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Kia may be dumping its generally bland model names for the increasingly favored “alphabet soup” paradigm, but Land Rover has gone the opposite direction, naming its “LRX” concept the Range Rover Evoque at its official unveiling [presser here]. Ironic, considering that the alphanumeric crowd is forever insisting that its unintelligible gobbledygook conveys an upmarket image. How very provoq-ative…

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16 Comments on “Land Rover Dumps Alphabet Soup For Evoque-ative Nameplate...”

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    Gorgeous-looking car, and remarkably true to the concept. I also like the fact they’ve given it a lovely proper name.

    You can already see that visibility will be absolutely appalling, though – the himalayan beltline and gun-slit windows spell havoque…

    (Couldn’t resist the pun.)

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    When I test drove the LR4 recently the salesguy stressed that excellent visibility was a core LR attribute…

    Good to see someone ditching the alphanumerics, though, even if Cadillac used the name first.

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    N Number

    Some people say that all of the good car names have been taken. Seeing as how no manufacture has branded a vehicle as “Walrus,” all of the good names have not been taken.

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    I wouldn’t worry about visibility. It’s a Range Rover so it’s probably equipped with Video Camera’s.

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    What’s wrong with Kia’s names? Rio, Forte, Soul…don’t seem that bland to me. Glad to see Rover bucking the alphanumeric trend.

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    I still boggle at the Hyundai Equus – a vehicle which for me will only ever conjure images of a naked Daniel Radcliffe blinding a stable full of horses. Don’t these guys do a couple of runs on Google before picking their names?

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      I think people date themselves with this whole Equus thing. I’d be willing to bet that 19/20 people 35 and younger would have any idea of the association, especially so if they haven’t been informed by car blogs written by old guys snickering at the name.

      As for Land Rover, they really are becoming their own suburban country-living wannabe caricature.

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      While I only became of the naked Harry Potter associations thanks to the internet, I do automatically associate Equus with horse, which may or may not be a bad thing.

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      I must be the other one, because I’m 31…

      That said, my wife is an actor, so I was aware of Equus the play before Mr. Radcliffe lent his cojones – both literal and figurative – to its performance.

      But: Are Hyundai really aiming at the under-35 set with the Equus? Given its apparent position atop their marquerarchy (you can use that word too if you like; I know you want to) I’d think its audience would start to skew toward the theatre-going set.

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      Believe it or not, I was actually going to qualify that with a snarky comment about theater crowd, but I decided that’d make it sound too snide. Little did I know…. ;)

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      In Boynton Beach Florida they are building a McMansion neighborhood by the same name.

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    Those tall wheels with skinny tires remind me of the huge cast-iron wheels and solid rubber tires that trucks used to have in the teens and early twenties. But so what? I suppose that 99% of LR buyers never saw an old truck like that.

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    RIP Charles Spencer King 1925-2010.

    It is a shame Land Rover couldn’t have honoured him somehow in the naming of this car.

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    19/20? I would guess more like 49/50 and probably instead of under 35..i’d say under 40.

    Okay, I’ll admit it.I had no idea what you guys were talking about.
    I’ll be 40 this year. I was born in 1970. The play was from, what 73? I wasn’t seeing a whole lotta plays at the tender age of 3. So, unless it was extremely popular, I’d say 1 in 50 , of people under 40.

    But who knows, now in the internet age more young’uns will here about it.

    On another note… I agree, the Rover looks good. Who needs visibility when you look that good in something? ;)

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