Mitsuoka Makes EV Unlike Any Other (i-MiEV Excepted)

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
mitsuoka makes ev unlike any other i miev excepted

Japan’s boutique car builder Mitsuoka may be more known for the retro-classic cars depicted above – if Mitsuoka is known at all beyond the realm of Nippon. Now, the folks at Toyama’s most famous car manufacturer can’t help themselves any longer, and must join Japan’s current fad …

Mitsuoka has gone EV- kichi. Mitsuoka is accepting orders for a customized five-passenger electric car based on Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV, says The Nikkei [sub].

Why should you buy your plug-in from Mitsuoka instead of Mitsubishi? (If you insist on buying one.) Well, the other-Mitsu EV has an expanded rear seat that can sit three instead of just two (we’re talking pleasantly slender Japanese here.) A total of 5! In an EV! The length has increased by 175 mm to a total of 3,570mm, the exterior has been changed (just look at them metal-plated bumpers!) and most of all, you make the statement that you are a well-to-do EV driver:

The Mitsuoka EV costs around $47,000, that’s $3,300 more than a run of the mill i-MiEV. With government incentive subtracted, it will set you back $35,000, says the Nikkei. Oh, and it comes in 5 colors.

What is that wondrous car called? We can only imagine how it got its name.

“That car is, like, you know, like …”



“That name! Perfect!”

“What name?”

“Like! Perfect! What’s not to like?”

Mitsuoka expects to begin shipping the Like as early as like, August.

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  • Blowfish Blowfish on Jun 21, 2010

    they should do something about a reasonable driving range than what it should look like first. Jags in the olden days look very good too, only 3 places are garage Queens, Flat Bed paegeants, and Shop Empresses.

  • Philadlj Philadlj on Jun 21, 2010

    I'm wondering how a big honkin' Rolls-Royce-style grille will affect aerodynamics, and thus range.

  • TheEndlessEnigma In 2022 I put my college (then 21 year old) daughter into a 2022 Mirage SE, this year I put my college age 21 year old son into a 2023 Kia Soul LX. They are both very happy to have and both very happy with their vehicles, both are low cost to run and insure.
  • CEastwood If there are 10 laps or less left after a crash and a red flag only let the first ten cars finish the race . I watched the race from about the halfway point and the crashes caused near the end were caused by drivers who had zero to very little chance to finish in the top five .
  • Alan I blame COVID, the chip shortage, container shortage and the war in Ukraine. This aggression is evident in normal daily driving of late.
  • Alan $10 000 is a bit rich for a vehicle that most likely been flogged all its life, plus it's a VW. Lots of electrical gremlins live in them.
  • Alan Mitsubishi, Hino and Izuzu trucks are quite common in Australia. Another factor that needs to be taken into account are the cheap Chinese trucks and vans that are entering the market in Australia and becoming more popular as reliability improves, with huge warranties. Businesses want the cheapest logistics. Plumbers, concreters, builders buy many of these in their lightest versions, around 2.5 tonne payload. Hino/Toyota could use the cheaper competitor in Mitsubishi as a competitor against the Chinese. You don't see too many of the Japanese/Asian trucks in the rural areas.