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The UK gets a bit of a harsh stereotype. Allegedly, we’ve got bad teeth, drive on the “wrong side of the road” and are very reserved (apparently, that’s a bad thing). We also call ads or TV commercials “adverts.” We may be odd, but believe it or not, we can kick “bottom” when we feel like it. Now I could point to the Burning of Washington, but I’ve been advised by Führer Schmitt that this may be “too soon,” and could “hurt their feelings.” Nor will I point to Waterloo or the Iranian Embassy Siege. What I’m pointing to is the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA). They are quite a rabid bunch. If they don’t like something, they’ll kick its bottom and ban it. Like this advert, or this one. They’re also quite hard on automotive adverts, too. In 2007, the ASA banned an advert from Toyota about the Prius for being “misleading” (you can watch the advert here). And now, Renault is copping it in the neck (as we fancy to say.)

Campaign, the must read in the British propaganda industry, reports that Renault has their legs smacked by the ASA for an advert which claimed “zero emissions” from Renault’s electric cars. The voiceover in the advert says: “For us, global warming goes beyond the emissions coming out of the exhaust. It’s an issue we address before, during and after manufacture. From next year, Renault will launch a range of zero-emission vehicles to drive the car forward again.” Unfortunately, 17 people complained that whilst the electric vehicles themselves emit nothing, the advert didn’t take into account the overall life of the vehicle (A.K.A: the “Prius Vs Hummer” debate). Renault responded by saying that if the car were charged from renewable sources, then their statement could stand. Not so, the ASA said. Since the advert was made for the UK, the energy sources have to come from the UK national grid, therefore, CO2 emissions would be inevitable. Boy, are they ever.

Another complaint about the advert was that the advert gave the impression that the production, use and disposal of the car would produce no emissions and will have no detrimental effect on the environment.  This complaint was upheld. The advert was banned, but after some hasty cuts, the advert was deemed broadcastable. I wonder if “Mad Men” ever have this trouble….?

PS: The advert hasn’t made it on YouTube (yet …) so we aim to entertain you with an allegedly banned allegedly German advert for a Renault.

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12 Comments on “Renault Needs Don Draper...”

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    They’re welcome to air it here in the hydro, wind and nuclear powered Scandinavia. We know, we’re that good.

    Nuclear hating and generally flat Denmark not included, but they won’t last long when the oceans rise anyway.

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    Tricky Dicky

    As the TTAC reader who probably lives most close to the battlefield of Waterloo, I am indeed sad to say that the British could never have pulled off one of their most emblematic military victories, without the determind effort of the Prussians (aka ‘ze Germans’). But we did blow the crap out of the iranian embassy all on our own.

    But it’s always nice to see a big company having their bottom spanked (err, advertising exaggerations deflated) by a regulator. BTW, HOW did they train the Rhino to do that? :-o

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    Advertising can’t be “misleading” in the UK? By law? Really?!

    God Save the Queen, that’s all I have to say.

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    Now that right there is funny, I don’t care who you are.
    The title of that ought to be ‘randy rhino meets Renault.’

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    “Allegedly, we’ve got bad teeth, drive on the “wrong side of the road” and are very reserved (apparently, that’s a bad thing).”

    Not to mention drinking warm beer.

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      There’s a saying amongst us Brits…
      “Why do they make American beer cold and fizzy? So you can tell the difference between it and urine.”
      Not that I’m trying to start a flaming war or anything… ;)
      Personally I’ve taken quite a liking to Samuel Adams since I’ve been over here.

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      “Why do the English drink warm beer? They all have Lucas refrigerators.”

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      Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

      LOL ask Michael Jackson (the bearded one, not the dead pedophile) which nation has the best selection of excellent beer… A lot’s changed since the Philosopher’s Song sketch at the Hollywood Bowl..

      (yep, I’d put the 10 best American beers against the 10 best from every other country in the world combined, and I’d be pretty confident..)

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    Never trust anything that doesn’t poo or pee, or the equivalent.

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    Uncle Mellow

    You have to keep a sense of perspective here. Pure electric cars are not going to save the world , and the only reason the French started driving on the wrong side of the road was because Napoleon wanted change , even if it was not sensible to drive on the right.(in those days you rode a horse , and steered it with your left hand , thus keeping your right hand free to wave your sword at anyone coming the other way)

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    That would be, “Michael Jackson (the DEAD bearded one, not the dead pedophile…”

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    At this point, I don’t think I’d consider “Prius vs. Hummer” to be any more of a debate than “Earth: Flat vs. Round”.

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