VW To Provide Hybrid Technology To Suzuki. What Hybrid Technology?

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
vw to provide hybrid technology to suzuki what hybrid technology

Volkswagen and Suzuki aren’t wasting any time in consummating their marriage. VW is thinking of providing its hybrid technology to Suzuki. This is what Ulrich Hackenberg, head of VW’s Forschung und Entwicklung (R&D) told The Nikkei [sub] on the sidelines of the NAIAS in Detroit. As usual for a tight-lipped R&D guy, Hackenberg did not volunteer any details, timing or models.

Unusual for a usually tight-lipped R&D guy, Hackenberg said Suzuki has excellent technologies, including low-cost production know-how, and that the two firms have a lot to learn from each other. He also said VW will support its Japanese partner in China, where Volkswagen has a commanding market share, and where Suzuki needs help.

“What Volkswagen hybrid technology?” you will surely ask.

VW doesn’t have any production hybrid in its line-up. VW showed a hybrid in concept stage at the NAIAS, the Volkswagen NCC. It earned the wrath of TTAC’s Ed Niedermeyer, who called it “a sign of how misguided VW’s approach to the US market really is.” The 2011 Touareg, due out in fall 2010, will be available with a hybrid power train, but one may doubt that this brute is what VW will offer Suzuki. Some time in 2013, VW will launch a small diesel hybrid that supposedly will get 170 mpg – mostly due to its low 800 lbs weight, which comes at the (huge) expense of advanced materials.

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