By on February 5, 2010

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15 Comments on “Government Motors Synergies Paying Off?...”

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    does anyone else find it troubling that the head of this beast looks like a Cylon?

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      I was thinking the same thing. The last 10 minutes at the last episode of the recent Battlestar Galactica series is worth everyone’s time to watch. OR failing that, start watching Caprica on SyFy on Friday’s, 9pm Eastern time.

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    I want to see a one-round, one-fall with ASIMO.

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    The Problem with this video is that GM and NASA call this Robot a “Giant Leap Forward”.
    While they are still not able to catch up to Hondas ASIMO.

    I would expect that from GM but NASA should know what a “Giant Leap” is.

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      Giant leap? I didn’t see it walking, let alone leaping. It does appear to be pretty good at picking things up. Maybe they’re still working on putting things down.

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    Master Chief? Is that you?

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    Great, just what I need: a multi-million dollar hand job from the gov’t.

    I have to admit, tho, it does have much better penmanship than I do.

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    Well I guess G.M. can make an army of these robots and fire their human workers! That would be their North American Workers. Slave labor wages in all the third world countries are so low it wouldn’t be cost-effective to build expensive robots when you have an endless supply of “Bodies” that will do pretty much anything for any amount of money, and the bonus? NO UNION!

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    It’s good to see GM focusing on their core business!

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    A is A

    Please search “Richard Feynman” “Challenge disaster”, and learn why a GM-NASA marriage is a Marriage made in Heaven: Two heavily dysfunctional entities supported by taxation.

    In the book “Halfway to anywhere” the author questions how is it possible that the Russians (using decades-old Soviet-era hardware) are better than NASA in the open market or putting payloads in the space. The Russians have never been very efficient or competitive at anything but at designing RPGs and assault rifles. To be less efficient than them -as NASA is- is something to be worried about.

    And please, please search “ASIMO” at youtube if you do not know how incredibly oudated is that NASA robot. Ironically, ASIMO is a children of Honda, and it has been developed with private money. How boneheaded from GM to use that robot as a publicity gimmick, given that Honda has a much, much (MUCH!) better robot.

    How sad I am when I see how bad it is going the United States of America. Sad, sad, sad.

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    Does NASA actually have a spacecraft since the shuttles are grounded (or exploded one by one)? From what I last heard they needed to rely on the Russians and Europeans (and soon Chinese) to carry things up.
    It would be like GM not only built bad cars, but cars that don’t drive at all.

    GM can’t even the 12 V system under control and bulbs burn out all the time…. if it gets serious i rather rely on my homemade space craft than putting my life in a union made space craft, designed by the people who brought us the Aztec and the Aveo.

    So the Volt and our tax money now officially is pie in the sky?? :-)

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    I thought Obama was killing the space program.

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    Ok, when he is finished killing Grandma he can set his sights on NASA.

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