By on January 25, 2010

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33 Comments on “Bonus Gallery: 2011 Chevrolet Cruze (German Spec)...”

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    This looks AWESOME. Just like a 3 series almost.

    I got $10,000 that I’m just itching to drop on GM’s IPO.

    When the Ford Focus hits and Ford shoots up more, I’m retiring :-P

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    A couple of the shots of the interior bring up one of my pet peeves. Why do we put up with those ugly airbag warning stickers? Have you ever read one? The manufacturers spend many dollars designing an interior and working out the colors/textures and a government bureaucrat requires these ugly stickers. Do they really do anything?

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      On many cars, they peel off of the visors fairly easily. Just lift a corner and pull…if you have some stubborn pieces still stuck to the visor, cover them with a piece of duct tape and remove the tape rapidly.

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      A is A

      “Why do we put up with those ugly airbag warning stickers? Have you ever read one?”

      I read with the utmost care ALL warning sticks, even in machines I am not going to operate.

      In fact I have added some additional warning sticks to my car: Sticks to warn every passenger he/she must not lean against the doors (side airbags) and must not place objects in the deployment zone of the passenger airbag.

      Those “ugly sticks” are there to prevent injury/death.

      There was a time (the 1960s) when some people clamored against those new contraptions they were installing in cars: Those “ugly seat belts”.

      Remove the stickers in you car if you wish. But please replace them if you are going to resell the cars,

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    I almost fell asleep after seeing one pic.

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    Meh. That piece of black plastic on the C-pillar needs to go. Image 9 shows that it isn’t lining up with the rear door very well.

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    Plastic Fantastic. Vagina center console. The two most endearing characteristics of any recent model GM. Present and accounted for.

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    Brian E

    What’s with the uninflated balloon hanging from the keyfob?

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    Not a bad looking car for it’s market segment, but seriously, does the bowtie need to be that big? It sticks out so much in image 11 that it almost looks like a bad Photoshop job. Come on, guys, we see you there, we know it’s a Chevy, now calm down…

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    Why anyone would be this over a Focus is beyond me.

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      Mirko Reinhardt

      In Germany, this is dramatically, significantly cheaper than a Focus. So there’s your sole reason to buy it.

      Reasons not to buy it from a German perspective:
      •It’s made in Korea, while the Focus is made in Cologne
      •There are about a million times more Ford dealers in Germany than Daewoo/Chevy ones
      •It’s a sedan. Nobody wants those in the first place, and good luck if you ever want to sell it. Focus is a hatchback or wagon (No Focus sedan in Germany)
      •It’s a Daewoo. Nobody wants those in the first place, and good luck if you ever want to sell it

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    Looks like a Sebring or 5th generation Cavalier.

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    Pretty generic design, but that’s probably okay for the segment. The front is a little overwrought for a smallish car. The steering wheel is hideous. Two concerns: the trunk opening looks very small and that black applique on the C panel? If that makes it into production I will definitely have to find someone at GM HQ and punch them in the face. It’s ridiculous.

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      I actually liked the interior, until I took a good look at the wheel in picture 28. If you imagine the gauges are eyes and the silver bit on the bottom of the wheel is a mouth, then you’re driving around with some sort of evil clown creature staring right at you. Yeech!

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    Can you say “Avis?” So, they take a Chrysler Sebring, remove the hood strakes and slap on a bowtie emblem and call it “world-class.” Clearly GM is NOT trying harder w/ this dreadfully dull rental fleet special, which is right where this thing is headed. That and Walmart parking lots everywhere. Compared to what’s coming from the competition GM’s Sebring tribute is the definition of “f-a-i-l.”

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      Appearing plentifully in Wal-Mart parking lots everywhere is exactly what GM is aiming for, and would be the mark of success for this vehicle (assuming GM can price it at a point where it both sells AND makes a profit).

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    If GM can seriously undercut the Civic and the Corolla this car will do fine. However, judging by GM’s past record, they will intro it at a crazy price, try to reap the profits of having a new model and then discount it like crazy. They never learn.

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      Well GM has high hopes they can get the price they’re asking for. When they realize that there are very few conquest sales (who the hell will have changed their brand hatred of GM if they already hate them (some 30% of car buyers, or the 50% that love another brand?) and they’ve made much more than those being sold they’ll have to use rebates to help move the metal.

