By on April 27, 2010

… you’ll get covered in red food coloring? Or is this ad by Mudra Group for the Bangalore Traffic Police [from Copyranter via Daily Dish] trying to say something else? Meanwhile, when do we get an Oprah Winfrey version of this spot?

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9 Comments on “Don’t Call People When They’re Driving, Or Else…...”

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    Ok, so the fake blood may be a little cheesy…but the abundance of distracted, dangerous drivers out on the roads is no joke. Almost every day, I see some completely boneheaded move committed by another driver…easily something that could cause a serious accident…and yup, like 90% of the time, the A**hole is yakking away on their cell phone, often oblivious to the carnage they almost caused.

    I support every effort to get the message out to these “attempted vehicular manslaughter” idiots to either friggin’ HANG UP and drive, or get a hands-free phone device, limit your call time while driving and pay waaay more attention to traffic and other cars on the road.

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    Somewhere in Miami, Dexter Morgan is nursing a “half-chub”

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    I like it.

    My brother’s girlfriend keeps calling him even when she knows he’s on the phone. I think she’d get upset if he stopped using the phone while driving. He’s only had one fender-bender recently, but you’d think that was enough of a warning sign.

    Same goes for some working people – if they’re expected to talk and drive, they will. I’m not saying the responsibility actually lies with people other than the driver, but those other people do have a disproportionate ability to get the driver off the phone.

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    how are you supposed to know someone is driving before you make the call?

    or do you assume that indians are all taxi driver (which isn’t too far a stretch of the imagination)

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    cell phone distractions kill people. it’s a serious problem than needs serious attention and penalties. young drivers (especially) text messaging makes me nervous.

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    I bet if you chat up Rosie O’Donnell during dinnertime you’ll end up covered in gravy.

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    what about peter north?

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    A is A

    In fact the blame should be on not-so-bright people who attend the telephones while driving.

    One must not never forget one is handling a very dangerous weapon while driving. While driving I never do, nor I engage in disputes over this and that with passengers. I am focused on the road.

    Smart effective ads, nonetheless.

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