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We all knew this day was coming. We knew that Maybach would receive one final facelift before disappearing in a puff of garish pretentiousness. And really, we should have been prepared for this last aesthetic update to live up to the Maybach brand’s already-high standards for tastelessness. But could anything have prepared us for this Hyundai Equus-grille’d monstrosity? All of a sudden, the new Phaeton’s terminal subtlety is looking a lot better. After all, would you rather your plutocrat’s chariot be mistaken for a Passat, or a pimp-my-ride nightmare? [via]

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17 Comments on “Maybach’s Last Gasp...”

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    OK – help me out here.

    I’ve been convincing myself that a possible road to salvation for Lincoln and Cadillac is to return to exclusivity. Rebadge the current lineups as Mercurys and Buicks, then put out a gonzo-riche big car.

    But the Maybach failed. Why? Was it too exclusive? Was the idea of making a gonzo-riche Mercedes really a redundant idea the market didn’t accept? Was Maybach’s overhead a killer?

    What happened here Ed?

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    Pointless cars. No reason for the Maybach when the MB S-Class is a better car for half the price. Same for the VW Phaeton — the Audi A8L is the better choice.


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      I disagree that the A8L is a better car than the Phaeton. They are very DIFFERENT cars. The A8 is much more sporting. While I do think the market for large, luxurious, annonymous cars is quite limited in the US (at least at those prices), the Phaeton did quite well in Europe. Not like they expected to sell 100K of them a year. Plus the Phaeton was not TWICE the price of the A8, they were fairly similarly priced, as I recall. Considering a Phaeton is essentially a de-blinged Bentley for 1/2 price, I think they are a bit of a bargain.

      The problem with Maybach is that it was never enough better than an S-class to justify the ludicrous price. The price increase of a Phaeton over a Passat is easily justifiable.

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    Hmmm… a rolling spat. Perhaps the designers are aiming at 3rd world markets.

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    When I saw those pics of the new grilles, at first I thought we were covering the latest chinese knock off of something.

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    Everything about it seems to scream ‘another sad Chinese attempt at style’.

    It does make sense though. If the best odds of selling a Maybach are in one particular market, you’d be a fool not mimic their design ethos – however odd that may be.

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    Hmmm… was the wrong picture posted at the top? All I see are two last-gen Kia Optimas with garish hood ornaments?

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    John Horner

    On the upside, it still isn’t anywhere near as fugly as a modern Rolls Royce :).

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    The first thing I thought of when I saw the quad-headlight cluster was “Family Truckster.” Probably not the impression Maybach was going for, but there you have it.

    If only they had produced the Excelero. Then they would have had something worth selling.

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    “Family Truckster.”

    “If you think it sucks now, wait’ll you drive it!”

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    It now looks like something China would design.

    This is rubbish, as Jeremy Clarkson would say.

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    Odd, the two-tone profile paint job gave me a wiener mobile flashback.

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    Fourth generation Sonata

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    Looks one of Hyundai’s less successful designs. But for all I know, this could be hugely successful in China, where they think that “noveau riche” is a compliment, and tasteless excess is admired.

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    350k? With a hood ornament that looks like a tiara from a 6-year- old girls birtday party. I can’t understand how this wasn’t a runaway best seller.

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    I wasn’t sure how this car could have been made to look uglier … Congrats Daimler, you answered my question.

    IDK, could it be Daimler are doing the anti-GM approach, and trying to kill it quickly instead of letting it linger??

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    Daimler Deathwatch. Daimler Deathwatch. Daimler Deathwatch. Daimler Deathwatch. Daimler Deathwatch. Daimler Deathwatch. Daimler Deathwatch. Daimler Deathwatch. Daimler Deathwatch. Daimler Deathwatch. Where art Thou, oh Daimler Deathwatch?

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