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Hyundai’s been getting a bit of flack for a version of this advertisement, which some say makes a mockery of the Catholic faith. Frankly, we think the ad after the jump (which may or may not be real) is simultaneously more blasphemous and funnier. Do you agree?

[The top ad is not the most allegedly anti-Catholic version, apparently. We will post the more offensive version as soon as it shows up, naturally]

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20 Comments on “Which Is The More Blasphemous Hyundai Ad?...”

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    Maybe I just don’t know enough about Catholics, but I thought it was rather amusing and not offensive. Some people just try so hard to be offended nowadays.

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    That is not the objectionable ad. There was an ad showing a soccer fans mass with some similarities to a catholic mass. I can’t find the video anymore; it has been pulled off YouTube and Hyundai’s site. I saw it when watching the England/USA game, I think.

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    As a Catholic, I’m not the least bit offended. As a “car guy” I find Hyundai/Kia very offensive.

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    The soccer/Hyundai ad is fine, but I don’t get the Top Deer ad, in spite of the obvious Top Gear spoofing it attempts.

    By the way, that soccer/Hyundai ad said nothing about Catholic. Maybe they’re Italian-speaking Protestants.

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    Nothing offensive about that the first ad at all. Actually kind of forgettable. Meh. But I think they did an amazing job with the Top Gear spoof. I’m a big fan of the show and I think they nailed the personalities of the hosts perfectly with the animals they chose to portray them… -Classic!

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    Love the “Top Deer” add — great job on Jeremy Clarkson!

    This Hyundai ad that ran in France (until it go pulled) is my favorite:


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    So that offended the catholics more or less than what some of their priest have been caught doing?

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    Making a parody of Jeremy Clarkson is PRICELESS.

    The animal looks quite like him.

    I didn’t like the 1st one.

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    Cammy Corrigan


    THIS is how you offend Catholics!

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    Thanks to TTAC, twotone, and Cammy, I’ve just had some great laughs after a long day.

    I don’t see what’s offensive about #1, or #2, but I love that top deer spoof. And, yes, Cammy, you really do know how to be offensive. Except that I’m not of the relevant demographic!

    Keep the laughs coming!!!

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    Here’s another from Hyundai. ‘All we know, is he’s called The Stag’

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    The first ad really isn’t blasphemous regarding Catholicism; it doesn’t evoke any symbols I would consider exclusive or particular to the faith. The language spoken, I believe, is Portuguese. That would point in Catholicism’s direction.

    Additionally, the level of absurdity being reached by some in the displays surrounding and inside their loved ones’ caskets is actually not that far off from what’s shown in the ad.

    The second ad wouldn’t be considered blasphemous since it doesn’t treat religious custom. Unless you watch TopGear religiously, of course. Wikipedia says that the word comes from two Greek words meaning “I injure the reputation…” So perhaps in that sense it could qualify. But if the presenters on TopGear are always parodying each other as it is, I doubt it “injures” anyone.

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    What exactly is wrong with offending people of catholic (or any other) faith?! Love these ads, if anyone doesn’t like them they can go burn in hell!

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    The only problem with the commercial is… why isn’t the dead guy dressed in yellow/green/blue?

    a) he’s dressed in full portuguese national colors
    b) the music is reminiscent of portuguese traditional music
    c) the widow and her son speak with brazilian accents!!! :)))

    Brazilian accents =/= portuguese accents

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      I noticed that too. I had my head turned when the commercial came on and only heard the widow speaking, which clearly sounded like Brazilian Portuguese. Upon watching the remainder of the commercial I was surprised to see a Portuguese fan in the box.

      If a Brazilian fan would have been in the casket, his hands would be up over his head celebrating Brasil’s 6th World Cup, and he would have died very happy :)

      If Argentina wins the World Cup, now that would be blasphemous! Sheesh, people are so thin skinned now-a-days.

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    Ahhh, that Top Gear send-up is spot on.

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    If you know of any ardent soccer fans that have died, you’ll KNOW that the commercial isn’t all that far off!

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    Err, so where’s the blasphemy +1 vid?

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