honestly, after a few sketchy laptop experiences there, I now give any potential seller the absolute 3rd-degree about their product. If they don’t want to play, they can piss off.

    ->Similarly, I would Absolutely rake someone’s chestnuts over the effing coals for Any quality/maintenance incongruities over a $50k item manuf. by VAG. -So (agreed @mpresley) Clean That Sh** Up, sonny!!!

    That being said, I see no need to rag on someone’s personal tastes as the haters have.
    It’s just a manifestation of insecurity and a total waste of time.

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    Strangely enough, while I never got any phone numbers, I certainly got some interesting conversations (I think I could have gotten phone numbers, but I wasn’t available at the time) from much lesser cars, 240Z, RX7, 58 Chevy Truck (different demographic but still massages the ego). I guess it has more to do with the volume than just the occurence (the fact that I can still remember two of the girls to this day attests to the quality).

    I hope you get what you want, though that is somewhat ambiguous in the article.

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    Did you suggest to your girlfriend that the people were staring at HER and not the car??

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    I like the color combo, it looks good on that car. Of course, knowing how hard you’ve driven the thing, I’m surprised anyone whose read anything you’ve written would bid on it.

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    Andy D

    I would prefer an emerald green. Other than that , the 5er is a pretty sweet looking car.

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    My compliments on not over-cleaning the interior or spending 2 hours removing every water mark on the exterior. I was in Columbus a year ago on I71 and believe I saw your car oncoming other side. Other than white Crown Vics, it’s hard to catch my attention on the interstate; that’s a sharp color.

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    I’ve got to ask…has anyone asked you what color the car is?

    I’ve run auctions in the past for things like “Red Radio Flyer Wagon” WITH a picture and gotten emails asking what color it is.

    I miss the ebay of the 90’s. It has devolved into a cesspool of mouth-breathing morons.

    Good luck selling the car – she’s a beauty.


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    Dave M.

    Jack –

    If you love the car and have a shitload of memories already, why not get yourself a cheap (<$10000) Suburban for when you need to haul the boat?

    Life is too short to drink bad wine….

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    Nice, no dents.

    I like yellow cars, and even if I can’t purchase it, I took the time to configure a Challenger R/T Classic, and much to my surprise, yellow paint and manual tranny don’t mix. I searched but couldn’t find lemon twist and was too lazy that day to google it.

    HOwever, you can have a HOlden Commodore SSV with such combo.

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    Jack, all I can tell you is, the nose prints on your car at Mid-Ohio after the IRL race last August were mine. I think it looks great. Personally, if I were you I’d keep it, but I hope whatever you want to do works out for you.

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    This is the complete opposite of those train wreck Booth Babe posts. Sure you’re not happy those e-thugs are dissing your Audi but it isn’t the ONLY thing you write about.

    The Internet is a funny place when you get a bunch of guys together on message boards. There is an interesting and sometimes disturbing tribal/social dynamic there, like say…hating on green cars because some “respected” elder set the tone.

    $2500 for your own color, that is pretty freaking cool. You couldn’t get someone to disassemble a new car and paint it up anything close to typically thick Audi paint at OEM baked-in quality for that price.

    I recall touring the Porsche factory, they told use they could do 2000 different colors of paint and leather to match the customer’s desired spec. It’s probably even more now.

    • 0 avatar

      You’d have trouble getting an aftermarket paint job that professional at twice that price, at $2,500, it’s a steal.

      I’ve always been a fan of the orange color Porsche uses on some of the GT3s (one passed me on the back of a flatbed the other day, what a great looking car) but that green is still great.

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    “The monthly payment is roughly what it would take to buy a sunburst-finish Gibson Les Paul Studio. Maybe it’s time for it to go.”

    Some friendly advice: when it comes to toys, if you can’t put cash on the barrelhead you shouldn’t buy it. Just say no to lifestyle debt, and to what it does to your financial future.

