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In Brazil sales numbers are also coming in. See tables below.  The story is the opposite of last month. This time around: month to month, good; year to year, bad. Flip flop!

In June, Brazilians bought a grand total of 250,984 vehicles. That’s good for an increase of 4.65 percent over May. Year on year though the picture is not as good as that number is 12.4 percent lower than June 2009. Analysts however are saying that the bad numbers is good, because it means the market has stabilized at a level that will guarantee a record year. According to the President of the national association of vehicle distributors, Fenabrave, Sérgio Reze, “the market is back to normal and the end of incentives has been absorbed”. It’s not the numbers. It’s how you look at them.

There are some big winners in June. Namely one. Can you guess who?

That’s right. As predicted by yours truly, the new Uno is giving VeeDub’s perennial market leader (over 20 years), the Gol, a run for its money. And it’s helping Fiat break away from VW in the fight for first place. All numbers provided by Auto Esporte.

Brazil’s Best Selling Cars, June 2010

Rank Make / Model June Sales May Sales YTD Sales
1 VW Gol 22,179 24,236 131,809
2 Fiat Uno 19,130 14,164 82,988
3 VW Fox/CrossFox 11,858 10,671 66,035
4 Chevy Celta 10,950 9,404 70,780
5 Chevy Corsa Sedan 10,891 11,377 58,917
6 Fiat Palio 10,061 10,448 73,522
7 Fiat Siena 9,491 8,441 59,777
8 Fiat Strada 9,320 9,104 51,702
9 Ford Fiesta 6,034 4,401 39,927
10 Ford Ka 5,590 5,309 42,423

Comments: The Uno is starting to put pressure on the leader Gol. First time the Uno draws blood from Gol. Flip flop in the near future? Fiat’s Palio (traditional runner-up) was the greatest loser when the Uno came out, but seems to have stabilized at a healthy level. If it continues at this mark, the Palio might finish the year in third (not too shabby considering the friendly fire). Chevy’s inclusions in the Top 10 go on doing their dance around the 10k pole. Meanwhile, Ford came back from the brink of the abyss and two of its cars knocked two of VW’s cars down to second league

As to makers, Fiat (thanks to Uno’s performance and Palio’s stabilization) is pulling away from VW. VW lost share this month (as evidenced by getting its Voyage and Saveiro kicked out of the Top 10). GM ran, ran and ran. And stayed in the same place. Ford showed recovery.

Big surprise again was Hyundai. This time negative. Flip flop! After taking 5th place last month, Hyundai skidded back to 7th. It managed however to outdo Toyota. Renault and Honda reclaimed their positions then by default, as they showed little growth.

Brazil’s Manufacturers Ranked by Sales and Market Share, June 2010

Rank Manufacturer Units Sold June Market Share Units Sold May Market Share
1 Fiat 60,167 24,31% 54.952 23.3%
2 Volkswagen 51,965 20,70% 54.384 23.1%
3 Chevrolet 49,039 19,81% 46.532 19.7%
4 Ford 24,772 9,87% 19.974 8.5%
5 Renault 9,989 3.98% 8,210 3.5%
6 Honda 9.563 3.81% 8,498 3.6%
7 Hyundai 7.906 3.15% 8,762 3.7%
8 Toyota 7.881 3.14% 7,821 3.3%
9 Citroën 6,852 2.73% 5,971 2.5%
10 Peugeot 5,572 2.22% 5,957 2.5%

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