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The AFP reports that Chrysler is “currently reconsidering how it uses major auto shows for revealing new vehicles and concepts,” by way of explaining why Chrysler has “nothing new” for the Detroit Auto Show. Spokesman Rick Denau explains “we’d like to do things closer to the on-sale date of the vehicles and most of our new stuff isn’t coming until the second half of the year.” In reality, Chrysler is pushing the limits of the possible with its attempt to re-work the Chrysler and Dodge lineups in record time. Except for the new 300 and Grand Cherokee which made ill-fated debuts in Chrysler’s “viability plan” Chrysler’s refreshed products won’t be ready for public consumption until shortly before they go on sale, and it’s still likely that some of those release dates could be pushed back. In the meantime, Fiat will rebadge a Lancia as a Chrysler for the Detroit show. Because that’s almost as good as showing a new model, and it’s certainly as good as it gets for Chrysler right now.

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25 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Spot The Chrysler Edition...”

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    Better be the Delta, the other three are’t ready for the Chrysler prime time show.

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    Fiat (Fix It Again Tony) is a loser nothing company who is all smoke and mirrors just like cerberus.  They got NOTHING to show. Chrysler is going to be bankrupt in a couple of years at best and all the brainwashed cheerleading chrysler workers can talk all they like but the FACT is sales are CRASHING HARD!  as the word of the Nation wide BOYCOTT of CHRYSLER take a stronger hold?
    November 2007 sales 161,08
    November 2009 sales     63,560 units   WOW almost 100,000 less = BOYCOTT of CHRYSLER?

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      Yup, you got ’em figured out all right, the 6th largest carmaker in the world is really just all smoke and mirrors, with their Ferrari and all that. And Fix It Again Tony? Gee, I’ve never heard that before. That’s very clever of you! And if fewer car sales is a sign of a boycott, then I guess Toyota is under a boycott, too.

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      Dan…. go…. away……
      This tired tirade is way past its expiration date.

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      You make me want to go out and buy a Chrysler just to spite you!

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      Boycott, Schmoycott. 

      Aside from a few trottels buying into boycott conspiracy, Chrysler is being shunned because the prices are not low enough to move a tired product portfolio, or overcome customer concerns that the company may not survive the warranty period.

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      First off, I don’t see a bunch of Chrysler workers on here cheerleading anything – the only company that seems to have any significant representation is GM.

      Secondly, what would prefer the workers do? Just give up and die? If they’re motivated maybe they can pull this off in spite of your tired tirade.

      Are you perhaps a fired/laid off Chrysler worker who wants to doom the fate of thousands just to satisfy some petty grudge? 

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      I am going to go down to my Chrysler dealer and buy the most expensive model they have on the lot just to spite you, Dan.
      Chrysler isn’t getting “boycotted”. Their products are last in class, and everybody who wants one has pretty much gotten one already, so thats why their sales are tanking.
      Seriously, this idiotic crap needs to stop. What happened? You have to replace the transmission in your Caravan one too many times?

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    One of my friend’s dads(sp) is European and speaks like 7 languages and if you met him, you’d say he is the spitting image of the Dos Equis “most interesting man in the world” guy.   He drives nothing but Lancia’s.  That being the case, if they ever sold them here, I’d certainly take a test drive.

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    Fiat would be better served just reintroducing Fiat to the US market than rebadging Lancias and Fiats as Chryslers. Fiat may bring back some bad memories for middle aged people and older (I am 40 and do not remember anything about old Fiats except that my uncle had a Fiat X1/9.) These Lancias in no way relate to current Chrysler design/philosophy and will hold little appeal to the few loyal owners, and everyone else has much better options already in the market. So why bother.

    This nonsense makes rebadging Opels as Buicks seem like a good idea. At least there is some precedent for that!

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    The Delta seems like the best candidate given what Francois said about Chrysler and Lancia aligning, AND the first Fiatsler will be a C-class car offered in 2012.  Hopefully Fiat is smarter than Daimler and offers this car in notchback form.  Hatchbacks don’t sell in volume (Caliber vs Neon!!!) in the US.

