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Why does it drive you nuts when other people around you are yakking away on their cell phones? It’s not the noise that distracts you. It’s hearing only one half on the conversation that is driving you mad. That according to a study by scientists at Cornell University, to be published in the journal Psychological Science. It could seriously impair your driving …

Their study shows that overhearing a cell phone conversation affects our attention to other tasks, reports Reuters.

The “results suggest that a driver’s attention can be impaired by a passenger’s cell phone conversation,” says the study. Hush, nobody tell LaHood. He’s liable to ban cell phone use by your copilot, such as not to divert your mind from the dangers of the road ahead.

On second thought, that might he a good thing.

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13 Comments on “Study Proves: It’s Not Your Phone That Distracts You – It’s Her’s...”

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    “Study Proves: It’s Not Your Phone That Distracts You – It’s Her’s…”

    I knew it! It aint us men that can’t drive while chatting, it’s the damn woman sitting next to us. :-P

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    I’d like to know why the video is picking on us Minnesootans ya know? At least that’s where it’s filmed.

    Seriously though in the past week I have almost witnessed 3 accidents from people who think that 80 is too slow and that they have to whip out from behind somebody in order to whip past them and then slam on the brakes when there isn’t any more room for them to go. I see it all the time. Apparently we drivers from the great white north are the 3rd rudest in the country. I’m beginning to see why.

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    Was that a Ferrari in the garage?

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    Cell phone jammers are illegal, the guy owns a Jeep, and he has a wife who smokes. This guy has a history of making bad decisions.

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      George B

      The actual FCC regulations that would apply for a cell phone jamming transmitter are 15.205 restricted bands and 15.209 radiated emissions limits. The cell phone bands are not on the list of restricted bands, so it’s possible to make a legal cell phone jammer if it meets the very low radiated emissions limits of 200uV/m @ 3m for 800MHz cellular and 500uV/m @ 3m for 1.9GHz PCS bands. Not sure if a legal limit jammer would be powerful enough to disrupt a cell phone conversation even at a very short range. A better and more likely to be legal method would be to legally transmit a much more powerful signal in the 2.4GHz unlicensed band that just happens to disrupts bluetooth headsets. You can legally transmit 1 watt in the 2.4GHz band under 15.247 which is huge at close range.

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      Screw the short distance stuff. I want a jammer strong enough to mute a good size movie theater. Either that or an LCD amplifier that renders **blind** all these retards who can’t stop looking at their phones throughout the flick.

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    Am I understanding the presentation correctly? So the ‘jammer’ has to practically stand next to the ‘jammee’ before the ‘jammerator’ begins to work? Seems to me that modern technology (being what it is) should be able to provide a tool with a bit more range to it than the one demonstrated.

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    I bought a cell phone jammer during my days of riding the railroad. Kept it off for the most part, figuring that riders had a right to talk on the phone. But when they got loud and incessant, BAM!! Sweet silence!! Far and away my best $300ever spent!! Now if there was a way to jam those damn loud iPods…

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      When my dad was in college (back in the ’60s) the guy in the next room over had this radio he’d play really loudly in the evening. After repeated requests for silence were ignored, my dad built an FM jammer, which would cut out a specific range.

      The guy sat across the room from his radio to study, so he’d tune his radio and sit down… so, one evening, my dad tweaks the jammer until the station goes away. Guy walks over, fixes the tuning… A minute later, he tweaks it again.

      After ten minutes of rinse and repeat, the guy screams and throws his radio on the floor.

      Problem solved.

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    I’m sure some of the ladies in the audience will say that its because men cannot multi-task. But its more complicated than that, any man that’s had a wife or girlfriend for any amount of time has had the proverbial Pavlovian bell “are you listening to me?” pounded into us. So while we’re not supposed to be listening to your phone conversation (because its private) we’re supposed to be listening in case you ask ‘did you hear what I said,” so that we can carry on the conversation.

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    I hate it when people drive and talk on the phone in my surroundings, especially when maneouvring and drifting in the process. and i always thought of investing in a jammer, but then i thought that would make things worse because when people loose their call, they tend to look at the phone itself to see what’s the matter and being preoccupied even more… making them even more dangerous behind the wheel of a moving car… so i’m thinking about another solution

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