Toyota Cuts Production In Bangkok, Adjusts Worldwide Output

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
toyota cuts production in bangkok adjusts worldwide output

While bullets fly in Bangkok, Toyota announced today that production at a Toyota plant near Bangkok will cease by the end of May. Toyota says the plant closure has nothing to do with the public unrest, it should be seen on the context of the reorganization of Toyota’s global operations, says The Nikkei [sub].

The plant makes the Fortuner SUV and the Hilux Vigo pickup truck. Production and workers will be shifted to other plants in Thailand, of which Toyota has three.

Earlier in the week, Toyota had released plans to readjust worldwide production. Basically, the plan follows the market, both in terms of cars and foreign exchange.

“One of our fundamental principles is to produce vehicles where there is demand,” says a corporate communiqué. Toyota will consolidate production in Japan, and increase output in China and India. NA and EU are considered as important markets, but the production structure in NA is being “examined” and product trends in Europe are being “monitored.”

Japanese assembly “of the Corolla and other mass-market cars destined for export is expected to be gradually phased out in favor of local production in individual markets,” says The Nikkei [sub].

In booming China, Toyota restarted previously shelved plans to build a new factory for the joint venture with FAW in Changchun. Production will start in the first half of 2012. In emerging India, a compact-car factory will begin operation within a few months.

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  • Gardiner Westbound Gardiner Westbound on May 14, 2010

    Those guys really know how to riot! Make the worse the UAW/CAW thugs look like pussycats.

    • Psarhjinian Psarhjinian on May 14, 2010

      Hey, he's not staying in the "Designated Protest Zone"! ...or... Must be a Habs fan.

  • Dwford Dwford on May 14, 2010

    That's what the protests here need - a 2 foot long machete!!

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    • Joe McKinney Joe McKinney on May 14, 2010

      The machete dude looks pretty intimidating, but his buddy with headband and slingshot is rather comical.

  • Obbop Obbop on May 14, 2010

    "While bullets fly in Bangkok" Someone do the lad a favor and instruct him about the ins-and-outs, the negatives and positives, of the "bringing a knife to a gunfight" scenario.

  • Nick Nick on May 14, 2010

    'That's not a knoife...that's knoife!' Actually, it's sword if you ask me. Can't blame Toyota. I figure if it's reached the point they are sniping people in the head while they are being interviewed by the New York Times, things aren't looking good for peace and tranquility.