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      -You gotta pay if you wanna play…

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      Sam P


      I paid cash for a well kept BMW 330i (E46 generation) with a 6-speed manual a few months ago, and I couldn’t be happier.

      By the way, I love the interior and exterior colors on the S5. They wouldn’t work on my BMW (which is yet another silver exterior/black leather interior Bimmer) but they look great on the Audi.

    • 0 avatar
      Jack Baruth

      I appreciate the advice. I pay cash for anything I’m going to crash — which is to say, race cars.

      I could not be less worried about debt, actually. I have no desire to have a gold-plated bedpan in the retirement home. Soon as my kid is old enough to travel unaccompanied, I’m going to don a dinosaur suit and jump off one of the Petronas towers.

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    Jack Baruth is rapidly becoming my favorite author on this site (now that Mr. Neidermyer isn’t doing Curbside Classics anymore). I LOVE the thought of a Lime Green S5…it’s about time someone had a sense of humor about these German cars. Let’s see this color on an A8! With the brown interior, of course.

    Seriously, after the pink Ford Aspire piece (using the word “faggot” and all!), when the by-line has Baruth in it, I read it.

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    I would love to read all the comments. They’re probably even dopier than the questions and comments I got the last time I sold a car locally with an ad in the paper. Between the idiots calling me on the phone, arranging a time they could drive it, and then never showing up, and the clueless wonders who were driving a car that was a slug, but who claimed my car wasn’t as fast as theirs was, selling it myself almost was too big of a hassle to tolerate. I put in the ad, “Do not call before 11am”. I got my first call at 6:45am the day the ad went in. I asked him, “Didn’t you see the time to call in the ad?”, and I’ll never forget his answer, “Yes, but I would have had to wait until noon to call if I didn’t call now!” I kept my cool and asked, “And why would that be a problem?” He seemed to be confused, and said, “But you said don’t call before 11!”. I sighed and said, “Is noon before 11, or after?”. “Before!”. I asked him if he was drunk, and if not, what the hell is wrong with him. I explained that on Earth, 11Am is exactly an hour before noon, and always has been. Apparently he got mixed up on the AM and PM thing. He said he would be over at 12 Noon, but he never showed up, of course. I called him and he said he had driven past my house and he didn’t like the car. Whatever.

    Yes, it was obvious it needed paint. It had been severely keyed twice, and the touch up wasn’t done very well at all, that’s why it’s priced as low as it is. Yes, the exhaust is loud, it’s supposed to be. Yes, it has a lot of power, but your 83 Monte Carlo SS is faster, even though I showed you the time slips from last week with 13.60 1/4 mile times on them, and your 5.0 190HP engine is stock, uh huh. Yes, the obviously new tires are new, see the receipt for them, and the nibs that haven’t worn off yet, along with the green stuff on the white letters? Why does the transmission shift so hard when it’s at full throttle? Because it has a shift kit, and it’s supposed to! What’s that hissing noise? It’s the engine pulling air into it.

    What’s wrong with it? Nothing, it needs paint and new carpet. That’s it.

    It went on and on, until my ad in the paper expired. Then I did what I should have done in the first place, put it on my friend’s corner lot at one of the busiest intersections in the area. I got called at 8:30 that night with a “I want the car!!”, for the full asking price. No haggling! He came over with $200 cash, and in the morning I followed him to the bank where he gave me $6300 for a total of $6500. He was lucky he came and gave me the cash the night before, I had four other people call and try to put deposits down on it. People who can hide themselves on the net will prove to be even more clueless and hostile than locals are.

    • 0 avatar

      Great story. My brother also went through similar insanity. Where did the huge population of idiots come from?

    • 0 avatar

      I had a similar experience selling a 1996 Maxima with 190,000 miles. Not perfect, never said it was, pointed out everything wrong with it ahead of time…but it was well kept and I had all of the records.

      “Uh, it looks like someone put a little scratch on the back bumper with a suitcase.” (Yeah, in 190,000 miles of business travel I was an irresponsible fool and that’s evidence of my abuse. I should be shot.)

