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Toyota are facing many lawsuits for unintended acceleration which may have (or not, you never know what law firm is reading this site!) caused the deaths of many people. However, let’s hope Emily Harris doesn’t get litigious.

London’s Daily Express reports that the 19 year old from the UK was refused her driving test, which left her a crying wreck. The reason? The examiner would not go in Miss Harris’s car. It was a Toyota Aygo.

The Driving Standard’s Agency had issued a warning at the beginning of the Toyota recall that examiners should not test anyone in a car subject to a safety scare. The Aygo “was not one of those with reported accelerator problems,” the Daily Express can’t help to note.

The DSA apologised to Miss Harris and offered her a free test. Their position against scary vehicles remains.  A DSA spokesperson said: “We have a list of vehicles which are subject to a recall and we use the information provided by the manufacturers.”

Emily Harris, who is pregnant, said “I felt stressed, anxious and very badly let down.” Maybe it’s better that the test didn’t go ahead. Is there a land speed record for a birth?

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11 Comments on “Pregnant Woman Is Denied Driving Test In A Toyota...”

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    It’s just getting embarrassing now.

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    Yeah, Emmylou is losing her voice …

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    How lucky for Toyota that this little hysteria is reaching its zenith so quickly. The only thing missing now is a reality show (Toyotas Gone Bad comes to mind), and then the circus will leave town.

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    Could I get a (precise, legal) definition of “safety scare”?
    It sounds like a public relations term of emotion.
    Could she provide written, certified proof of repair of the “scary” components?

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    I hope Toyota has an accelerated response to this.

    Their Engineers are putting the pedal to the metal on this issue.

    I’m sure manufacturing has everyone stepping on the gas to get replacement parts to the dealers.

    This issue has the whole organization revved up.

    We can now forge ahead with a fix.

    Toyota has skyrocketed to the forefront.

    Just joining in on the silliness….. PG

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    I’m no fan of Toyota but this is ridiculous.

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    crash sled

    A Toyota “Aygo” ?!

    Toyota should be fined for the name alone.

    Always like reading the wiseguy Brit comments from those UK articles:

    15.02.10, 2:41pm

    The lot of them, How many Toyota’s have had a problem. Brain washed pillocks. . Watch out Learning instructors about.

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    Their position against scary vehicles remains. A DSA spokesperson said: “We have a list of vehicles which are subject to a recall and we use the information provided by the manufacturers.”

    Considering that driving any car gives you a 1:18,000 chance of dying in any given year, they’re being stupid, unless the extend such a policy to any subcompact, SUV or any car made prior to 2002. I can’t imagine even a recall-affected Toyota (between 1:180,000 and 1:2,000,000, last I saw) would be worse.

    For that matter. being in a car opposite a male of 25 years or younger is significantly more risky (1:15000).

    For perspective’s save: last I saw, you also stood about the same chance of accidental death due to firearm, slipping and falling, or being executed by the state. Heart disease or stroke were more likely, so driving that Camry is exacerbated not so much by the pedal but by your lack of getting out and walking instead.

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    Surprised they didn’t use the Toyota iQ excuse. Examiners won’t give exams in an iQ either because of the poor rear view. (You can’t use a Mini, either)

    Toyota is fighting them on that one.

    Of course, the fact that driving examiners find such cars impossibly dangerous should mean that anyone who passes a test in one should get a gold star, a cookie and a commendation from the Queen.

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    Her car? Surely it must have been the school car. Bit tiny to learn in IMHO, too easy.

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    I just have to ask.

    Is it bad to let a pregnant woman… test drive a car as small as a Argo?

    Are there some things.. a pregnant woman.. shouldn’t be doing?

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