By on February 16, 2010

The best stories are those where you can barely wait to find out more. There are new heroes, new ideas and new sources of suspense… actually, all typically Porsche

So goes the opening to this video, introducing the new base-model V6 Panameras. Though some might argue that Volkswagen-sourced V6 engines are not in fact “typically Porsche” (an argument that carried more weight before the Cayenne came to town), a 300 horsepower engine in a 3,814 lb, four-door Porsche does technically qualify as a “source of suspense.” And attempting to charge $75k for a base Panamera V6 certainly requires a perspective that might be charitably described as “heroic.” On the other hand, it’s hard to get too down on this poor thing. You can’t blame a lazy dog for a veterinarian’s (or in this case, a CAFE standard’s) work. Besides, it’s still not as embarrassingly neutered as the Cayenne V6.

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35 Comments on “Quote Of The Day: Say Anything Edition...”

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    The people considering the Panamera more than likely aren’t typical Porsche customers. Where Porsche is concerned, I’m sure that was the idea behind it.

    In the same way that the Cayenne found a market that most people didn’t expect was there, the Panamera, even in base form, will likely sell much better than most anticipate.

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    Christ, unless fuel economy is my biggest priority and I ABSOLUTELY have to spend $75,000 (2 things that don’t go together), I’d be smarter to buy an gently used VW Phaeton.

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      Yeah, file this under WTF.

      My personal favorite part of the video is when the narrator talks about the base “sound system”. It’s “100 watts of power” is slightly more than the 10 year old stereo in my bedroom. I’m sure by the time this thing is loaded up with equipment that should have come as standard, it’ll be well into the 80’s by then. There will be precious few $75k Panamera’s available.

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    At least you still get that awesome exterior styling…

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    My dad’s ’68 912 had 102hp. His ’85 944 had about 140hp. I had enough fun in those cars when I got my license in ’87. I guess I didn’t really know what I was missing. Amazing that 300HP is now considered “neutered”.

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    surely a ’68 912 or ’84 944 are like half the weight of this monstrosity… that makes all the diff

    yeah… this V6 Panamera… what a travesty

    my favourite ad is the one where they welcome the Panamera to the Porsche family and yet they have the 956, 917, 962, 908 etc. in the welcoming family


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    I read that VW plans on making a 2-door Panamera coupe, which strikes me as redundant in concept since the Panamera is supposed to be a 911 sedan. The concept photos look very good though, like a modern 928.

    A 300hp V6 is lacking in the performance division (unless it has alot of torque), Thats behind the Camaro, Mustang, Z, G, Genesis coupe, etc.

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    I haven’t gotten around to the idea of a V6 being atypical for a Porsche…actually, I’m still trying to get past the idea of one with rear doors.

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    This is perfect for 99% of Buyers: Instead of using 5% of power 99% of the the time, you will use 10% of power 99% of the time.

    Will it handle, and feel like a Porsche? It may feel even better with less of the BOAT Anchor feel of a V8.

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      Dr Strangelove

      And the same goes for the stereo. Who actually uses more than 100 Watts in the car? If you do, better get some ear plugs to protect yourself from hearing loss.

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      @Dr Strangelove

      You don’t know much about audio, do you? 100 watts (at any normal thd level) is nowhere near enough to run full range at listenable levels, particularly in a car where you have a rather high noise floor.

      Sure, your 100 watt system can drive the speakers loudly enough to hear quiet bits in your music as well as louder ones, but the quality will be awful. The factory head unit in my mom’s Subaru Forester will get plenty loud, but as you turn up the volume everything under 1khz and over 6khz stays the same while the rest gets loud and distorted. It’s next to impossible to listen to classical music with that system because the distortion renders fortissimo as a thrashing cacophony if pianissimo is audible.

      Power doesn’t necessarily mean *loud*. Power means clean.

      And there’s no way in hell you can EVER drive low frequencies – which require far more power per perceived volume – effectively, in addition to everything else, with 100 watts total RMS power. The 300 watt H/K system in my Saab is pretty good for a factory system, but still not perfect, and cuts off around 30hz when you want to go down to 20 for real full range. Another hundred watts of bass would fill it in – you’d end up with a system that could go cleanly to 85db (roughly the limit for sustained listening without risk of gradual hearing damage). Much less power and that 85db will be awful.

      In other news, that Porsche is barely quicker than my Saab, which seems somewhat absurd.

      You might not NEED more power, but excess stomp is part and parcel of a Porsche. Complaining about people wanting power in a Porsche is somewhat like being upset at people disliking a Hershey bar that hasn’t got any chocolate in it. Yeah, you don’t -need- chocolate, but why do you think people get the damn Hershey bar to begin with?

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      Dr Strangelove


      “Power means clean” – yes, if you compare two speakers with the same weight of membranes and attached inert masses, the more powerful one will have an advantage. But just knowing the wattage is no basis to decide whether or not a speaker will be able to deliver clean sound or not. You don’t even know how many speakers this wattage is going to be split between – if you have 600 W for 12 speakers, that’s the same as 100 W for 2 speakers.

      So you really haven’t anything to go on.

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      Dr. Strangelove,

      The video says it’s 100 watts going into 10 speakers. Your comparison of 600w into 12 speakers doesn’t make any sense in this context.

