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How about 7 minutes and 48 seconds worth of Nissan Juke B-rolls? That this car exists isn’t puzzling: Europe is forever producing bizarre little segment-busters that look like they were styled by an eldritch abomination. What boggles the mind is that Nissan is going to try to sell this Versa-based “crossunder” in the US. Stare at the footage for a bit and try to imagine what business in your community you could see one of these in front of, and you’ll see what we’re on about. [Warning: more than 3 minutes of uninterrupted viewing could cause complete loss of sanity and/or a new appreciation for Toyota-bland styling]

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25 Comments on “Can You Take A Juke?...”

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    No interior shots? That’s a little disappointing. I’m one of the few that actually thinks it looks OK. Something different in a sea of sameness. If it costs about the same as a Cube or a Soul, Nissan will sell everyone that they build.

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    I, for one, am glad that they are going to build it. More power to them. If 10 people who were going to buy a Corolla buy a Juke instead that’s 10 less boring Corollas on the road.

    Now when is the Murano convertible being released?

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    Uncle Mellow

    Have you forgotten that Nissan are in bed with Renault now? Renault are famous for their “scattergun” styling , alternating the beautifull with the bizarre. Nissan have caught the bug. They already have a euro-medium size crossover , the Qashqui , which looks pretty good in the metal and is a huge sales success. They hope this will do the same. It is certainly different…..

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    Kyle Schellenberg

    Remember this is the same Nissan that gave us the Pulsar, NX2000 and Cube which were/are also very quirky designs. I agree it’s brutal but if the statement is “We’re not conformists like the kids across the street” then perhaps it works for them.

    More than anything, one day we’re going to look back on this whole generation of cars with great disdain and not just focus in on one or two models.

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    Yeah – add me to the ones that actually like this car. This is cool-ugly, not Aztek-ugly. It’s nice to see design principles being pushed. Sure, it has some loopy lines, but others are really quirky in a good way. I agree that this flies in the face of many’s design tastes, but look at it again – no strange face fins ala mazda 3 – just extra lights ;-)

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    In fifty years or so, this will probably be a design classic.

    After all, if the horrific, wretched styling excesses of, say, GM’s stuff from about 1955-1970 can be considered classics, so can this.

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    I love it. If I have the green when they first roll out, I’ll get one the first week they are available stupid dealer markup and everything.

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    Please, please, PLEASE let Nissan find a way to squeeze their venerable 3.5 liter engine in this! Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like vehicle design nowadays is not just getting bland but also too feminine. Perhaps it’s just the pussification of America I’m always lamenting about, or just simple aerodynamics, but still it’s nice seeing a little masculinity styling still exists. Now if Nissan will just give it some more power!

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    How can those headlights even be legal? Not only are they a crime against taste, but it seems Nissan most have calculated the perfect position to blind all other traffic on the road.

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    I like it!

    Of course, to satisfy the US Market, I hope they offer it with all wheel drive, 3 row seating, and lots of illuminated cup holders.

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    Oh man, why did they have to start with panning across the front again and again. I could only take about 30 seconds of that. Whoever the VLE of that car is better be packing his bags because he’ll either be fired or be put in charge of Australia for a couple of years before returning to the home market as president for the region.

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    Juke is the most original and refreshing designs seen in a while, not one panel or angle copies anything in the market today. Lot better that those dull VW/Audi designs some folks prefer. And don’t get me started on the juvenile LED eyebrows on every Audi.

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    That thing is horrible. Makes the Aztec look handsome.

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    If a salamander and a warthog had a baby, and then you hit that baby with an ugly stick, and then you took that baby’s DNA and morphed it with a clown’s shoe…what you would have would STILL be better looking than this friggin’ eyesore.

    I foresee a class-action lawsuit against Nissan for mass-scale retinal damage after this thing hits the road…

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    Add me to the list of people who like it. All it needs is larger wheels to fill out those openings a bit. Oh I admit it’s not terribly tasteful, and I wouldn’t be likely to buy one, but I like seeing cars like this on the road — helps break up the bland sea of accords and camrys.

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    Senator Jar Jar Binks… your car is waiting.

    I’d say that not only is Nissan trying to swing the styling pendulum the other way, I’d say that they’ve snapped it off.

    Good on anyone that buys one, though. A good chuckle keeps the blood thin.

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    Looks like the love child of a Volvo C30 (or XC60) and a Peugeot 4007. I’m not a fan of the front end design but the the rest looks ok to me. Nothing a mid life face lift wouldn’t cure.

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    It looks like a toad – eyes on top so it can see all around. Hey, maybe that’s what it is about – using the headlight to illuminate the road 360 degrees. The thing is that designs that look cute on small cars can look ridiculous when blown up to these porkies. Nissan has prime examples of that: I dig the look of Infinity cars, but their SUVs (using the same design features) look ugly. And when speaking about toads – Murano was surely designed by a teenage mutant ninja toad.

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    Disinterested Spectator

    It looks like the bastard child of a Honda CR-V and a Jeep Compass. The front looks nice, but the back end looks too shrunken and sloped for my taste. Any word on a prince point yet?

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    This video makes for a good enhanced interrogation technique. “Tell us where the bomb is…or we’ll play more pan shots of the front end!!”

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    They are also the company that brought : and this: Nissan is great at appealing to every styling tastes.

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    Renault bit them with the quirky design bug, but at the same time they gave them the practicality virus…

    I’m pretty sure I can move half of my house with this…

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