Honda Up 13%; Accord Leads With 41% Gain

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer
honda up 13 accord leads with 41 gain

The Honda Accord has Camry schadenfreude written all over it. With a 41% increase, and 22k units sold, the Accord is off to a likely win in the passenger car sweepstakes of 2010. The Civic didn’t ride the updraft nearly as well, with a modest 5% lift. The Insight’s 2k units continue to tail the Prius’ 8k units by a 1 to 4 ratio, somewhat better than a few months back.

The Honda brand was up 12%, and Acura by 17%. But all of Acura’s cars were down; its growth was fueled by the two CUVs: MDX: +65%; RDX: +20%. Honda CUVs were all down a bit, and the Odyssey up a tad. And three FCX Clarities were leased. Full details:

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  • Pete Zaitcev Pete Zaitcev on Mar 02, 2010

    What's going on with Fit? I remember trying one out a few months ago. Accord was too big, Civic was too meh, Fit was just right (a very close match with Mini, score-wise). The only reason I didn't buy a Fit was that I had too much money allocated, so I ended buying in the different class entirely. Seems like an excellent car, yet it is tanking, why?

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    • Criminalenterprise Criminalenterprise on Mar 03, 2010

      The Fit has terrible ergonomics. That awful A-pillar window makes me feel like I'm sitting in a GM dustbuster minivan. I couldn't ever buy one for that alone.

  • LectroByte LectroByte on Mar 02, 2010

    The Crosstours seem to be selling pretty well, and I don't quite get the hate for them here. I always liked 5-doors, and it seems like a reasonable alternative to most of the SUV/CUV offerings.

    • Hans007 Hans007 on Mar 03, 2010

      mostly that it is beyond ugly. have you seen the overhangs? all these wierd coupe suv, things are terrible (zdx , x6, 550i GT, etc). wagon, 2 door coupe, or sedan, stop wasting r&d on this crap car companies. i'm assuming the same people buyign crosstours buy them because its a honda and its sort of practical and has a v6 + awd etc. probably the same people who buy things like the element when it still had plastic cladding as just "a practical car"

  • Jordan Mulach Hey Matt, this story has already been uncovered as not being the Camry update. Toyota US actually took independent digital renders and used them.You can see more about it from the artist here:
  • ToolGuy Well the faithful 2010 RAV4 has new headlamp assemblies installed as of yesterday (ordered them a year ago and put it off until now). Have to remove the entire front fascia *and* remove part of the radiator support to change the headlamps. Ordered new side brackets and clips since the thing is pretty much designed to go together once (it comes apart when it comes apart, is what I'm saying), so we'll get to hop back in there when those show up later this week. (Alternative is to have the wrong gap at the fascia/fender interface and you know we can't have that.)Just crossed 150K mileage, engine is strong, no signs of transmission trouble. Michelins are performing well. Spouse is pushing for an EV (or a Jeep, but I ignore that Jeep part). Very high likelihood that this particular Toyota will be replaced with a non-Toyota, maybe 2 years from now.Oh, no one cares. 🙂
  • Parkave231 Needs moar grille!
  • SCE to AUX Give them everything they want, including the moon. Let the UAW determine how long they want to keep their jobs.
  • Arthur Dailey If I were a UAW leader I would focus more on political policy, such as requirements for North American content. Work harder at organizing non D3 auto plants. Try to win public support and increase union density/membership. But political unionism is not popular in the USA. Instead the focus is often on short term monetary gains.