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This Saturday is turning into a visual sort of day (NHTSA data dive fatigue?) with an emphasis on vintage ads and photo-chops. How about a combination of the two? Hemmings blog found these at Lowtech, and they brought a smile to my working-on-Saturday face. Nice 1953 Chebby! And the kids and ladies are duly enthralled.

How about a nice ’58 Dodge Sierra wagon to impress you friends with on the way to dinner? The funny thing is, I saw plenty of old wagons like this in their time riding almost this low (certainly in the back) loaded up with kids and gear heading for summer vacations.

A ’56 Caddy is always a crowd pleaser, especially with its nice low stance. The ladies certainly look impressed.

We can’t leave Ford out of the fun, especially since it proudly wears the “sled of the year” moniker.

And a fuscia-colored ’59 Mercury showing off its low, lower, lowest profile.

We’ll come full circle back to the ’53 Chevy, always a favorite for slamming. Nice work, guys!

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15 Comments on “Vintage Ads Reimagined: Slammed And Chopped...”

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    I recall back in the day looking through magazines and seeing ads like these and always thinking that the scenes looked somewhat unrealistic and the cars had slightly exaggerated proportions even though they weren’t slammed as they are here. The settings just didn’t quite match the reality around me. But these takes on those ads are quite cool.

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    I love every single one of them. If I was at my parents house right now I’d go running to my dad’s stack of Hot Rod magazines and relive my teen years.

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    Are there awards for car blogs? If so, I’d like to nominate this piece for several categories.

    Among them: Best Article, Best Use Of Photoshop, Best Nostalgia Through Rose-Tinted Glasses, etc.

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    Robert Schwartz

    “We’ll come full circle back to the ‘53 Chevy”

    Wouldn’t a car that low and long hang up on some hill top in SF?

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      Are you related to Debbie Downer?

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      Robert Schwartz

      No. Who is Debbie Downer?

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      Debbie Downer is the Saturday Night Live character who always finds the negative aspect of any situation.

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      Robert Schwartz

      No. Stopped watching that after Belushi died. I wouldn’t have thought of the issue, if they hadn’t shown the vehicle in San Francisco. Then I thought of the hill tops. SF driving has always made me queasy.

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      Having owned a ’63 Cadillac that was involuntarily slammed because of collapsed springs, I will join the Downers. Whatever aesthetic appeal this has (which doesn’t work for me because I think they look better at the ride height they were designed to have) melts away if you actually try to use the car as, uhhh, a car.

      And I agree about SF driving. Part of the problem is that I live in Savannah, GA which has all the topography of the typical billiard table. The situation that freaks me out the most is making a left turn from an upgrade onto a steep downhill street, because there is a point where it appears you are driving into thin air. Then I shift into first and creep down very slowly because I really have no idea how much speed I can build up and still maintain control. The fact that I am usually doing this driving a rental Impala or some such doesn’t help.

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    I’m with RS, they look very weird. I’ve never understood the appeal of low-riders. That said, the artist(s) who did this are very, very good. Coming across these in a mag without comment would be a trip. The chebby’s especially. I’d be looking at these and trying to figure out what the hell was going on!

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    Lowww and Slowww

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    This is how memories should be!

    @RS: if that chevvy were really that low, it would probably be scraping its oil pan.

    I lived in Stanford, about 35 miles south of SF, my last year of high school, 70-71. My girlfriend and I used to drive into SF on weekends. When you go down the hills, you suddenly get level at each intersection, and then it’s down again at an amazing angle. Driving the ’62 Falcon down those hills was a blast! Driving up–well, alas, my Falcon didn’t have all that ’53 Chevvy high compression.

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    As a loyal fan of the Lowtech blog, I have seen these ads before, and they have inspired me to do some of my own. If you would like to see them check it out here:

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