By on March 22, 2010

In our Mitsubishi Eclipse gen1 CC, it was noted that few have survived a certain process of modifications that I have now dubbed being “Eclipsed-Out”. This gen2 example seems well on the way, but it certainly hasn’t arrived at its end-state yet. Interestingly, I have found several more stock gen 1 Eclipses, but hardly an stock gen2s.

Those wheels are way too small, although highly vintage. And there’s room for another spoiler or two. And no fart can! These folks have a long way to go yet.  Just don’t ask about that pink and white thing: its either a very strange headrest, or a baby seat. I didn’t get close enough to see, because this was one of the few times ever I was getting an evil eye from the window of the house. As I said: reinforcing stereotypes.

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15 Comments on “Curbside Classic Outtake: Reinforcing Stereotypes, Again...”

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    I wasn’t aware paul walker lived in Oregon.

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    It’s impossible to find a stock gen 2 turbo eclipse. Look them up on craigslist, they’ve ALL been riced up to hell. It’s sad because they were the best 4 banger performers of their day.

    If you can find one that’s stock hold on to it. It’ll be a collectors item one day.

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      I had a gen2 Turbo… (GT-S model, green exterior/tan leather interior, 5 speed, sunroof) awesome car, mine was UNpimped, because A) it was a lease and B) I’ve got taste ;) When the Gen3 came out I was horrified, not only was it ugly but it had a V6, and everyone knows the 4 banger turbo was THE engine for this car.

      When are we going to have a CC on Starion? :D

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      Speaking of rather rare, reasonably attractive, entertaining (particularly in TSi guise), quasi-collectible cars, I never see Eagle Talons around anymore. Strange, considering the Talon was built as recently as 1998 and was the Eclipse’s platform-mate.

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    Is it just the angle/resolution of the pic, or did this brainiac actually bondo the cutlines between the fascias and fenders?

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    Uncle Mellow

    The half-finished tacky bodywork I can understand , but there’s no excuse for those wheels – they are just sad.

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    A friend of mine had a very clean stock ’97 Eclipse GSX 5-speed that he bought new. It was black over gray leather. It was a blast to drive and pretty quick, despite some turbo lag.

    He traded it in on a 2004 VW GTI VR6.

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    “but there’s no excuse for those wheels – they are just sad.”

    What’s sad is they were manufactured in the first place.

    However, I do have to say, he exhaust exit looks comparatively modest. Hasn’t got round to that yet, I suppose.

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    BTW, wtf is being used for seat covers…a pink squid?

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    It seems odd that you would spend so much time altering the appearance of your car, and then get angry when someone looks at it.

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    I hate those assassin wheels. so awful

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    I’m hatin’

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    This car is an embarrassment.

    The wheels look stupid, the wing is dumb. God.

    Why do people screw cars up like this?

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    OMG, my eyes hurt.

    I think it has the fart can already installed. Look closely at the exhaust tips (pointed upward) and the muffler is smaller than the stock unit on those cars.

    It looks like a work in progress car. In 6 months you should find out it has been painted and maybe different wheels.

    I bet that Eclipse may be a 420A powered one.

    Here in Venezuela Mitsubishi imported them, with the Dodge engine. I’ve been behind some of them in the highway, and considering its vintage, they still run 120MPH without sweating.

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    The evil eye relates to those cars being very popular with wanna-be drug dealers (atleast in my area), never understood why someone would live the lifestyle while driving a car that says “please pull me over and search me”.

    Where I work you come over a hill and then hit a speed reduction, the town, county, sled, etc. love using it to do pull/searches and more than not the people being led away in handcuffs are driving some close approx. to above.

    Two old friends from school who are successful in that field, one drives a buick the other an accura, not difficult.

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