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Dr. Z. is glad that yesterday’s annual stockholders meeting in Berlin is behind him. To fend of criticism, Zetsche had to set ambitious goals: Daimler’s sales will grow twice as fast as the industry average. Good luck with that.

Zetsche conceded that “our global sales target for the year is ambitious but realistic.” He banks on a 50 percent jump in sales of the new E class, along with strong sales of the S-Class.

Says das Autohaus: “Stuttgart sees the market grow by three to four percent this year. Daimler wants to grow by eight percent. Last year, they lost 25 percent.”

Dr. Z had to fend off criticism by shareholders which  “are skeptical that the German automaker’s partnership with Renault SA and Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. will reap the anticipated benefits,” as The Nikkei [sub] noted. The paper has shown an intense interest in fault-lines in the three-way tie-up. Also, they had pointed out that Renault/Nissan/Daimler has a strong Volkswagen/Suzuki opposition, and that Audi alone could eat Daimler’s lunch this year.

According to a later report by The Nikkei [sub], Zetsche answered that Nissan and Renault ”are the perfect partners for bolstering Daimler AG’s small-car business and other weak spots.”

With that, the meeting was adjourned.

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12 Comments on “Dr. Desperate: Daimler Wants To Grow Twice As Fast As the World Market...”

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    John Horner

    A Daimler Death Watch series is long overdue. Daimler today is at least as messed up as GM Circa 1985 was.

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    ‘Zetsche answered that Nissan and Renault ”are the perfect partners for bolstering Daimler AG’s small-car business and other weak spots.”’

    Seems like I heard something similar when the “merger” with Chrysler happened. Maybe “perfect partners” means having excess cash available.

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    Must be something in the German water – the VW folks have the same *dream*.

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    He could accomplish his goal by buying also-ran companies like Chrysler, Mitsubishi etc. and bulking up on volume.

    Oh wait, been there and done that and it only cost $36BB.

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    You are the first to know!

    At the age of 47, I have decided to grow to a full 6′ tall and grow a full head of hair. I await your congratulations!

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    blue adidas

    After getting a C-Class loaner recently, I am convinced that MB is in trouble. They need to worry about building better cars, and not being #1.

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    Dr. Z is having a flashback to his Chrysler days, just shovel the BS and hope someone buys it. At least he’s relatively close to planet earth, projecting an 8% year over year increase.

    Mr. Smoke & Mirrors over at Fiat/Chrysler currently is in another galaxy, where right is wrong and up is down. SM is talking about a 115% increase in Chrysler sales over the next 4 years (from 1.3M to 2.8M)

    Now there is some heavy duty, mind bending dreaming.

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    1) Merge with Geely.
    2) Slap a three point star on every Geely.
    3) Sell those MB-Geely to Chinese and Indians.


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    I think people are a tad harsh on Zetsche. Not only is he miles better than Edzard Reutar and Jurgen Schrempp were, but the huge gain in quality and customer satisfaction under his tenure is commendable.

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