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So, the voiceover is wrong. Chrysler Group and its brands are too badly in need of credibility to be narrating an ad this good with a voice that sounds so similar to this guy’s. Otherwise, this spot is nearly flawless. Especially in comparison to other recent Wieden + Kennedy Dodge efforts like this one. But you all have longer memories than I… so when was the last time you saw a Dodge ad that hit the nail so directly on the head?

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31 Comments on “Ask The Best And Brightest: When Was The Last Time You Saw A Dodge Ad That Was Better Than This One?...”

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    Excellent spot and truer roads are rarely spoken in advertising.

    Bonus that it’s not constantly flashing things like XXMPG! all over it too.

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    I’m pretty sure that voice is Dexter (serial killer forensic scientist). Good show. Good voiceover. Good commercial. Simple and sells the car on merits… not Mike Rowe and Consumer Digest.

    Mike Rowe comes off as a smug prick, IMO. Don’t know why. He just does.

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    very good indeed.

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    I thought this was a cool ad when I saw it, although imagining Dexter narrating it makes it a bit creepy.

    I kind of like that van ad too, although I’d worry about the conclusions some people might draw from all of the passengers in the van needing the emergency room when all the ad shows is them driving in the van…

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    now here’s an ad…

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    Paul Niedermeyer

    In 1969:

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    meh…put the words in closed captioning and just let me hear that glorious hemi sing.

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    Truth in advertising indeed!!!
    Isn’t it great to see an add for a car that makes you smile….

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    Gardiner Westbound

    This is the killer ad!

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    also Tom

    Come on! Burnout and not the least little bit of engine roar? People who really really love cars really really like hearing more than wind.

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      Silence works in this case. You’re not watching a car; you’re watching the idea of the car – that’s the point, and that’s what the silence gets across.

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    Welcome back Mopar Machismo!

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    Samuel L. Bronkowitz

    “Yeah, it’s got a Hemi…”

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    Just wow.

    This is something Don Draper from Mad Men would come up with. Elegant in its minimalism. Four sentences. One camera shot. No screaming. No bragging. No putting down the competition. Just brilliant in just about every way.

    Chrysler needs whatever ad agency that did this on permanent retainer. If they can copy this magic for some of its more profitable models, they will have no problem getting out of the black.

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      I have a feeling that this is the result of the same ad agency that’s coming up with all those bad Caravan ads, etc. Which only goes to show that even the incompetent are capable of occasional brilliance.

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      I think their current agency is like a broken clock…twice a day it tells the correct time. And this time, they delivered a classic for the ages.

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    It’s a good ad, and the late ’60s print ads are close, but don’t forget (if you’re old enough) the busty -but wholesome- blonde earlier in the ’60s who invited you to join the Dodge rebellion. That ad campaign was my all-time favorite.

    Back then Dodge covered all the bases – they even sponsored Lawrence Welk! Maybe I was in a captive audience situation – my parents insisted on watching that show on our only TV, and the Dodge ads were my only break from the horror of it all.

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    Very well done. I don’t even mind the Dexter voice anymore since it’s at least consistent.

    Also Kudos to Dodge for displaying the name of the car in the same typeface as the badge on the car itself.

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    Buickman – that was the best; was it used in the States? I would think not, it seems too clever, we prefer our sexual references much more on the crude side.

    I still like the Dodge “Man’s Last Stand” ad. Sure, it made some people here very angry, but as a married father of three, there are times when it connected with me!

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      The website on that ad says “” which would indicate it being a Greek ad. Love it though!

      As far as the Challenger ad, it’s great, but I too would have loved to hear some hemi. Maybe just a quick roar to break the silence at the end?

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    They aired that? Where? The “net” doesn’t count.. I have never seen one 300, Magnum, or Challenger ad here ever.. Saw one Charger ad, how some guy was compromising with his wife(man’s last stand? i’m guessing)..
    ChryCo needs Ford’s ad people..

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    John R

    Meh…It’s cool until you realize how much of a waste of money the Challenger really is – no matter which one you get.

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    You should have seen how the superbowl Charger ad got the feminists’ panties all in a bunch.

    It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

    I’m of the left wing political persuasion, btw.

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