      “So have you changed the timing belt?” (THAT would be a neat trick on an engine with a timing chain…I had a non-native English speaker who simply couldn’t understand that one.)

      “The bumpers are a slightly different color than the body. Has it been wrecked?” (Show me a 10-year-old silver car where that doesn’t happen and I’ll buy the rights to the paint formula so I can make a small fortune. And yeah, it was wrecked horribly…I carefully peeled off the Nissan VIN stickers on every body part and perfectly pasted them on the replacement parts.)


      Honestly, I think I know why I sometimes put up with a lower return by trading in…while I often hold car dealers and salespeople in contempt, I also can’t imagine the things they must hear from customers.

    • 0 avatar

      Buzzdog –

      You hit the nail on the head why dealers offer trade in value lower than private party value, it’s to make profit because selling a car, especially a used car, can be a complete PITA.

      If a customer calls in about a car he saw in the paper and says he will be around at a certain time to see it, he will show up at that time maybe 30% of the time. If it’s someone who has been to the lot already and is coming back to finalize numbers, they show up when they say they will maybe 50% of the time. I’ve had too many late nights to count where I’ve told someone over the phone “I’m off at 5pm, but I’m willing to stay a bit later if the evening works better for you” and they either never show up, or show up 5 minutes before the lot closes at 8:55.

      Of course there are also all of the people who come in seemingly just to waste everyone’s time. The new 2011 5.0 Mustangs hadn’t been out for a week before I had some 19 year old kid come up to me and start bragging about how his Integra made 500hp at the wheels and would smoke the new Mustang, and how overpriced it was, and then ask me for a test drive.

      We’ve experimented on the used side of the lot with selling low priced ‘As Is’ cars. There seems to be a market for used cars under $5,000, but the problem is that no one seems to understand what ‘As Is’ means, and they all expect the cars to have flawless paint and interior, as well as all of the original accessories. I can tell someone till I’m blue in the face that the 110K mile mid ’90s Explorer they are looking at for $2,995 has no warranty, no books, and only one key and point out the big sticker on the windshield that says ‘As Is – No Warranty’, but a week after they take it home the phone call comes from them asking when we are going to have the other key cut, or if they can get a free set of new tires, or demanding that we take it in to diagnose some vibration free of charge.

      Everyone wants a bargain, which is fine, I like bargains too, but unless your skin is thick enough to deal with the multitude of people who have never heard ‘you get what you pay for’, the people who place absolutely no value on your time, and the people who call up or come by to chat because anyone who has a choice runs away as soon as they lay eyes upon them, then you are better off just trading your car or wholesaling it than you are playing amateur car salesman. Yes, in the end you might end up getting a couple hundred, or even a couple thousand more for your car, but I ask you, how much is your time and sanity worth to you?

    • 0 avatar

      And the other joy of Craigslist selling:

      “Will you take Payments?”

      Freakin’ OF COURSE NOT!!! It’s a $1100 beat to crap work truck. If you can’t buy it outright leave me the heck alone.

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    I like it. It’s becoming increasingly rare to see a car that stands out from the streams of staid black and silver. I can also understand how tough it would be to see something that’s been part of your life being picked apart by posers across the internet.

    If it helps keep the car, you can find used Hamer Artist Studios for a lot less than Les Pauls.

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    Can’t believe it but I like it.

    Don’t sell it to please your girlfriend.

    Here’s an awesome idea. Post it next to a bright 70s Porsche to show the spirit it captures.

    Otherwise its a “lime green s5” which is wierd.

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    I like the car. Not sure about the color but I don’t hate it. I like the look of my Black 2004 A6 S-Line better but I would love to have this car for the performance. Color…well, I think all respectable German cars should be black. But thats just me. That said, I would not kick this car out of bed for eating crackers…

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    My opinion is that the photos aren’t flattering the car, the price is too high by about $7500, and the broker doesn’t know how to write copy. There’s a very high probability your wish to keep it will be granted.

