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Let’s go for a ride. Picture courtesy

Loss-making Dutch boutique carmaker Spyker (well, Spyker actually stopped making cars, and is outsourcing whatever car production is left to UK’s CPP) is revising – for a third time –  its bid for GM’s loss-making Swedish carmaker Saab. Spyker received a new deadline of January 7th, Reuters reports. Everything else has already been said.

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9 Comments on “Saab Un-Dead Watch: New Deadline Until Thursday...”

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    This is just painful…  Pull the plug already!

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    Cammy Corrigan

    Since all the technology and tooling was sold to BAIC , what are Spyker actually bidding for? The badge?  If so, what are they going to attach them to? They’re not mass volume manufacturers, so what’s the point of this?
    As “Jigsaw” might say, it’s “Game over” for Saab.
    Ahem, TTAC covered Spyker relocating manufacturing to the UK.

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      The tooling that BAIC bought was for the outgoing 9-5 and pre-2006 9-3. Neither of these models were still being manufactured at the time of the sale.

      SAAB still owns the new 9-5 and the post-2006 9-3, as well as the upcoming 9-4x, which is practically complete. These designs should transfer to the next owner, should a sale complete.

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    I’ve rather enjoyed Saab’s lingering demise only because I still get a chuckle out of the picture of that godawful Saab hearse.  What did they do, lop the top off of a Ford Transit and paste it on the top of a badly stretched 900? Or did the boys over at Top Gear go to a funeral and come home saying “how hard can it be?”

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    No, no and no!
    What has been sold to BAIC is the tooling for cars that are already or are running out of production. The technology in question is 10 years old and belongs to the old Saab 9-5 and the 9-3 as it was produced before its 2008 facelift. Spyker wouldn’t be too hot for that stuff, anyway.
    The badge is certainly not something to bid for, as the brand name actually belongs to Swedish truck producer SCANIA and SAAB Technology AB, a producer of aircraft and defense technology .
    We all don’t know what the GM board will decide to do, but if they really “pull the plug”, the positive effects on the automotive industry in general and GM in particular will be – to say the least – rather limited. Fervent SAAB bashers will love it, though!

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    GM is behaving like the coyote and road runner where the coyote keeps drawing lines in the sand for the road runner to cross…
    “Cross this line… ok, now cross this line”.
    Undoubtedly, someone at GM thinks this is how they’ll gain leverage for trying to finagle more out of selling their “premium brand”.  Despite the departure of the worst of the knuckle draggers, GM continues to demonstrate their “leaders” have little insight or understanding of the perception of GM outside of their offices.

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    GM made all the US SAAB dealers sign an agreement to terminate their franchise rights, but it is contingent on GM making good faith efforts to sell SAAB.
    GM doesn’t want to sell SAAB — they don’t want the buyer to walk away with the new 9-5.  Dragging out the clock looks like good faith.  All GM wants to make sure is they don’t get sued by US SAAB dealers….

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    Makes me think of two things:

    1.  Despite no change in behaviour, it always looks like genius (or sane) on the way up, but idiotic (or crazy) on the way down… it is very interesting to see the lousy behaviour of GM (or any overbearing company) revealed in these thousands of snippets…

    2.  Definition of insanity:  Keep doing the same thing, but expecting different results.

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