Chrysler Comes Home For The Holidays

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

In the first unique Chrysler brand spot since bankruptcy, America is referred to as ChryCo’s “traveling companion.” Which is a bit rich, considering the American people were generous enough to spend billions pulling the wreck that was Chrysler out of a ditch less than a year ago. Who knows, maybe the term “unwilling investors” didn’t play so well in the workshops, a possibility that might also explain why only a single modern Chrysler vehicle (the 300) is allowed to punctuate the ad’s gauzy nostalgia. In any case, notch up another Chrysler Group ad that says nothing about anything that might give one hope for the firm’s future. Ironically enough…

According to a Chrysler release, the spot

was created in response to requests from Chrysler Group dealers and research conducted which found that consumers do not realize that Chrysler Group has emerged from bankruptcy and is now a different company with a new alliance partner and a healthy product plan.

Perhaps Chrysler will release more ads in the campaign that deal a little more explicitly with the company’s situation, as this spot doesn’t mention bankruptcy or Fiat (or more than one Chrysler model currently on sale). Instead, Chrysler decided to make an ad for leather luggage. Or, as they put it

The ad features a driver bringing home a leather travel bag throughout the years in various Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep® vehicles. The travel bag symbolizes the continuation of life with all Chrysler Group brands and is the string that ties the entire story together.

So it’s a symbol, a metaphor if you will. Kind of like the ENVI program, or descriptions of the Chrysler bailout as an “investment.” The message, however, is clear: do not, under any circumstances think of Chrysler in concrete, reality-based terms. Which is actually a fairly brilliant approach to selling America’s least lovable car company.

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • Jimboy Jimboy on Jan 05, 2010

    I personally thought the ad was excellent. It was wonderful to see some of their older cars, and reminded the viewer of Chrysler's, (and Jeep's), engineering history. It seems that many people have forgotten that the Airflow was THE precursor to todays modern automobiles, with its revolutionary design and styling. Don't write Chrysler off just yet, this company is a fighter.

  • Accs Accs on Jan 09, 2010

    Funny.. They dont mention the LHS cars (first or second gen).. at all. I also dont see any mention of Lido, or the K car... (discounting the VAN entirely.)

  • IBx1 Never got the appeal of these; it looks like there was a Soviet mandate to create a car with two doors and a roof that could be configured in different ways.
  • CAMeyer Considering how many voters will be voting for Trump because they remember that gas prices were low in 2020–never mind the pandemic—this seems like a wise move.
  • The Oracle Been out on the boat on Lake James (NC) and cooking up some hella good food here with friends at the lake place.
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  • 1995 SC I'm likely in the minority, but I really liked the last Eldorado best. That and the STS.