      PeriSoft is correct – this isn’t about volume as it is about quality of sound. Moreover, tell me about another car with a base MSRP of $75k that offers a base stereo with such little power.

      Here’s a good comparison to prove the point: The base Honda Accord, a car roughly 1/4 the price of the Panamera offers a base stereo of 160w into 6 speakers.

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      Dr Strangelove

      OK so it’s 10 W per speaker.

      Ever wondered how much power it takes to operate a cello? Let’s say the bow is pushed at 1 m/s, with force of 10 N (as much as it takes to lift 1 kg). That makes 10 W – and probably this estimate errs on the high side; if that gentleman were to play his cello in your passengers seat, you would most certainly ask him to tone it down.

      So by comparison even a 100 W stereo is very wasteful. Some waste is probably unavoidable, but do you have the exact numbers that tell us how much exactly? Didn’t think so.

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      It’s a little late to come back to this thread, but…

      “if you have 600 W for 12 speakers, that’s the same as 100 W for 2 speakers”

      ..ya-WHAT? That’s like saying that 6 ounces of alcohol in 12 containers is the same as 1 ounce of alcohol in 2. It makes absolutely no sense at all. You get N drunk on N ounces of alcohol; you won’t get more drunk on 1 ounce than 6 just because it came in fewer glasses!

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    I can’t quite join the haters yet. Mercedes successfully sold 6-cylinder S-Classes here for many years. They drove well, lasted forever, and met their customers’ needs. Where I live in Naples, I see at least one Panamera a day, often two or three (and not even all the same ones). The car isn’t my favorite but it looks better in person than in pictures; the owners I talk to love them; the car sells like crazy; the enthusiast rags all say it drives beautifully; and it is keeping Porsche alive to build cars I want.

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    yeah but merc s320s and whatever are popular with hotels and airports as chauffeured cars

    i personally don’t care… porsche can build a 4 cyl. diesel one too

    every car has its detractors… if they build them, expect people to hate them

    not everyone can build corvettes and ferrari 458s

    In my opinion Porsche have been building a slew of cars that aren’t popular

    remember the Boxster detractors? seemed so mild now with the Cayman, Cayenne and now this…

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    Drive a TT Panamera and then figure out how to reconcile the looks.

    Personally, I’m warming to the appearance – it is just one of those cars soooo much better in the flesh. But I certainly understand those who find it ugly.

    Is the V6 just kinda wrong? You betcha.

    Is it yet another Porsche that is profitable enough to keep the damn 911 funded for another year? Sadly for Porschephiles and the future of the company, yup.

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      I’ve visited the Porsche web site from time to time (just looking, thanks) and if Porsche cannot make a profit with the way they nickel-and-dime you on every little option you add to a 911 or Cayman, then they should be sold to, I dunno, VW. Oh, wait.

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    I can’t wrap my mind around it. I’ve seen it in person, and it just does nothing for me. As far as the engine goes, again, in this thing, who cares? For me, a Porsche is a very clear entity, one that does not need clarification. Or at least it was, until they started in with the Cayenne.

    This thing…sheesh.

    When I see the folks driving them, I have to laugh. Maybe the joke’s on me, maybe I’m really missing out, maybe the Pana-whatever is the best thing since sliced bread….but I really don’t think so.

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    Now to drag it against a Taurus. I seem to remember the non-loved Ford Freestyle being quicker than a Cayenne V6 off the line.

    It’s not neutered in an absolute sense, just compared to every other $75K performance sedan. Hell it makes less than the $35K sports sedans (335, G37, IS350). More handling chops? Sure, but for double the money? I don’t even know how to reconcile this in the face of the CTS-V/ISF/C63/M3 grouping at $50-60K

    All that said, I bet they sell every single one they make.

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    Here in Miami, they’re all over the place now.

    Does anyone really need any more than 300HP in a county where the speed limit is 55?

    Just wondering. Because this is most likely our next sedan.

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    I finally got to see the panamera in person I like it and see nothing wrong with a 300hp v6 model. But yea I’m sure few will be at the 75k mark. By the time you add auto dimming mirrors, heated power seats, xenons, roof, decent wheels, bose etc, I’m sure these will have 10k in options just to get to a decent equipemtn level. I htink the cayenne is the best SUV you can buy. But just adding what i feel is reasonable equipment drives the price up over 70k on an s.

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    Depreciation will be fabulously steep.

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    Facebook User

    This 3.6 is the Volkswagen VR6 from the Passat/Toureg/Cayenne/Q7 right?

    This Panamera 6 lump is a super version of my GTI VR6…nice. Hatchback, folding rear seats etc.

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    Please. My A6 with the 2.7 biturbo weighs the same as one of these and I’m satisfied with it. It would be more fun chipped with stronger turbo parts – 330hp – but its a family car. My mother-in-law says it drives just like her Buick – and it does.

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    The narrator is either illiterate, got handed bad copy and just read it, or it was a joke that just slipped through.

    Not 100W, the system is 1000W – with a 300W dedicated sub amp.

    The optional system is 14 speakers, IIRC.

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    I just wait for the day these goddamn things are canned…

    And people look like fools for driving a 4dr 6cycl obese POS Porsche sedan. Then again.. theyd look even worse for having a Venza / X6 / Crosstour in the same garage.

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