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Look everyone, it’s a Chevy Volt that can seat more than four people! Official images of the Volt MPV5 concept have leaked today [via AutoblogGreen], confirming what recently-discovered line drawings hinted at: a people-carrying version of Chevy’s Volt is under development. The extra rear seat and the 30.5 cubic feet of storage space (62.3 cubic feet with rear seats folded) does come at a price though, as GM says the MPV5 comes up 8 miles short of the Volt’s marketing-mission-critical 40 miles of electric range using the same drivetrain. On the upside, it will almost certainly be classified as a light truck (despite its compact, FWD underpinnings), making it the perfect vehicle to goose increasing CAFE standards.

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15 Comments on “Beijing Auto Show: GM Previews Volt MPV5 Concept...”

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    It’s a handsome car that borrows all of its styling cues from both Orlando and Volt. I’m wondering how far off this model is. I also wonder a bit about where the Orlando itself is – Chevy took it off their “future vehicles” page, replaced by the Silverado HD.

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    Huh. I despise Government Motors, and am critical of all things Volt-oriented… and yet I don’t hate this. If anything, it makes more sense to me than the Volt does.

    I really can’t imagine this going as far as 32 miles on electrical power alone, though.

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    Some Guy

    I can’t imagine that it would take almost 4 years like between the original Volt concept in early 2007 and the final release in late 2010. I would figure only a coup’e of years since most of the styling and powertrain engineering has already been done.

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    I can’t hate on this either…one of the better looking CUVs. Sell it at a $<30k price point like a nicely loaded Rav4 and they could have a winner.

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      They can’t sell a Volt for under $30k. Why would they be able to sell something that requires significantly more “stuff” on the inside be cheaper?

      My mother just picked up a Limited Rav. That is a fantastic little CUV. I’m particularly a fan of the option to lock the transfer case for when you don’t want the computer figuring out if you need 4WD.

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    This is a really nice wagon. Now lets see about getting any Volt to market…

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    Volt just looks soooo much better than Leaf

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    Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    I like it, but I’d like it more if its side glass was all the same (tall) height. I like greenhouses, especially if solar cells on the roof power fans to cool them whilst parked..

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    I agree with sentiment expressed so far. I’m still deciding if I like the rear glass placement, although I know for certain I do not like those headlights – it takes Fiesta’s to a whole new level of sneering to me.

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    It loses the Volt’s window-into-the-door affectation (which is nifty, right up until realize you can’t roll down the window; hence the cheap black plastic sub-in for production). That’s good

    It also loses the Volt’s general look, which isn’t so good. It’s unfortunately generic in a way that the Volt, even now, isn’t. Wouldn’t the Orlando or Opel Flextreme work better?

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    On the upside, it will almost certainly be classified as a light truck (despite its compact, FWD underpinnings), making it the perfect vehicle to goose increasing CAFE standards.

    Doesn’t anything with a hatch and a flat-fold rear seat qualify for “light truck” status? And isn’t the Volt a hatch already?

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    Finally, the MPV name returns!

    Wait, wasn’t that a Mazda??????

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    This car won’t help with GM’s CAFE obligation if it doesn’t sell, and neither will the shorter battery range.

    If the Volt’s coming in at $40k, this guy will certainly be $45k or more. I don’t see many people getting excited about paying more money for an HHR clone with even shorter battery range than a Volt.

    It will sell about as well as a $50k GMC Yukon Hybrid, which is to say – hardly at all. People don’t spend $40-$50k to save on gas money.

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      The point of putting the Volt technology is to bring down the overall cost by spreading it across products. My guess, there might be a 3rd vehicle that uses this technology. I am thinking that the costs of the batteries will be less in a few years and this won’t cost 45k.

      I agree with you though on the Yukon Hybrid. People aren’t going to pay this much to save gas. Although the Caddy Hybrid sells the best (I believe that is what I read). So, there might be a Caddy version of something Volt in the future.

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