      GM simply is a dead brand. The lower and lower market share is a self-reinforcing circle of pissed off buyers with crappy cars telling their friends not to buy them. When I go to work I see about one GM car per 30 cars in the lot. Most have only complaints about how they’ll never buy a Chevy after _____ (fill in the blank with some serious problem).

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    You know you are looking at a 2010 onwards car when:

    The trunk over hang is less than the size of the rear door with resulting no trunk space
    The exterior looks like many other cars on the road
    The side of the car is as plain as a piece of toast
    Bucket loads of technology are included on lower end models like Bluetooth, keyless start, Zenon headlights etc which inflate prices well over where they should be
    The windows are tiny squinty mailbox slits
    The interior only comes in any color you like as long as it’s black or gray or black/gray combo
    The engine displacements and performance are shrinking faster than my wallet trying to pay for these things
    The curbweight will go up 300-400 LBS
    The car in question will be mistaken for other car brands already on the road

    Conclusion: More of the same ‘ol crap from the new GM.

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    It looks nice enough, the key will be, does it rattle itself apart after 50k miles. We will see. It is better looking than the Corrola and current Focus, on par with Civic and Forte. New Focus is definitely nicer looking. I doubt the engine will scare most buyers out of this car. This segment doesn’t necessarily cater to car “drivers”, more to car “users”.

    /Caliber doesn’t count.

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    From the photos, the interior finishes look good. However, I’m going to go on record as being skeptical of the fabric-covered dash. I think that thing’s one coffee spill away from being a really bad idea.

    What I find odd is that the “Hofmeister kink” behind the rearmost door glass is covered by a black plastic panel. As recently as last year it seemed as though all the automakers were clamoring to include this design feature in their new models. Now it’s like GM is covering it up, as though it were out of style…but too expensive to redesign out of the stampings.

    That being said – and keeping in mind that this could be a carefully prepped press car – GM has really done a good job on finishing the more utilitarian areas of the car, such as the jambs for the doors and trunklid openings.

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    The Sebring called – even it doesn’t want it c-pillar back.

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    Unfortunately this thing looks like an updated Saturn Ion. Only cheaper. The new Ford Focus is probably not built any better, but it looks better, more substantial, and worth more money.

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    +1 johnster.

    I saw the Cruze at the Detroit Auto Show last week. The car on the floor was locked, so a close inspection of the interior was not possible. Still, the Cruze looked thoroughly “OK” inside and out. A bit bland, but OK. Not good enough. The new Ford Focus is going to kick it’s _____ !

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    The rear looks like a Sebring’s. What was GM thinking?

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    Not a bad looking car but not the least bit distinctive either. I don’t see any basis for conquest sales as opposed to the new Focus whose styling probably will gain conquest sales. GM should have stretched the styling boundaries and came up with something that would give prospective buyers a reason to consider this car.

    I agree that Ford will have a lot more success with the new Focus than GM will have with the Snooze, er I mean Cruze.

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    This thing looks as good or better than any other compact on the road today. The interior is certainly above average for a small car. On par with Civic/Mazda 3 and better than Corolla, Sentra, Lancer, etc. It actually looks better than many mid size interiors I have seen such as the current generation Camry.

    That being said the 2011 Focus looks like the superior car. I would also take a 2010 Mazda 3 over this as well (or even a current generation Civic/previous generation Mazda 3).

    Everyone that is bashing the Cruze for no reason, what do you expect? A leather stitched dash, real wood, and iDrive in a $15-$20k car? Not going to happen. All the Cruze needs to be is better than most other cars in this category, which it is.

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    I like how it looks. Though red is not the best colour for this car. Blue would be much better.

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    Hertz, Avis, Dollar, your future vehicle awaits.

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    Those trunk hinges will crush your bag just as well as any other rental. Except that the Cobalt has struts and no hinges that crush. Hope there’s two steps forward for that one giant leap backwards.

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    So what are the differences between the US Spec and the Euro-Spec Cruze?

    There are some visual details on the Cruze that I don’t like but it’s miles ahead of the Cavalier -err, Cobalt.

    What is GM’s point in marketing both Opel/Vauxhall vehicles AND Chevrolet vehicles in Europe??? Is the Opel brand poisoned in Europe?

    Call me when the 5-door or sportwagon version is available. I have no use for a sedan. Better be available with a six speed manual tranny. Keep the bluetooth.

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