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Today, GM broke ground for another R&D Center in China, called the GM China Advanced Technical Center. The new facility is in addition to existing R&D centers in China, including the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) in Shanghai and the China Automotive Energy Research Center (CAERC) in Beijing.

The new facility is adjacent to the GM International Operations and GM China Headquarters in Shanghai. With 300 engineers in 62 test labs and nine research labs, it will develop advanced vehicle designs and technology solutions for GM on a domestic and global basis, said GM in a press release. The center will be part of GM’s global engineering and design network, and provide input to GM affiliates the world over.

The CATC will focus mostly on new propulsion systems, gasoline alternatives, electrification systems and new engines and battery cells.

Construction of the GM China Advanced Technical Center will be completed by the end of 2011.

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10 Comments on “GM Moves Advanced R&D To China...”

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    And I have suspected all along that not much R&D for new car platforms is done in the US. Nearly every car that is introduced is mentioned to be a variant of some platform developed elsewhere. Our tax dollars at work (in foreign countries).

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      Welcome to the global economy.

      What’s interesting, or sad, is that we’ve had at least thirty years of this agenda being pushed by both sides of the political spectrum. It took the Left a little longer to be convinced, and it appears as if the Right is just not figuring out that a) they’ve been hoodwinked and/or b) it might be time to play the populist card.

      The next few decades will be similarly interesting; we’ll get to see those same sides of the political spectrum squirm trying to deal with the cognitive dissonance. The Right is going to have to come to grips with their populist base wanting more intervention to save jobs, which is ideologically problematic for them. The Left will have similar problems; it’s sold it’s soul under the likes of Clinton and Blair.

      The benefits of globalization haven’t really been realized by the bulk of society, and it’s becoming readily more apparent in the loss of “real jobs”, especially post-recession. You can only sell trickle-down and leverage cheap goods for so long before a “correction” is necessary.

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      The benefits of globalization haven’t really been realized by the bulk of society..

      Well, poorer foreign societies DID get the jobs, often along with Soviet-grade pollution.

      Concerning North American jobs, I am afraid for our 20 something kids’ futures. My own daughter will do OK, training as a BSN nurse and EMT, then on to something further – PA, NP, MPH, other; my son, not so much. Think about all those kids starting out with $20k or more in college loans, especially those who got a degree with the word ‘Studies’ in it. Can’t go BK on it and can’t use what it bought.

      Old Henry the First had it right – pay your workers enough so they can buy your product. Well, maybe GM China will pay their workers enough – fat lot of good it will do us.

      edit – Well maybe they’ll pay us back if they do sell enough there.

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    Hmmm… Well, I guess they will have the cash to develop all those new platforms.

    And it sure seems like whoever represents the US on the Board is fairly well decoupled from the politics of the Obama Administration; this isn’t going to help with any job growth goals.

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    “The new facility is in addition to existing R&D centers in China…”

    It looks like this is an new facility, not something moving there, like it had existed in another place previously…

    @psar: +1.

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    I wonder what Mr.King makes of this. Oh yeah, he’s too busy picketing Toyota dealers.

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    So Government Motors is taking the slow boat to China.

    At this rate ( price ) is not going to last.

    The benefit is the pay in Middle Kingdom probably 10% of what we pay here, but is not going to help the kids in the next gen.

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    Geo. Levecque

    It looks like the TARP money given to GM is being put to good use in China, wonder what the UAW thinks of this?

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