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Oh, one other thing, I think its maybe helpful to say what has been my track record in value creation – these are four of the companies Ive been associated with – its worth noting that every financing round in every company has been an up round, doesn’t matter if the market has gone up or the market has gone down, the squiggly line is the market, and the valuations are as you can see somewhat market independent, and I expect that to be the same for Tesla, or to continue to be the same with Tesla

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, in his IPO presentation [via Darryl Siry]. This, apparently, is the answer to the question how does a company that’s sold just over 1,000 cars think it’s going to become an industry player?

Good to know.

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13 Comments on “Chart Of The Day: Musk Versus The Market Edition...”

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    The real question is which company will last longer…Tesla or Chrysler.

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    Too bad Elon can’t do that with his own pocketbook. As for lilpoindexter’s question…

    Chrysler. They’ve got the power of the Big O behind them.

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    Tesla already is an industry player.

    How many other startup EV makers have sold 1000 cars, qualified (and received) government loans (or whatever you wish to call them), and have plans for next generation cars already prototyped and approaching production?

    The biggest threat to Tesla is Elon Musk, who also happens to be its greatest asset. I admire him; he’s a risk-taking visionary who’s in the right industries at the right time.

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      Elon Musk also happens to be a class-one jerk who stabs people in the back. I know. My back was not stabbed. My friend’s was. I have nothing but contempt for the man.

      And I would think more of Tesla except that they have burned through over $230 million to build 1,000 cars. That’s $230,000 a car. (Over and above what the $100,000 they got paid per car, meaning each Tesla Roadster cost $330,000 to build.) And since they are end-of-lifing the Tesla Roadster, that’s all money down the drain.

      Not to mention that the Model S is nowhere near production.

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    I’m not going to bother with my usual anti-Tesla vapourware vitriol.

    Here’s what I’d like anyone caught up in the bluster of Musk to remember:

    Old Elon sold some things a couple of years back. He wouldn’t take PayPal.

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      Please expound.

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      Here’s just one snapshot of what the cognoscenti in The Valley and on Sand Hill Road feel about Musky. (There’s dozens more former insiders who are far less polite in their critiques…)

      As to PayPal, here’s one of the ‘hate’ sites. Though it is a ‘hate’ site, it is neither short, nor short of readily verifiable facts, with lots of links to vetted MSM stories.

      I’m still waiting to see one, just one Musk business that wouldn’t go Enron tomorrow, were it not for massive subsidies. Just one.

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    Scorched Earth

    TTAC has been overly skeptical of Tesla since its inception. The term “vaporware” was tossed about quite often. And yet, here it is. It HAS sold 1000 cars. It HAS become a household name. It HAS government loans. And it even has a stamp of approval from established industry players who have recently become willing to partner with the startup.

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      It HAS sold 1000 cars…each of which cost about $300,000 to make and the product is being terminated in a year.

      It HAS become a household name…as a provider of rich man’s toys.

      It HAS government loans…that it should never have been given, since they were supposed to go to profitable companies.

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    John Horner

    All that chart proves is that Elon has a track record for talking people out of their money. By that standard, Bernie Madoff was the better executive.

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    The NYT has a story on Elon Mush today.

    Paper-rich, cash-poor.

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    Compared to this clown, Musk is the real deal:

    Does anyone think Ed Whitacre is a better CEO?

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