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After reading the tealeaves and other more reliable indicators, it looks like Renault, Nissan, and Daimler will announce their happy three-way partnership and cross-shareholdings on Wednesday.

The companies had been discussing the three-way tie-up for a while. It’s time to tie the knot.

Here are the more reliable indicators that it’s imminent: Renault’s Board Of Directors will convene an extraordinary meeting to discuss the plans on Tuesday afternoon, a Renault source told Reuters. The deep throat also dropped the hint that “Renault has decided on a communication plan for April 7 — it will be a press conference with the CEO Carlos Ghosn, I think.”

Trust me, the board won’t go to the pain of convening an extraordinary meeting, followed by a press conference with Ghosn, to announce that they increased the budget for paper clips.

No official comment could be elicited. But there are rumours swirling around that the three companies will make a joint announcement on Wednesday.

As reported before, the cross shareholding won’t be earth shattering, just a few symbolic percent. It’ll be more interesting to watch what will come out of the technology sharing. The three “expect to save ‘billions of euros’ by sharing development costs” says Bloomberg.

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20 Comments on “Daimler, Renault And Nissan Expected To Tie The Knot Wednesday...”

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    A merger of equals? A Nissan Sprinter? Renault and Nissan had better watch out, or they both may see their money disappear and the life squeezed out of their products.

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      Renault still has shares in Volvo trucks IIRC and they make light commercial vehicles with Opel (Opel Vivaro/Renault Trafic/Nissan Primastar) so i wonder how they are going to handle this.

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    I am wagering this will end up as most three-way arrangements…

    Someone will feel they aren’t getting enough attention, or as much as entity number three, and number two will end up liking number one better than number three, and it will get complicated.

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    Mr Carpenter

    Hunh. Tis been nice knowing you, Nissan and Renault….

    Sub moronic imbeciles don’t look at what prior marriages with potential partners were like for the ex…. and live (or die) to rue the day.

    I understand Daimler-Benz threw Borgward Group under the bus. Then they tossed Studebaker-Packard aside even after S-P did a pretty good job of selling M-B vehicles in North American (better than they did selling their own stuff, in fact). Then, of course, the infamous Daimler-Chrysler “merger of equals”.

    What is it about the 3 pointed star, anyway? A curse from Adolph days, maybe? (Who knows!?)

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    As a serious student of Studebaker, I have to say that Studebaker got the better of the MB partnership in a number of ways, including extorting money from MB to develop the Studebaker Lark.

    And, Studebaker didn’ty do too well selling MBs, outside of large metropolitan areas. Even there, the existing MB dealers easily outsold the Studebaker dealers.

    I have also never heard of an MB role in the demise of Borgward.


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      I don’t see the Borgward connection either, although Chrysler made a serious bid for the company when it was on the rocks.

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      Well, the Studebaker dealer in Auburn, WA, which operated out of an enlarged gas station in the late 50’s when the marketing partnership with Daimler-Benz started, morphed by the mid-60’s into the typical large and well-off Mercedes dealership in Tacoma. While this was undoubtedly due more to the dealer’s own initiative than Studebaker-Packard’s, I’d be surprised if it was the only case where something like that happened.

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    Uncle Mellow

    I’m sure Renault/Nissan can teach Daimler-Benz a lot about making small cars ( I refuse to call MB “Daimler”). And I suppose Daimler- Benz need to make small cars because BMW are making ever-smaller cars (while making their existing models ever-larger). It is just that their attempts to date at making small cars has done nothing but harm to the Daimler-Benz reputation.

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    Look what happened to France the last time the Germans and the Japanese hooked up.

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      Since ancient and totally unrelated cliches have been dragged out, let’s at least set the historical record straight. When the Germans and Japanese hooked up in September 1940, France was already occupied by Germany. The southern part, a.k.a. Vichy France practically invited Japan to occupy French Indochina. Not that it matters, but at least history hasn’t been mangled …

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      Cheezeweggie, your comment reminds me of the old joke about the difference between Heaven and Hell, that can be bent to fit with this story. Heaven is German engineering, French styling and Japaneese service. Hell is French engineering, Japaneese styling and German service. Let’s see which one they end up with.

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    Mr Carpenter

    JP, It’ll be as “successful” as Daimler-Chrysler was.

    German styling and American UAW build quality (oxymoron…) with quality control by Mercedes and engineering by Chrysler… (I’m unyoung enough to recall when “Chrysler Engineering” actually had a positive meaning…)

    As for Borgward Group, I once read that a Studebaker executive was in Bremen when the axe fell… whoops no point trying to buy it now.
    It’s dead…

    The scuttlebut about Borgward Group being “done in” by a large german car manufacturer has been going around for 45 years and usually fingers point towards Stuttgart…

    Oddly enough, the Frua design for the “next Isabella” got utilized by Glas (the 1700), introduced at the West German auto show in 1964 (in production a year later). It was a handsome car and given the popularity of Borgward, I suspect we’d have seen a lot more of them about…

    Mercedes execs were apparently EXTREMELY p/o’d that Borgward had developed and built their Grosser Limousine to compete with the fintails. So they knew people who knew people who spread rumors in the right places and no doubt slipped a few hundred thousand Marks in the right palms….

    In the end, it was proven that Borgward HADN’T been insolvent and WAS killed off unnecessarily. Nobody ever managed to actually prove it was Daimler-Benz, however…. but it’s virtually certain that it was.

    With players like that (and seeing what they did to Chrysler), again, WHY would Renault-Nissan be stuuuupid enough to to menage a trois with M-B?! Idjits.

    If you have Renault or Nissan stock, SELL IT.

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    Better tell them boys at Renault/Nissan to keep an eye on their wallets…

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    In ten years time, Nissan will be on the brink of bankruptcy with a lineup of appalling products, and Daimler will sell them off, seeing them as an extra obligation.

    And Carlos Ghosn with be playing golf with Bob Eaton at the local country club, living off his $50 million “retirement” from Renault-Nissan…..

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    John Horner

    The WSJ has a bit more on this story. It isn’t looking like a merger, but rather a technology sharing and joint venture type of deal on small vehicles.

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    Sounds like more CAFE posturing. MB can will try to dilute their corporate fleet average with small Nissan cars, so they can keep offering most of their current performance line-up. The question is will they sell enough of the crappy eco-models to do the trick. Nissan will, of course, get nothing. Maybe some diesel tech at best.

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