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    Id bet the Yipsilan and the Phaedra… top right, and bottom right.

    They look like the cheapest badge jobs.. with little to no thought and resulting in poor execution.

    The Yipsilan’s front clip looks like it could cost the whole company another .20 for the nice lower valence.. while the Phaedra looks like a rebadged minivan anyway. And speaking of Minivan… oooh Routan, talk about a solid POS.

    Yup, they will fit in nicely! Just like the misfits the other crap already is.

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    Somebody better get on the phone to Sergio. Those grills have already been used by….Daewoo.

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    Ok then, if Chrysler has nothing to show at the Auto Show, then don’t spend our money on showing up.  Just stay home. No one would miss you.

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    I hope I don’t get burned too bad for this, but I do like the way the red minivan looks. It’s difficult for me to tell, but does that word below it say Phedra?

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    I thought the Phaedra WAS a Chrysler!

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    I thought that Ypsilon was the Wolseley version of the Mini…… or would that have been the Vanden Plas ???

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    I actually admire the fact that they don’t want to show their upcoming new products, (300, Charger, Grand Cherokee, Durango) until they are actually close to production. Unlike GM which shows them 12 years before they hit the market (i.e. Cruze), to the point you are sick of seeing them and the actual introduction is anti-climatic. However, that said, Fiat should bring some of their current Lancia/Alfa Romeo/Fiat models to the show, as sort of a teaser for things to come…Lancia Delta and Ypsilon, Alfa MiTo and Guilietta, Fiat 500, Punto Evo and Doblo would be my picks.

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    If I had to pick one, I’d say Delta. It’s probably the only one that I could personally see selling fairly well here. What troubles me, however, is that  I don’t see anything there that would solve any of Chrysler’s problems. Chrysler needs compelling volume sellers, and none of the cars pictured would be that. Think Camry/Accord or Corolla/Civic. I understand that Fiat is trying to rush products over to Chrysler showrooms quickly, but if they’re not sending the right products, then what’s the point? They aren’t in the position to take on a few models to fill in the gaps, they need major players right now, and a few hatchbacks aren’t going to work in a market that wants sedans and crossovers. Sergio’s plan doesn’t seem like it’s going to work very well to me.

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      I think its safe to say that the plan was never to take over the world, Sergio doesn’t work at VW.  Its also safe to say I don’t think Chrysler will ever have a product that rivals the Camcord class simply because the masses are hestiant to try anything else and prefer their cars perform as their toasters do.
      Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t think the 300 lights too many fires, but its nice that its at least a little different then the dull as dishwater FWD bread and butter sedans that everyone loves.
      The introduction of the Grand Cherokee will be the first real test if this is Daimler II.

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      Its actually funny you say that.. with as big as VW is.. and all of the companies they own.. I wouldnt doubt it.

      However.. as long as they dont make the same mistakes as GM / Ford / Fiatsler.

      And my belief about Chrysler and their cars…
      The vehicles arent around / fresh enough to actually be competitive on the long term.

      As boring as Camry / Accord are.. theyve been in the market for coming on 30yrs. If there is a problem.. it will be / should be fixed by the next iteration. Yes, they are boring as hell.. especially the current versions. But they own the segment.

      Chrysler is a company.. (among the worst) to push the rebates as high as possible, and all kinds of gas rebate and crap on the hood. They promote the worst brand loyalty along with the worst brand value. NTM, just when you think the company might be doing well.. they are back in the crapper again.

      Im sorry, I cant buy a car from a company always in the can.
      Not even to mention they havent figured out the basics.. midsized and compact cars.. with a COMPETITIVE MINIVAN!!!

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    Ooooh, the one on the upper right is almost as pretty as the Kia Amanti.

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    The Phedra is looks most like a Chrysler product.  But it appears to be a 2000-ish Dodge Caravan with a nose job.   The Ypsilon and Delta look interesting but they’re all Lancias. Which means they’re all Chryslers.. now.

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