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2010 GMC Granite Concept

Ain’t it Granite? As Curbside Classics recently explored, GMC has a long, proud tradition of uglifying otherwise palatable Chevrolet products. In this case, the Chevy Cruze-based Orlando compact MPV was beaten with GMC’s patented professional-grade ugly stick, transforming it into the this “Urban Utility Vehicle.” “Granite was conceived as a new type of vehicle from GMC – one that could stretch people’s ideas of what a GMC can be,” said Lisa Hutchinson, product marketing director for GMC in the Granite presser. Which is a fantastic-sounding way of announcing the destruction of the last remnants of GMC’s truck-tough image. But hey, at least the core brand value of cubist-nightmare styling remains intact.

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30 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: GMC Strikes Again Edition...”

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    “Professional Grade Ugly Stick”
    That will have me laughing the rest of the week.

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    This stinks of Patriot/Compass, but I think this is distinct enough to sell. Now that Pontiac is missing from the dealerships formerly known as Buick-GMC-Pontiac, there’s got to be some volume pushing, entry-level weirdness. Gentlemen, I present to you the position that could have been filled by the G3-Wave.

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    I like the concept, far more appealing than the original Aztek concept.  But I suspect the production version will be almost production-Aztek ugly.

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    IMO it’s not that bad, perhaps a Tonkafied Mazda 5. “Tough-looking” and “ugly” often go hand-in-hand.

    I think I get it…GMC’s got the slab-sided stuff, Caddy has the sharp edges, Buick has the curves, and Chevy is kind of an inoffensive melange of all four.

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    I kind of like it.  Why not go ahead and be different?  There is a niche this will appeal to.  I am tired of every car looking alike.  I saw a sci-fi flick from the 50’s about the 80’s in which every car was exactly identical.  That was a nightmare.  They had the era wrong, but we seem to be heading in that direction.

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    I’m sorry, but to me this is all kinds of ugly.  Instead of inserting the photo into the main post, it should have been linked with an NSFW tag…

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    Actually they’re slipping a little in the ugliness department. I think it needs the Terrains squared off wheel well cladding to achieve true visual ipecac syrup nirvana.

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    It’s amazing what copious amounts of public money can do, GM are still as clueless as ever.

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    Granite was conceived as a new type of vehicle from GMC – one that could stretch people’s ideas of what a GMC can be,
    Yes, the idea that GMC can be another Pontiac, allowing GM to waste more money on segment overlap because, you know, it worked so well before.
    Just wait, instead of Chevrolets with a split grille and cladding, we’ll get Chevrolets with square wheel wells.

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    It’s a Kia Soul on steroids. Why?

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    I don’t think the vehicle is ugly, but probably not something I would buy, it doesn’t fit my needs.
    I am a bit curious though, with GMC getting smaller and smaller vehicles, how will this compete against Buick’s small CUV’s?

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    I think GMC could have some luck with a Fiat Panda or Suzuki SX4 type micro-SUV thing…but somehow I doubt that’s what this is going to be, if those ridiculous wheels are any indication.

    Also: big grills are for scaring the people you’re tailgating.  A Chevy Cruze won’t be scaring anyone.

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    I’m curious what the real use case is for this thing. It’s an MPV. It should strictly be a Chevy and replace the HHR. If you threw in the DI 2.4L and the 6-speed auto this thing could be a pretty efficient little work vehicle. There should probably be a panel version for those who might want a light utility vehicle in the spirit of the HHR panel van.
    If anything, the GMC version if there really needs to be one (and there doesn’t) should *only* be a panel version.

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    I don’t foresee myself in the market for a micro van vehicle (not sure I’d even fit), but that is the toughest/coolest looking of all of them.

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    It looks like a Scion XD trying to be tough.

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    Ugliness aside, I think they are stretching the credibility of the GMC brand with this cavalier wagon.

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    I like it as well. I think that with Pontiac, Saturn and Saab gone that GMC has the opportunity to sell more of these smaller semi-premium SUV offerings, especially to fill the gap that slightly-upscale and kinda-sporty (I said KINDA) Pontiac vacated. I think this would do well, if they were to build it.

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    WTH is GM doing?  Why would they want to sell a Scion xB competitor under GMC name?  What the hell is “Professional Grade” supposed to mean?  Why can’t GM learn from it’s past mistakes of trying to have all versions of cars under all brands (that makes their advertising budgets so much unnecessarily larger – completely confuses the customer as to what this brand stands for, etc.).
    This would make a great Chevrolet.  GMC needs to be their outlet for real trucks (ladder frame based and all HD models).  Seriously – it’s a lot simpler for GM to do this:
    GMC – Ad message Professional Grade – for contractors and serious needs customers – only vehicles sold under their banner are ladder frame and HD model trucks.  No crossovers or car based platform trucks or SUVs.  Fold GMC into all Chevy dealers to sell these vehicles and fold all Chevy ladder frame trucks under this banner.
    Chevrolet – all cars whether economy or performance based.  No ladder frame or near luxury – basic to sports cars only.  All crossover / unibody SUVs and trucklets.
    Buick – near luxury only – no sports cars (not even the Regal GS – put that under Cadillac).
    Cadillac – high end cars only including luxury and high performances sports cars/sedans.
    Other brands – none…fold that hand and focus on the core 4 above.

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      I thought GMC was a brand meant for trucks. I wasn’t aware GMC was kept alive to compete with Scion.

      Oh wait I get it – this is GM, so they felt they needed a broader presentation of models for their GMC/Pontiac/Buick dealers, who have lost their “Excitement” brand, so they’ve re-badged again. This sure looks like the Chevrolet Beat to me.

      In other words, “Same as it ever was…”

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      jaje, +100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
      But I’ve suggested the same on here about 5 times, it’s too logical for GM to do it.

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    Needs moar body cladding.

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    Earth to GM – Don’t do it!
    A gussied up Aveo has no business sharing a name plate reserved for so called “Professional grade trucks”, plus premium-priced Yukons and Acadias.  Let the Pontiac G3 rest in peace.

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    I love it. My worry would be that it would loose its futuro appeal in production ready form. I would totally buy this.

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    A model for the next generation of pachinko machines

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    This is Arby’s selling tacos.  GM fails when they try to bring all vehicles to all brands.   There will be no price point differences or customers, only differences in styling.   They are failing.

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    Seth L

    “Who put the Terracross concept in the washer!?  That thing was dryclean only!”

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    Um, the Terrain was savaged for being ugly, yet it has been very successful for GMC.

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    Awesome design from the outside, but is it better than HHR? What’s the internal volume and what’s the price? Also, it’s GM. I’ll never buy anything GM, even if they license the oririnal xB.

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    Scion called. They want their ugly back.

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