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    I know exactly how you feel. After the third full price offer, car unseen, my daughter and I decided again to keep the 1999 C-43. We have shared this car since new, and life without it would be strange. It is white, and gets no attention at all, except for the exhaust note.

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    I for one think it looks great. In fact, I was pretty well set on yellow for the Miata one day but I will give this serious consideration. I am also a fan of the non metalic colors. Only change I’d make would be to have the stock rims black.

    And $2500 IS a steal. Based on my experiences arond classic cars, an OEM caliber paint job, espicially at the caliber of an Audi paint job could easily hit 10 grand.

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    I see two problems here that make that asking price somewhat optimistic:

    1. While unique color choices may make a “one of a kind car”, it will generally not add value – it will most likely detract from it as it severely reduces the number of interested buyers.

    2. Jack Baruth is not exactly known for driving anything slow so I assume that those 35K miles have not been easy ones.

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    I found a customer for your car..

    Check out these guys..

    I see their cars every morning when I have breakfast on my patio

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    Great colors! So miss having any choices in today’s cars, both inside and out. Interiors are either beige, greige, or black paired with white, black, silver, grey, red or blue exterior. Boring. You should do an article/poll about whether people would are bored with the limited color selections offered these days.

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    6 bids in, $14,104 short!

  • avatar

    Jack, the car is stunning..way beyond my paygrade (I’m just a lowly civvy Army engineer…thanked God that my son was accepted to the Air Force Academy so I wasn’t on the hook for a massive college loan). But I have to agree with alot of the other folks here. Invest in the $150 or so for a decent detailing. I know it goes against your thoughts, but it does make a difference in presentation (unless, of course, you’re really wanting to keep it). The color combo is awesome…I can’t imagine what it’d be like waking up each morning and opening the garage to see that beauty sitting in it, ready to speed me off to work. Sigh…back to my Fusion (and my son’s 1997 Tercel with 200k…he deserves so much more).

  • avatar

    I’m all for being a polite, customer-friendly seller on eBay…but if I didn’t have a sense of humor I’m not sure the experience would be quite so enjoyable.

    It’s a tradeoff. With vehicles I’ve owned that appeal to a certain narrowly defined enthusiast market, my ideal is to see it sold to a buyer who knows and appreciates the metal. So I can have it brokered, sell it through a club or spread the word amongst enthusiasts of that particular vehicle. Any of those options tend to take more time and/or reduce my net return from the sale.

    Or I can list it on eBay. I’ve been lucky in the handful of times I’ve taken that road, but I also have to brace myself for the questions from people who try to buy a relatively rare vehicle without doing their homework…or who expect you to give them a crash course, and then call you a liar when they don’t believe the facts you’ve given them.

    On the other hand, I’ve seen “win-win” experiences where a newbie sees an unusual car he likes, buys it and becomes an enthusiast. If you’re truly a car guy, that’s a noble goal.

    Jack, I love your car and wish I had the nerve to order something as outrageously awesome as that color combination, but I’m a bit too conservative in my taste (yes, I’m one who likes white, silver and black). However – and I hope I’m dead wrong – don’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t sell this time around. It’s tough to sell at this price point with zero feedback, although this article and your credibility in enthusiast circles may mitigate that among serious buyers.

  • avatar

    I’ll be honest. Right now I have several saved searches on eBay in which I receive daily emails of cars matching a very narrow set of criteria. That is a beautiful car and don’t mind the 70s homage color. I love colorful interiors (red, blue, light green, mustard) but unless you have Ferrari and Bentley money, those don’t seem to exist anymore.

    • 0 avatar
      Acc azda atch

      Agree 1000%.

      I’m tired of seeing these shit black interiors.
      I’m tired of silver (primer colored bodies).
      I cant stand white…
      Its all done to save money.. and give little choice.
      I dont want to see Aluminum / Silver plated everywhere..

