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VW and Audi combined for a hell of a month, with combined sales up 40 percent. The Beetle is back, kind of, but the Jettas still butter the bread at VWOA. At Audi, the A4/A5/Q5 combo combined for two thirds of the brand’s 6,510 January sales. Subaru‘s Impreza and Forester are a down a bit from their big 2009 numbers, but the new Legacy/Outback duo were up over 100 percent. Mercedes had a strong January across the board, with only the tired SLK, CLK, CL and CLS failing to grow sales. Also, 156 people bought an R-Class this month.

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15 Comments on “January Sales: The Winners: Subaru Up 28%, VW Up 41.4%, Audi Up 37.9%, Mercedes Up 45.3%...”

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    40% looks nice, but 25K total for VW/Audi is really just the group’s average run rate in 2009. For many brands, January was a disastrous month last year, so showing an increase in January 2010 isn’t as difficult as usual.

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      True. January 2009 was horrible for everyone. Because of the unusually low numbers that month, it is easy to get skewed numbers this year…especially regarding one model or another, which might have a particular incentive going at the time. However, considering the Cash for Clunkers tax incentive ended in December, it is surprising to see some of these improvements.

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    Maybe so th009, but they sold more GTIs than Golfs, and strangely, more Routans than this time last year too. I’m surprised. :-O

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      It’s interesting that GTI sales are way up, yet Golf sales are down (compared to the Rabbit) even though they added the diesel to the mix. It appears that the enthusiasts very much like the new (GTI) models, but for some reason the larger public are not thrilled by the Golf.

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      I’m surprised the Passat is so low, as well. GTI motor and DSG, in a more American sized package for around $30,000. The CC is up big. Perhaps many Passat intenders swung that way.

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      Not surprising the GTI is way up. It was a re-design which IMHO looks much better than the outgoing on. I was tempted to get one

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      I wonder how many VW/Routan customers would have bought them if they knew they were really buying just a facelifted Chrysler minivan?

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    Sweet Jesus, buy a VW at your own risk. Find a mechanic or – better still – an honest VW service manager ( e.g., my son-in-law) to get a candid opinion. They are crap… some (Beetle) more so than others, but still crap.

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      So have you actually owned a VW, or are you hearing this from someone second hand? Volkswagen has two of the five best selling vehicles of all time, so obviously a few (40+ million) don’t agree with you.

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      A friend’s brother, who is a mechanic at a VW dealer, absolutely loves the Touareg … he earns so much in overtime pay fixing them.

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      Crap eh? I don’t see anything in the news about VWs causing any life-threatening crashes due to failed brakes, unintended acceleration, creeping floormats, or killer gas pedals.

      Crap or not, at least they aren’t trying to kill their owners! ;)

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      I recall the Touareg “winning” the title of least reliable car in the U.S. (Consumer Reports.) On the other hand, the Golf fairs average to slightly better than average in its class.

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      @ General –

      While I will agree that 2000 – 2005.5 VeeDubs (Mk IVs in particular) were crap in the reliability front, they’ve improved markedly over the past three years.

      That said, the cost to maintain a VW is generally higher than that of your run of the mill Camcord. They’re also much less forgiving if you extend the service mileage past when you should perform scheduled maintenance.

      My 2000 Jetta GLS VR6 was horrific, and if it weren’t for the extended warranty I would now be broke. However, my 2004 R32 and my current 2006 A3 have both been very, very good. Not Camcord good, but apart from a new niggling issues at the beginning, I’m now at 70,000 miles on my A3 and very happy.

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    johnny ro

    I ordered 2010 A4 n December 2009.

    Since its a stripper with only Quattro and heated seats, had to be ordered. Delivery Feb 2010.

    So where do I fit in to this statistic.

    I cross shopped Suzuki SX4 2009 5mt closeout.

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    I have a 2009 VW Jetta TDI DSG sedan (12,800 miles) and love it!. Unlike Toyota it has a program that cuts off fuel when you apply the brakes in an unintended acceleration situation ( I tested it and it works beautifully). I don’t understand why Toyota does not have this safety feature. I think it would have saved the lives of the people who were killed in the Lexas. So far, my VW has been reliable and it appears to be well built. I traded a 2007 BMW 328xi and I am happy I did.

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