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Or 2010. Or, perhaps even 2011. Who knows? (

Not long ago we wondered what the hell Mahindra was up to, as the Indian firm had delayed its US launch seemingly indefinitely. Thanks to, we’ve learned that Mahindra still has yet to file paperwork for federal standards compliance, and that the launch date for its diesel Pickup has been pushed back to the nebulous date of “middle spring 2010.” Federal testing is complete, but Mahindra won’t submit compliance paperwork to the feds until January. The company reckons this bureaucratic hurdle will be complete by February, clearing the way for a product launch sometime around April. According to, Mahindra will be offering two-door and four-door versions of its pickup at launch, both powered by a 2.2 liter diesel engine. Mahindra intends for its trucks to achieve 30 mpgs and 1.3 ton hauling capacity.

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27 Comments on “US Mahindra Launch Pushed Back To “Middle Spring”...”

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    Sammy Hagar

    It looks like they stole the bed from a Chevy LUV.

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    A few thoughts…
    – Seems like this would compete head on against the Ford Ranger
    – Last I checked, Ranger sales weren’t great, but this is likely due to the insane sales volumes for the last few years on full size trucks.
    – Once the used full size trucks clear out of the US market and folks realize that a small truck will meet 99% of their needs, the small truck market could kick some butt.
    – Assuming that happens, I can’t imagine why someone would drive past a Ford dealer to buy one of these unless they are dumped on the market well below cost.   Maybe $9999 with a lonngg warranty moves them?

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    The biggest reason that small truck sales cratered is that the fuel mileage benefit disappeared during the v6 wars of the 90’s.  A Ranger with  a 4.0 gets no mpg advantage whatsoever over a  small v8 in an F-150 or Silverado.  Ditto the Colorado.  The Dodge Ram & Dakota mpg numbers don’t even differ.  So why buy a smaller truck with less capability and NO fuel advantage?  Simple math, really.

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      Except the Ranger, Tacoma, Frontier and Colorado can be had with a four-cylinder engines that do get substantially better fuel economy.

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      When’s the last time you actually saw a non-loaded small truck on a dealers lot?  I know they offer and make them but everybody seems to order the “pimped out” ones.

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      Your ‘No fuel (economy) advantage’ argument is negated by this one’s 33 MPG right of the bat.

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      No, it’s not, Chuck.  I’m talking about why they don’t sell (and my reasons come from being in the constant company of truck buyers, not mere opinion).  As to my argument being “negated by this one’s 33 MPG”….ummm….”this one” is not yet for sale, and therefore has had no affect on past or present truck sales, has it?  Or do you really think there are thousands of people out there not buying F-150s because the Mahindra exists on a website?

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    Something about this little truck still scares me. It just doesn’t look very solid, and didn’t I read somewhere that it has to have a grill guard added on just to pass safety standards? That’s not very reassuring.

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    This is exactly the truck I want: simple, fuel efficient, inexpensive.
    But, I would really like it more if it came with power leather, heated seats with memory and massage function.  Maybe a built in fridge, panoramic moonroof, lane departure system, heated rear seats that swivel and fold into the floor.  Also a large V8 so I can dream of someday hauling something I don’t own, a media center with blue-ray player and G4 internet connection, dog-friendly storage and a pop-up tent.
    Then it will be perfect.  Sincerely,
    -The American consumer

    PS:  A man-step so I can get into the bed.  Did I say that already?  And cupholders, lots and lots of cupholders.

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    superbadd: They added the brush guard to pass the bumper tests, not any actual safety tests.

    It’s an ugly son of a bitch but if it does what they say, and does it reliably, who cares?

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    They’ve been selling these things for a while here in Chile, and they’ve been gaining quite a good rep. I’ve seen more 4 doors than anything else. The other day I went to a dealer to take a look at one: about US$20.000 after taxes, about US$16.000 if you can avoid them (for farmers and such). That gets you a four door, 2.6 liter diesel. Manual trans, aircon, electric windows, 4×4 (a real one), a decent stereo to listen while working, a couple of airbags and the most industrial Rubber-Maidish interior a company that’s not Chrysler can offer. Now that’s a real workhorse.
    That seems like a pretty good deal to me.