      A green car..
      With a gorgeous brown interior.. is one anyone should be happy with.

      Mr Baruth, I’m a tiny, tiny insignificant person in this world. But to have taste, and to know how important a green color is on a German car.. with a nice tasteful interior.. is worth 100x more than a thugged out M3.

      Amen to you.

      Im still against the idea of dumping the Caprice wagon.. while having TWO Phaetons around!
      Just saying.

    • 0 avatar

      Ford has red leather available in Mustangs, and red or blue inserts available in Fusion Sports. BMW offers red leather in a number of their vehicles. Audi recently (I don’t know if they still have it) had blue alcantara inserts in the seats of their sportier models (those are some gorgeous interiors). VW of course has that cool plaid fabric in the GTI (plus I’d love to have a VW harlequin), and Mazdaspeed3s have a cool red/black cloth mesh on the seats. I can’t recall anyone who does a factory green or mustard interior except for the ultra-premium brands, but I’d like to be proven wrong if anyone knows of any.

      It’s also worth noting that custom aftermarket leather is both pretty affordable, and usually higher quality than factory leather (unless you are looking at a pretty nice luxury car). We work with a shop that can put in leather in a variety of colors, as well as do two-tone jobs for people looking for something really special. For a two row vehicle they charge around $800, for a three row around $1100, neither of which seems too bad.

      Ford is also experimenting more with exterior colors than a lot of other manufacturers lately. You could get a really obnoxious (and really cool) 70s Gold color on the Focus, F150, and Mustang very recently, the Escape and Mariner were available in Kiwi Green, and the Edge had a cool orange color not too long ago. The Fiesta has some awesome new colors, there is the bright lime green they always show in the photos, a purple-y Magenta color, and an iridescent yellow. Inside the Fiesta even has a dark plum leather option (though they unfortunately don’t pair it with the yellow paint, which would be my choice).

      Obviously I know the Ford line better than other makes, but I know Mitsubishi has had some pretty cool colors recently, and Chrysler is doing some uber-cool stuff with the purple and pink paint options on the Challenger.

    • 0 avatar

      Yes custom is custom and if I ever had an old luxury car that needed to be reupholstered I’d likely pick something for the seats that contrasts to the door panels or what not, but the factory used to give more options and not just in leather.

    • 0 avatar
      Acc azda atch


      I’ve been having this.. debate about interiors.. on the next car I’m buying.
      I really don’t want leather, for the concept of having wear and tear ntm heat and cool issues..
      I was hoping for just a tan or light colored interior.. or a brown interior.. with a contrasting (just not black) or matching i.p.
      I just checked out Mr. Baruth’s R5, and while it is a fantastic color on the outside, the seats are obviously the sport models.. with the adjustable units under the legs.


      What does bother me is… the black i.p unit.

      I know I will never own a German car (for comments both negative and positive) so it really doesn’t matter what I have to say OR think.. but I’d love to see a color on the i.p also.

      My current Accord has these nice tan mousy seat fabric (with poor seat design support overall.. and doesn’t support my lunatic driving.) The seats match the inserts on the doors… and the bottom panel of the i.p, contrasting with the darker panel on top of the i.p.

      I like that concept.. and it frankly pisses me off.. that I cant have COLOR (black isn’t a color, neither is white or silver) on the i.p in my next car. I’m peculiar AND particular in the car I want, both its size, class and design, ntm interior choices.. and weight.
      I dont want leather.
      I dont want the nav b.s
      I dont want POWER / heated / memory seats.

      I want a nice clean light colored CLOTH that is light or light-ER than BLACK in color.. with a combination that is echoed on the i.p and the doors.

      Even the Audi falls on its sword there.
      I’m sure ya could add some chrome to that.. or darken the palette.. or keep the concept.. but not use black as a replacement for the color.

      I know all about custom leather and all the b.s ya can do to fix the interior seats of a car.
      I appreciate the exterior colors on the various other cars, Edge, Challenger, Charger etc..

