Geneva Gallery: Dacia Duster

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
geneva gallery dacia duster

The Duster moniker alone should be enough to tell you that this compact ute won’t be coming to the US, but it’s a crucial new addition to Renault’s low-cost Dacia lineup. Dacia is making serious inroads in Europe, as a combination of C4C schemes and the rediscovered love of frugality has firmly put the Renault budget brand at the top of the growth charts. CUVs are hot in Europe, but if the Tiguan’s nose-bleed price is a put-off, the Duster is available for about half the price. And you know, that’s not half bad.

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  • FreedMike Soon to be trending on Youtube: "Aftermarket supercharger F150 cars and coffee crash".
  • Lou_BC Vehicles tend to "soft fail" i.e. a component gradually wears to the point of complete failure. Sure, some rather abrupt failures occur but not typically in the steering, brakes, or wheel bearings.
  • MaintenanceCosts Curious about this number for certain Toyotas, particularly the Sienna and RAV4 Prime. Both still seem to be almost unobtanium, especially in fully loaded configurations, a couple years after their introduction.
  • 2ACL Giving a lay pickup 500+ horsepower never resonated with me. Even in a straight line, you'll still get thrashed by less powerful cars because they don't need to push as much air. And you're typically speed limited into the low 100 mph range because so little of the truck is engineered to go that fast.Think I'll get my dumb speed fix elsewhere.
  • Lou_BC VW has had a stellar reputation with their electronics and now they go full EV. What's not to like? ;)