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Toyota hopes to re-open its shut NA plants by the end of February. Then, sales of eight recalled models will be re-started, said “three sources briefed on plans” to Reuters:

Also, if the shim solution is approved, Toyota dealers can begin fixing flawed accelerator pedals as early as next week, said the anonymous sources.

Says Reuters: “If all goes smoothly, Toyota could limit losses to a four-week sales shutdown after a recall that has rocked its reputation in its largest market.”

However, Reuters’ sources call that target “ambitious because of the massive number of vehicles involved and the need to conclude a review by U.S. safety regulators.”

No jobs will be lost. Workers will stay busy with maintenance work, training etc. until the matter is resolved.

Toyota spokesman Brian Lyons said the automaker has not determined when it can resume production.

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23 Comments on “Toyota Back On Line In Three Weeks. Maybe. Maybe Not...”

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    John Horner

    “No jobs will be lost.”

    Not even in the executive ranks? At least one person didn’t get their job done correctly in this whole fiasco.

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      That person was Katsuaki Watanabe, and he is already gone.

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      And Jim Press. ;O)

      (But what about Arv Miller and his organization totally muffing the PR message?)

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      John Horner

      Really, Watanabe personally signed off on the design of the pedal mechanism in question?

      Also, Toyota’s response to the unintended acceleration issue over these past many months cannot be blamed on Watanabe or Jim Press.

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      My point(s) exactly!

      It’s a standard Kobayashi Maru Scenario for Team Toyota … they can blame bad organization, design, quality on the former players like Watanabi-san and Press, but they (Toyoda-san and Miller) have to man-up and take the hits for their of-late sluggishly maneuvering Enterprise (pun intended.)

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      Shields up! Red alert! Someone, get Star Fleet on the horn and ask them what Toywagon should do!!

      Nice Star Trek references, Robert!

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    I love the way that we just live for the punishment of the auto manufacturers.

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      I love how this isn’t mentioned until the punishment involves Toyota. Sometimes even the golden child “grabs the dog by the hips”.

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      “grabs the dog by the hips” sounds like we need a euphemism contest, I loved that one. Reminded me of a guy I used to work with who once said when we were working on a problem (with too many people in earshot) “This seems to be a cluster of ….. somethings.”

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    Gardiner Westbound

    The scheisse just hit the fan! Hitler knows about Toyota’s gas pedal recall.

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    Gardiner, that was hilarious. Mikey will love it.

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    I read in today’s paper that Toyota is shipping repair parts to dealers.
    The dealer interviewed for the article was not sure when parts would
    arrive, or what the parts would be – no mention was made of washers –
    but seemed fairly sure that parts were on the way.

    Does the term “fuster cluck” sound appropriate to anyone here?

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      Toyota’s “brilliant” repair solution involves inserting a shim into the spring assembly, or some such nonsense to increase spring tension. I don’t know how that helps customers whose Toyota’s engines rev’ed uncontrollably with no ones foot on the gas.

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    @ Gardiner:


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      If you like that video, look at the similarly themed one where Hitler has to try and pick a car … the reason for his confliction, i.e. brand-loyalty, and the last word in the subtext should warm the tiles in Bertel’s heart…

      BTW, if you are offended by big-boy-words (in the subtext, the audio is the original german text from the movie), don’t open it.

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    How can Toyota be simultaneously shipping revised hardware and waiting for approval from NHTSA?

    Either you are shipping without approval (with hope, or strong confidence, or as a way to pressure NHTSA into blessing your fix), or you are not;

    Or you wait until the fix is proven and approved before making it and shipping it, or you don’t;

    Or put out all kinds of confusing and contradictory information, or you don’t;

    Or you get out infront of the issue and honestly and transparently control the message, and by informing, preventing conjecture, supposition and rumours, some made of good intentions, others not, from rushing in to fill the vacuum of your silence and creeping into the public consciousness, or you dont;

    And Mr. Toyoda is hanging in Davos while his company lurches thru the greatest crisis in its history … I begin to wonder if anyone has their hands on the wheel of this issue and this company…

    BREAKING … just as I finish typing this, CNN flashed an alert that NHTSA has approved the fix and parts will ship next week (but I thought they were already shipping?).

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      Christy Garwood

      As a GM employee, I hope this never happens to us.

      IMO, Toyota has two fixes – one for production that is shipping, and one for repair of the cars on the road. That might be why the message sounded confusing.

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    Detroit Todd

    First, the problem was supposed to be driver error. Then, it was supposed to be floormats. Now, it’s supposed to be an acclerator/accelerator mechanism issue.

    I still don’t think Toyota really knows what it is, but with this three to four week shipping window for gas pedals, they’ve bought themselves some time.

    I’m still going with bad drive-by-wire code or maybe faulty ECMs or something. It’s anyone’s guess, really.

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      Christy Garwood

      I am leaning towards your side of the fence. Based on one report several days ago that said neither NHTSA nor Toyota did much testing of vehicles when owners reported the problem except two hour test drives.

      Toyota has the right to keep their root cause analysis and testing confidential, so it doesn’t surprise me that the public isn’t seeing much detail.

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      Keeping it confidential only makes sense if they truly understand and contain the problem … otherwise, and maybe in any case, all this information and more will be requested by Plantiff’s Council under a discovery motion.

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    The last time I visited a Toyota dealer, back in April 09, they held me for one hour so they can get me a “fair” price for my trade, needless to say it was way too low and the price of the new Toyota was way too high, I felt cheated by a bunch of sales personal that probably used to judge you as stupid unless you prove otherwise, when I asked why the Camry does not have folding side mirrors as the Corolla, they told me that folding mirrors make wind noise???
    After I left, not buying into their tactics, they called me to ask if I’m steel interested in buying the car, I said, “no, I bought a car already”, he asked what kind of car, I said “a Mazda”, he’s reply was “A Mazda??” as if I said “YUGO”.
    Now, I feel like going back to the same dealer, park my Mazda in front and ask the same sales person if I can trade it to a Camry, what will he say? “MMMMM…. our cars are not so safe, so I can’t sale you the car????”

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