By on January 6, 2010

First it was the Prius, now Audi has come out with an ad featuring failed suicide. In both cases, the intended message (our car doesn’t spew poison) gets a bit lost in shuffle due to the fact that consumers of these products are portrayed attempting suicide. So this is what Audi’s CMO meant when he said rational arguments don’t work in the marketplace. Unfortunately, as the California Air Resources Board helpfully points out, diesel fumes contain arsenic, benzene, formaldehyde, nickel, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. So, you know, professional driver on a closed course, and all that. Don’t try this at home, kids!

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10 Comments on “Another Green Car Ad Gets Suicidal...”

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    Now if he had bought an EV, he wouldn’t have run out of gas…

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    I know they’re talking about how clean their cars are, but still, how is imagining someone dying like that supposed to motivate you to buy a car, even if he survives?

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    More German humor.

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    That ad is absolutely hilarious! I’m surprised they didn’t include a warning against trying this yourself at home; perhaps the ad is not intended to be aired in the litigious USA.

    A competitor should air a similar ad that shows the car still has a half tank of gas after running all day/night, and end with a tagline about their vehicle having better fuel efficiency ;)

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    Well, one thing Diesel DOES NOT produce is Carbon Monoxide, which is how this sort of suicide works. “Clean Diesel” has nothing to do with it. Doesn’t matter if the guy tried it with a 1978 Mercedes-Benz 240D, or an Oliver Tractor from the 1950s, he still would not be able to kill himself.

    As for CARB? Their anti-Diesel bias/paranoia goes back decades.

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    What Chuck said– +10

    And, what a nutty advert. What were they thinking?

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    He was trying to kill himself because his car payment is $650/month and his warranty has expired.

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    Speaking as someone that had a coworker do that very act successfully. I find the ad disgusting.

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      Agreed. I know someone who was pulled out of their car by a friend before they did any serious harm to themselves. This is just sick. I don’t normally swear but – Audi – Go f*ck yourself. Suicide is a horrible and traumatic experience and should not be trivialized to sell a f*cking car.

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    The Toyota one is obviously fake, even in something viral Toyota wouldn’t show a dealer plate frame.  This is fake also.  But it’s harder to tell because the Germans do have sick humor and because buying an Audi may make a person want to end it.

    What’s really sad is that millions of people who want to live are killed in fires each year because of their Audis’ faulty electrical systems.

    It has been around the internet a million times, but the VW Polo bomber is still the best dark humor fake auto ad:

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