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BMW, it turns out, can sell out more than just the odd “frozen grey” special-edition M3. According to BusinessWeek, BMW’s sales boss has confirmed that the new 5 Series is sold out, and that customers will have to wait between three and four months for orders to be processed.

Second-quarter global sales at BMW Group are hewing close to the “high single digit” growth the firm predicted, and should come close to its Q1 figure of 14 percent growth. And despite being likely to pass the UK to become BMW’s third largest market, China is not the only source of BMW’s growth.

Says sales boss Ian Robertson

The U.S. is coming back more strongly than expected

But BMW’s rolling 12-month sales in the US are still about 20k units off the previous 12 month’s numbers (246,382 vs. 265,031). With 5 Series sales down 41 percent last month, and the new model now completely sold out, expect those overall numbers to continue to rise. China’s love of the 7 Series may make it the more critical profit center, but BMW is already tasting the labor unrest that’s sweeping the country, as Businessweek reports that one of its largest Chinese dealers faces worker action over unpaid bonuses.

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16 Comments on “BMW 5 Series Sells Out In All Markets...”

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    What do you think? Is this a stunt? Are they finessing their way around some unannounced production snags? Or were they really caught off guard by that much?

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      Which customers are they talking about? The dealers? If I custom order a BMW, wouldn’t it take 2-3 months to get it anyway?

      This doesn’t stink, but it definitely smells.

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    Brian P

    And with this model, BMW has thoroughly de-Bangled the styling of the 5 series. It’s clean and understated with no gimmicks.

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    With the right wheels I actually liked the Bangled 5. The Z4 and the 7 were the only Bangle cars I didn’t care for.

    The new cars look boring in comparison. But they might prove more timeless.

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      I also ended up appreciating the Bangle 5 and even liked the first Z4 (before they messed up the rear) because they both had a proper and distinctive design theme (or flavor) from head to toe. This new one looks like a 3 wearing a too-large dress from the 7. Back to the old BMW problem of same sausage, different lengths.

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      Both the E60 and F10 are beautiful cars.

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    cRacK hEaD aLLeY

    Has anyone shown this do bangle yet?

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    I’m with Mr. Karesh. I liked the Bangle 5 series. More than I do this one.

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    Maybe it’s all the pent up demand from E39 drivers who just couldn’t get themselves to pay good money for the ugly Bangle 5 series?

    I know it’s subjective but those headlights and the iDrive screen location were a deal killer for me. The new one is a bit bland but at least it isn’t ugly.

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      +++1!! Couldn’t agree more. Curious if BMW is constraining demand in order to permit retailers to extract higher than MSRP prices (like Honda used to do). Styling is personal, but while this design may be less daring, it’s infinetely more attractive than the Bangle-5. Conservative, yet classy.

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    twotone shows 42 new 5-Series on dealers lots in metro Denver. Where’s the low inventory problem?


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    So what this means is that the luxury leasers/poseurs have something new to put their eternal car-payments toward. Big whoop.

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    @carguy: I would not be surprised at all. As a former E39 (wagon) driver, I like the look of the new 5 sedan.

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    My wife currently drives an E60 535i. It is smooth, comfortable, pretty quick and surprisingly good on gas. The downside? It’s butt ugly but you forget about its Dame Edna looks when you get behind the wheel.

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    IT doesn’t hurt that BMW is offering $10,000 discounts here in St. Louis trying to move them out in anticipation of the 2011’s..

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