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Here is one sad aspect to the inevitable consolidation of the wild and wooly Chinese car industry: It will reduce the amount of humorous material. Case in point: Zhejiang Gonow Auto, known as the creator of such memorable cars as the „Gonow Aoosed GS” will most likely not grace us with more unforgettable nameplates. True to its name, Gonow is gone. Well, not really.

“Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) has reached an initial agreement to gain a controlling stake in Zhejiang Gonow Auto,” reports China’s Global Times.

The official agreement was signed on April 26 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. What becomes of Gonow is unclear. People working there say they won’t be swallowed by GAC and life will go on.

People at GAC say that “in the future, GAC will lead the cooperation.”

GAC has been on an expansion frenzy. A new joint venture will build Fiats, possibly Alfas and maybe Chryslers. They had bought Changfeng Auto which has a JV with Mitsubishi and produces its own line of SUV’s.

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7 Comments on “Chinese Car Consolidation: You Can Gonow...”

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    “People working there say they won’t be swallowed by GAC and life will go on. People at GAC say that “in the future, GAC will lead the cooperation.”

    Nothing ever stays the same, to wit consider the US pharma industry: The folks at Parke-Davis(1866) likely thought this when acquired by Warner-Lambert(1856) in 1970-6, and even so when W-L was acquired by Pfizer in 1990-2000, and so on at Upjohn(1886) acquired by Pharmacia(1911) in 1995, and then by Searle(1888) in 2000, and then by Pfizer in 2002…

    From Wiki: “In the ensuing years, Pfizer commenced with a massive restructuring resulting in numerous site closures and loss of jobs including: Terre Haute, IN; Holland, MI; Groton, CT; Brooklyn, NY; Sandwich, UK and Puerto Rico. In 2008, Pfizer announced 275 job cuts at the Kalamazoo manufacturing facility. Kalamazoo was previously the world headquarters for the Upjohn Company.”

    There will definitely be winners and losers … the Goshn-approach at Renault-Nissan is a rarity (and to be honest, after Goshn began his restructuring at Nissan, multiple subsidaries were sold, plants were closed and tens of thousands of Nissan employees lost jobs.)

    Re. the Japanese OEMs: They have been consolidated forever, and yet they still managed to have names like: LaPuta (Whore), Pajero (Wanker), and Bongo Friendee (don’t ask).

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    To be fair, the three Japanese examples of silly names were not a result of poor English, but overzealous bookish-ness: Pajero is the specific epithet of the Pampas Cat; Laputa was likely named by a fan of either Hayao Miyazaki or Jonathan Swift, and a Bongo is an obscure species of antelope.

    Gotta love the wik.

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    The name might have some use – their ads could use the Moody Blues song.

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    And there’s always VW. I think a Passat is technically a type of trade wind, but coincidentally, in the Salish language of the Pacific Northwest, means “one whose tie-rods shall need frequent replacing.”

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    Jeez umm…

    A Camry front clip… on a Sequoia.

    Lets make that boring beige problem even worse…

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    If I can’t say the name with a straight face, then I probably shouldn’t buy the car.

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