By on April 19, 2010

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9 Comments on “Road Rage, Ingushetian Style...”

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    That seemed to be rather peaceful outcome for a disagreement between motorists in the Caucuses.

    Back during the 1980ies while in Miami, I made it a point to disconnect the wires to the horn of one of my visiting in-laws. He had no idea that there were motorists, mainly coca cowboys, that needed not much of an excuse to show off their firepower.

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    I wonder how long it’ll be before we start settling our road rage altercations this way in the “good old USA?”

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    Interesting how no one flinches at the sound of gunfire. Just a glimpse of a real firearm, and a large percentage of Americans would need a defibrillator.

    ETA: Using an AK-47 as a substitute for a horn is also common in Albania.

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    everyone is armed but no-one is willing to go to jail for a roadside altercation

    smart people

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    Nothing a little Redflex can’t fix!

    (yeah right!)

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    Dang, that was a pretty cherry Lada Niva too!

    Seriously though, if I was in Russia I’d probably avoid confrontations with large, expensive SUVs, especially the black ones.

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    Wow, its surprising that nobody got seriously hurt given that they used guns in lieu of a horn.

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    I like the bronco-looking blue SUV that got pushed back. I thought somebody was going to get shot, I wonder what prevented that?
    I doubt it was law enforcement or the law, everybody probably just saw a big nicely dressed mafioso and said “Oh hell no” and backed off. Mafia operations are more about threats and extortions than it is about killing people.

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