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Audi CMO Scott Keogh explains how diesel, racing and politics can be relevant to automotive marketing… as long as they’re approached in a different and unique way. Money quote at 3:10: “We clearly knew that a rational argument was not going to work in the marketplace.”

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12 Comments on “Audi CMO Lays Into Auto Marketing-As-Usual...”

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    That was pretty interesting. It’d be nice if someone could show the affect of these efforts on the market but it’s almost impossible, I think. Still, he’s right on the effectiveness of pretty much most marketing efforts.

    I wonder how he would rate VW’s? :)

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    First, I LOVE diesel.
    I wish I could afford them.

    So who is he addressing?
    Ford’s ecoboost is far outselling any diesel and blowing sales number into outer space.
    Both of these are dead men walking.

    Audis are EXPENSIVE and for that reason, they can’t compete in the everyday war for the larger American consumer.
    Its a niche brand in America and as always, niche brands can do these types of marketing.
    With present American laws, inexpensive turbo diesel cars are not to be.

    Oh how I WISH they were available!

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    Audi needs to work on their dealer network; you need to be nice when you ask someone for 40k+ in a recession for a shiny new Jetta I mean A4

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      I agree.
      If you live where I live, the closest Audi is 25 miles away.
      There are NONE within 50 at my southern home.
      Ditto for the BMW and Lexus dealers as well.
      And this is a well off western suburb of Chicago.

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    johnny ro

    -Jetta does not equate to A4. Passat also does not equate to A4 but its closer.
    -For about 8k more than equivalent Passat CC, A4 can be had with quattro and 6mt for 33k out the door. If you are not a weenie, don’t buy the softwary crap, or sport stuff, just pay the 33k for a well sorted 130 mph A4. Next logical step is S4 for some more $.
    -Audi is an aspirational brand, whose manufacturer is making money, real money, for good reason.
    -This guy is making sense in his zone, and he’s OK.
    -I admit I have emotional aspiration to an A4. Otherwise I would be driving SX4 for 1/2 price.
    -I don’t drive Audi because of their advertising, its the product, to me. Maybe its because of their “branding”, but that comes to me from their body structure, their drive train, their interior, their suspension, at their price level.

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      Now you tell me, why buy a 35K or 40 K A4?
      Foe example, why this over the SHO?

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      John R

      Yeah, given the choice I would still fancy an A4, too. Hell, I think I’d rather a loaded Genesis sedan, slower or not. You’re trying to compare apples and oranges.

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    Wait. Audi has an American marketing department? I can’t remember the last time I saw an advertisement of any kind for an Audi. VW? Sure? Audi? Nada.

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    John Horner

    Maybe Audi should be working on its customer retention Mr. Marketing Maven!

    \"2009 Make Retention Rates
    Mercedes-Benz 67%
    Honda 64%
    Toyota 61%
    Lexus 57%
    Subaru 57%
    Ford 56%
    Nissan 55%
    Chevrolet 54%
    BMW 52%
    Porsche 52%
    Industry Average 48%
    Hyundai 47%
    Audi 45%
    Volkswagen 44%
    Cadillac 43%
    MINI 43%
    Dodge 42%
    Lincoln 39%
    Acura 38%
    GMC 38%
    HUMMER 38%
    Kia 37%
    Jeep 34%
    Mazda 31%
    Scion 31%
    Mercury 29%
    Volvo 29%
    Pontiac 28%
    Chrysler 27%
    Jaguar 26%
    Buick 25%
    Infiniti 25%
    Land Rover 25%
    Mitsubishi 25%
    Saturn 25%
    Suzuki 24%
    SAAB 9% \"

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    Jaguar 26%
    Buick 25%
    Infiniti 25%
    Land Rover 25%
    Mitsubishi 25%
    Saturn 25%
    Suzuki 24%
    SAAB 9%

    I thought Infiniti would have a much higher score!
    Is hovering with the Also rans.

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      It seems to me that the below-average brands in retention have a combination of four factors working against them:
      Legitimate frustrations/concerns about quality – Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, SAAB, Saturn, Suzuki
      Lease ending/want something newer — Audi, Infiniti, Jaguar, Land Rover, SAAB
      Need something less expensive/more economical — Audi, Infiniti, Land Rover, Jaguar
      Dwindling customer base — Buick, Jaguar (? ), and most definitely Saturn and SAAB

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    It’s innovative advertising for sure.  But as werewolf34 said, Audi needs to work on their dealer network, which is simply too sparse for those who need transportation rather than a technology statement.  We have ___one___ Audi dealer serving Portland Or and Vancouver WA – no more for over 100 miles in any direction.  Having __one__ dealer with limited service hours  to service a $40K and up car is simply too big a risk and inconvenience.

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