      But they too fail on the interior.. where black is the basics and the seats or door panels is an option.

      That’s pretty damn cheap…

  • avatar

    First of all – wow. I didn’t know you could order these in anything other than the stock boring colors. Looks like I’ve got some more saving to do…

    That color is gorgeous, and if I were in the market I’d probably drive to Ohio to wave some cash at you and bring it home. Sadly, I’m about $40k short right now but maybe next time. I’ve always enjoyed your writing, and it’s very nice to see that I’m not the only one on the planet who likes a color that’s not some semi-clever derivation of silver. The interior is right for it too – the pictures show a little too red, but I’ve seen the real color and like it.

    Like others, I’ve probably read a little too much about your escapades to want to drive your sloppy seconds but you do know how to pick cars and colors. You’ve at least inspired me to demand a better color next time I buy a car – whether it’s ordering new from the factory or taking a newly-purchased used car straight to the paint shop.

    Good luck on the sale. Hopefully somebody with taste and money will see the auction.

  • avatar
    George B

    Jack, I was talking to a friend who lives in the North end of Columbus when she suddenly commented about “the most beautiful lime green Audi ever” next to her in traffic. I laughed and described the driver. Was in Columbus and its Northern suburbs for over a week in June and was disappointed that I didn’t get to see your S5 in person. Drove from near Worthington to a house west of Delaware dozens of times and somehow missed seeing the Audi. Hope you find a buyer who appreciates this unique beautiful car.

  • avatar

    The cops can’t see that car, can they?

  • avatar

    Sharp ride… not my cup of joe, but it is a looker. Good luck on the auction.

  • avatar

    Yeah I would love to own this car for my extrovert days. It would go well with my introvert-colored GTO. I’d love to own it if I wasn’t paying out for wedding #2 (this is the future Mrs UnclePete’s 1st wedding so I want it to be nice.) If I did buy it Jack, I’d even allow visitation rights. :)

  • avatar

    I would criticize this car in any way imaginable if I thought it would bring it down into my price range. This is a tearfully beautiful car and the first recent Audi that I’ve found aesthetically appealing. Would you take a pinkie finger for it?

  • avatar

    I know I’m late to the party, but I wanted to offer you a toast and much respect for this:

    “It is painted 1973 Porsche Lime Green, as seen on the Carrera RS 3.0 and the Porsche IROC cars. I paired the very loud exterior color with the Tuscan Brown interior because I wanted to pay homage to the early Seventies and the bright, cheerful, vintage look of German cars from that era. Some time around 1982, the default German look became a dark car, dark windows, dark Serengeti Driver sunglasses, hard-ass expression on the face of the oh-so-snobby man behind the wheel. I think that’s pathetic. Cars are supposed to be fun.”

  • avatar

    Did not sell or come close. This may be your version of the lesson I learned. In your case it’s ordering a car with an oddball color. Mine was ordering a 330Ci convertible with a manual transmission. Despite pricing it very reasonably, I had only one caller 200 miles away. BMW convertible buyers (at least where I live) simply do not want to row their own. Lesson learned: unless you are sure you will keep the car forever never order an M&M green German convertible with a stick.

  • avatar

    It is painted 1973 Porsche Lime Green, as seen on the Carrera RS 3.0 and the Porsche IROC cars.

    Given that I’d still buy a car in FM3 Panther Pink, I am hardly in a position to scoff.

    As for your comments on the posts about your car…most of the Internet is an asinine waste of time. I think I am down to about 5 sites that I visit regularly.

  • avatar

    I absolutely love that color! Admittedly, I’m not too familiar with the cars or scene of which it is an homage to, but… it’s different! There’s plenty of black, silver and white cars out there. At one point, Audi had a sweet, pale, florescent yellow too. In the Fast and Furious world of hideous, aftermarket bolt on accessories, it’s great to see a manufacturer AND an owner with the stones to go big and bold!

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