NHTSA Shuts Down Web Access To Complaint Database Documents

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
nhtsa shuts down web access to complaint database documents

Within the last several hours, NHTSA has blocked access to documents hosted on its Office of Defect Investigation complaint database. The move comes after TTAC commenter carquestions posted this video to YouTube, showing a number of lapses in redacting which resulted in private information, including social security numbers and driver’s license numbers, being made publicly available. TTAC has contacted NHTSA about the apparent violation of the Privacy Act of 1974, and is awaiting a response from the agency.

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  • Lilpoindexter Lilpoindexter on Jun 04, 2010

    So what do you think...was the jack ass responsible for this goof busy drinking coffee with friends, or taking a 3 hour lunch? Do you think this govt employee makes more than $100k? Maybe more than $110k?

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    • Ihatetrees Ihatetrees on Jun 05, 2010
      Apparently, the NHTSA had no quality assurance. +1. And then some. I mean holy crap - who is the six figure civil (so-called) servant responsible here? As someone who works in the medical parts sector and has to deal with FDA documentation issues, I cannot fathom ANY private sector medical firm allowing such info out without being crucified by the FDA. Sheesh, any non-exempt with a year of experience would freak seeing such a privacy violation. And the responsible manager would soon 'retire' or 'leave to pursue other interests'. And these freaks are responsible Highway Safety?!?