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Toyota’s President Akio Toyoda will do something highly unusual tonight: The usually reclusive CEO will meet the press in Nagoya on Friday night at 9 p.m. Japanese time to discuss product quality, says the Nikkei [sub]. Toyoda won’t face the Fourth Estate all alone. Executive Vice President Shinichi Sasaki will also attend, and hopefully deflect the worst.

The press conference is not for Japanese consumption. Friday night at 9, most papers are put to bed, and the evening news are over. The meeting is for U.S. consumption. Friday night at 9 in Nagoya is 7 a.m. in New York.

Japanese transport minister Seiji Maehara, always the politician, stole a little bit of Toyoda’s limelight and said Friday evening (Japan time) that the government has heard that Toyota will carry out either a recall or voluntary repair over brake problems with the Prius.  Maehara added that this was scuttlebutt only, and that Toyota has not yet reported to the transport ministry which option the automaker will take.

We’ll keep you updated.

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14 Comments on “Toyota’s Toyoda Meets The Press: Prius Recall Imminent. Or Not...”

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    pssst Bertel: its “brake”, not “break” (sorry, dem’s da breaks…)

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    Umm, for American consumption only. Prius recall? I’m still waiting on a Corolla recall in Brazil. Or maybe not a recall. Maybe just a word. A single little word. Well, by living in the 3rd world I think Brazilian consumers are not worthy of Toyota’s consideration. Though they are happy to take our money though. Their arrogance is really getting on people’s nerves.

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      Call your TV station…

      BTW, a CNN reporter who owns a new Prius, and has been having trouble with the car, called Toyota twice, once as herself the private owner, and was blown off by an uninformed and useless person at Toyota. Repeating the experiment immediately afterward, she called back as herself, this time a private owner also CNN reporter, and then was routed to someone competent and properly taken care of.

      In fairness to Toyota, it is obvious their lines are jammed, she demonstrated this too, first calls got the “lines are full call back message”…

      In fairness to her, she apparently had made numerous approaches to her dealer to try and get her problem resolved before the scandals broke out, but was just run around and nothing was resolved…

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      Oh Mr. Robert.Walter, that has already been done. The newspapers are on their backs, too. But so far, nothing!

      Really, it’s absurd. I do think that I’ll give a dealership a call and see what they say. Could be interesting.

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      Brazil is probably getting ignored because the U.S. has a legal system that will keep Toyota tied up in civil lawsuits for years.

      By the time this is all over, the attorneys are going to try to have us believe that Toyota purposely installed flawed pedals with a malicious intent.

      I don’t think that Toyota or CTS is free of negligence, but I question the need for punitive damages to be paid by Toyota and/or CTS. Fair compensation should include payments to cover physical and property damage, and lost income. But that should be able to be handled in a reasonable society without the lawyers getting a 33% cut.

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    It makes sense, because the US is one of Toyota’s biggest markets, if not the biggest. They are in no danger of losing their #1 position in Japan, but they are in danger of losing their #2 position in the US if they don’t become more proactive.

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    From what the media has thusfar reported Toyota claims they have fixed the Prius brake problem for models built after late January. Yet they failed to notify Prius owners that a problem existed. This is totally unacceptable behavior from an automobile manufacturer.

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      You realize that late January was a week ago, right? These plans for recalls take a little bit of time… they aren’t instant. They typically try to have the dealerships ready to being accepting customers for the fix by the time the recall is released because releasing a recall without a fix ready leads to HYSTERIA, like we saw over the past 2 weeks w/ the pedal recall. Ford knew about their issue and fixed it in October and are just now releasing a TSB for their braking issues. These fixes take time.

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    John Horner

    Remember when Bill Ford Jr. cried uncle and said he didn’t have what it takes to run the family business? Toyoda-san needs to do the same thing.

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    I am very disappointed in Toyoda. His handling of this situation is abysmal in my opinion. If I’m not mistaken, this will be only the second time he will say anything about the whole situation to the public since the media blitz started, allowing, instead, to let his subordinates take the “limelight.” Beyond that, while I don’t think he caused this whole problem(s), I do think he missed opportunities to end it at earlier points in his career. But he didn’t.

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