By on February 18, 2010

Everybody promised this would not be a repeat of the Japan bashing of the 80s. But when the DetN starts outing lawmakers and administrators in DC for driving Toyotas, then it’s open season. Let them dawgs out …

“The vaunted Toyota Prius is everywhere in Washington,” reports the breathless Detroit News after exhaustive traffic analysis.

The DetN found EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson guilty of owning a 2008 Prius. The investigation revealed NHTSA chief David Strickland being in possession of a “very babied” 2005 Prius, with intent to drive.

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., one of Toyota’s harshest critics, was found with a veritable cache of four Prius cars. John McCain, was caught having bought a Prius for his daughter. At this point, the DetN stopped counting, adding that “many other senators drive the Prius, including Richard Lugar, R-Ind.” See? Republicans are consorting with the enemy, and no wonder that NHTSA was dragging their heels, just look at what they drive.

In the interest of fair and balanced reporting, the DetN pointed out that “former Vice President Al Gore’s son was arrested in July 2007 on drug charges after getting stopped going more than 100 mph in his blue Prius. Perhaps his car’s accelerator was stuck.” Gore may be a Dem, but he’s also against global warming and the ozone hole, so let’s smear him while we are at it. At least, the DetN didn’t make the same “mistake” Fox News had made …  Ah, come on, the bad apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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24 Comments on “Outrage! NHTSA, Republicans And Gore Family Revealed As Closet Prius Drivers...”

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    Cammy Corrigan

    Al Gore has gone up in my estimation. Legalise it!

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    Nice editing on that clip.

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    I know this is done as a “humorous” piece by DetN, but the Prius isn’t recalled for the “sticky” pedal. One would possibly assume that it was after reading this, though. Heaven forbid they fact check.

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    Are The Detroit News still living in those days when you could shame your fellow citizen for the treasonous act of buying an un-American car?

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    Honestly, I’m surprised that politicians drive Priuses. My understanding was that the Escape Hybrid was the vehicle of choice for those trying to offend as few people as possible.

    I’m also of the opinion that the reason it’s next to impossible to buy an Escape Hybrid is that they’re effectively fleet vehicles for elected officials.

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    In DC, one shouldn’t underestimate the value of buying a hybrid in order to use the HOV lane. Though as psarhjinian notes, the Escape Hybrid is a popular choice among politicians trying to have their cake and eat it too.

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    Prius can go that fast?

    Oh that’s right!… you don’t even feel it!

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    I’m surprised that you all are surprised, at what politicians do.

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    I’m assuming you’re in some other country (our Mother country perhaps?) The mistake Fox made was that it was former VP Al Gore’s son, not Al Gore, who got nailed for marijuana and driving the Prius in 3 digits.

    Sam Brownback also has a Prius–to which one of his daughters has asserted squatters rights–out of his own environmentalism, and former Colorado Rep and former Pres candidate Tom Tancredo at least had one, which he bought to gain access to the DC area HOV lanes. Democratic pres candidates all went for the more politically correct escape hybrids. Read about all that here:

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    Some national security-oriented Republicans are known to drive Prions in order to reduce the flow of dollars to OPEC.

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    Has anybody considered that some people buy a Prius because…they just like the car?

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      I know two people who got one because they REALLY wanted all the gadgets . . . I’m holding out for night-vision ;)

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      Sorry to anyone who’s panties might get into a bunch….

      Buying a PRIUS cause you like it… is like going to church cause you want to be fed.

      Ya buy it.. cause ya don’t know any better and ya think that ya savin’ the world in some ass munching gutless pointless POS.

      Ya should have to hand over ya mancard to get into that thing.

      100mph.. Id like to see it go that fast.. AND STOP.

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    Haha, I actually get a kick out of those Fox news “mistakes”. Al Gore’s pot charge, Mark Foley labled a democrat, etc… Sure it’s patently dishonest and clearly intentional, but it’s so blatant that it almost comes across as just ball-busting or satire. And I like ball-busting.

    It’s just too bad that the majority of news viewers have literally zero background knowledge, and thus take this stuff at face value. It would be a better world if stuff like this didn’t have to provoke outrage, just a humerous counter-response.

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    There’s just something amusing about the most politically-correct car getting tangled up in a “scandal” according to the political folks. Time to trade the Prius for an Escape. Wanna take odds on the Volt becoming the new politically-correct vehicle in a year?

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      I genuinely hope it does. The technology is a step ahead in a direction I thoroughly approve of (pure electric drive). Also, I agree with criticisms on it’s price, and hope at the same time to see it come down…that can only happen if people with no sense buy it. The politicians could fill that gap nicely.

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