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For two weeks in April, a volcano in Iceland not only brought air traffic in Europe to its knees, it also played havoc with the manufacturing of cars. Just in time manufacturing reared its ugly head. Electronic parts that usually get flown in piled up in Korea and China. Something as small as the component that controls the car’s power seats could hold up everything. Unless you know how to improvise …

For two weeks in April, the majority of latest BMW models destined for the U.S. consumers were built without that seat-regulating gizmo, and were put on the boat to America. That according to a note sent to dealers on May 25 that was obtained by Reuters.

BMW’s 2011 model year 1, 3, 7 series and Z4 and GT models rolled off the boat and are being held at BMW’s distribution centers in the U.S., where workers re-fit the part.

“The transition to the model year 2011 has been challenging from a distribution perspective,” BMW said in the notice. No kidding.

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11 Comments on “Ashes Aftermath: Bimmers Shipped Without Gizmos...”

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    hahahahaha, welcome to lacking parts country.

    Been there done that.

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    No big deal, really. I’d think they’d ship the cars and parts to dealers and just fit the part during PDI.

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    They should have used Lufthansa to bring in all of the parts. They were flying when nobody else was. Heck, they flew me right over Iceland when no other airlines would fly in Europe.

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    Ahh… just what we need another dealer installed option. I wonder if the 2500% markup will apply.

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    BMW seats have too many controls, anyway. The lumbar adjustment joy-pad (shown) is baffling. One axis appear to control where you want to be poked in the back, and the other axis controls the orbit of the moon, or something else unrelated to your seat. Then there is a rocker switch to increase the inward lateral “pinch” of the seats around your hips. I believe that this serves no comfort or luxury purpose, but rather exists as a constant reminder of any weight issues you might have. Like a pair of jeans you kept from college, BMW’s sport seats serve as an unpleasant but necessary reminder that there used to be a bit less of you. I heard a rumor that the European spec models have that rocker switch labeled “athletisch” on one end and “amerikanisch” on the other.

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    If BMW was a software company they would have shipped the product with or without “features”. Maybe no one will notice.


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    My understanding is that base model BMWs don’t have any of that stuff anyway…

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    the controls in that photo look chunky and ugly…like something I’d expect in a GM product. That’s what passes for seat controls in a bimmer these days?!?

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    Or you could just leave the car the way it was delivered, and years later have one of the ‘rare’ Icelandic crisis cars and sell it for more than its worth to someone with more money than sense.

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    I don’t understand — there are no seat controls at all in these cars ? You can’t even move the seat forwards and backwards ? I don’t see how anyone would accept delivery of such a car.

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    Acc azda atch

    I believe in pretty much every car there is some sort of manual seat movement.

    I also believe pic used to depict the controls used to operate a set of seats for a BMW.. are at least 10yrs old. Knowing them.. they’d change ya to color match the controls to the interior..

    I never saw a point to buy power seats..
    Im hoping to never buy heated / cooled seats…

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