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    Facebook User

    It’s going to be nice to actually be able to buy a real truck again instead of a luxury sedan with a box and big tires. Ever since Ford killed the old 300 I6, trucks have been growing increasingly less truckish.

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    Carlson Fan

    Sorry but leather seats and other creature comforts doesn’t affect the usefulness or the ability of a truck to work one bit. Todays  modern trucks with V8’s will tow circles around and old Ford with a 300 I6 and get better fuel economy to boot.  In fact today’s 1/2 tons will easily out tow and haul the 3/4 and 1 ton trucks of yesterday.
    As fars as the Mahindra, no matter how good it is(and I doubt it’s that good) looks/styling alone will kill sales. It hasn’t got a chance.

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      As the owner of an old Ford with a 300 I6,  I respectfuly disagree with some of your comments.  Leather seats and other creature comforts do affect the usefulness  of a truck : no one in their right mind is going to bang up a $50K truck on a job site.  Towing capacity is higher on a newer truck, but that is mostly due to larger tires, shorter axle ratios, and 5 or six speed automatics, all of which cost more initially and down the road. One of our newer work trucks stripped an rear axle- the estimate was $4500 to replace. The truck also needed $1500 in tires and brake work- we sold it as a parts bin. I don’t even want to think about a transmission rebuild.
      Pickups today are ‘statement’ vehicles- they have all gotten bigger, longer, taller and less useful than the older models. I know a lot of contractors who would kill for a brand new 1990’s vintage Ford or Chevy 1/2 ton and I have a list of guys who want to buy my oldy moldy Ford .

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    johnny ro

    To my eye it looks kind of narrow in the pictures. Good for rest of world, but is it big enough to hold average american male? What, 6 foot, 220 lbs?
    Obesity is one big reason so many like the f-150s and explorers etc in USA. Too big to fit in a car.

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    What this truck needs is some type of celebrity endorsement to kick things off.
    I could see any number of Taliban driving this with pride and enthusiasm.

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    So theyre selling the SAME small diesel pickups Toyota & Isuzu were selling THIRTY Fing years ago??? Im just SO impressed with the advance of autotech over the DECADES!!

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    This stupid thing comes up every few months on TTAC. Every time it does, I say the same thing: Vaporware.
    I’ll bet $100 that this vehicle is NEVER sold in the US.

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      I’m beginning to think you’re right.
      The economics have never made sense to me. At $12-14K Mahindra might have a chance even if it has Yugo interior quality and the NVH of a shopping cart. But they’re talking about coming in at $20-23K and they’re going to get killed at that price. For that money you can get a stripper half-ton or a modestly-optioned four-cylinder Tacoma/Ranger/Frontier that doesn’t give up much in fuel economy and will actually be tolerable for more than an hour. Unless they’ve improved their interior and NVH by magnitudes and found ways to get the price a lot closer to $15K for a 2WD/2 door, they’re going to get slaughtered when they do focus group testing.
      Add in that this is a really unfortunate time to get dealers to bet pay a couple hundred grand in franchise fees for a totally unproven brand and product, and then pile on a nearly 50% drop in gas prices since they first announced coming to the US and an evaporation of the recreational truck market, and the Mahindra looks like the answer to a question only diesel fanbois and nostalgic masochists are asking.

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      Right 15 grand TOPS for a striped model and it will sell.  Don’t make the mistake of Chrysler with the first K-cars where the only one’s on the dealers lot were loaded to the gills after you advertised a cheap starting price.  Stripped diesel with 0 power options will in fact sell.  It better be a rubber floored model too.

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    They’ve been selling these things for some time in Brazil, maybe 6 months. Though I live right smack dab in the middle of pick up country, haven’t seen one of them on the road yet. Curiously though I have seen some Ssangyong monstruosities. So it probably proves that if the price is right Brazilians will buy about anything.

    To be fair, I don’t think they have a dealership in my area yet.

    This will sell only to the very utilitarian (if it proves dependaple). The design is, well, Indian full of (disparate, to our Western eyes) lines, and circles, and suqares. Have you ever seen Pakistani and Indian trucks and buses? That’s the inspiration (again very weird and very exaggerated to our western eyes).

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    That promotional flyer reminds me of What’s Up! Balloon to the Rescue.

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    A van body would attract more commercial buyers, I believe.
    And to house the growing number of Americans steadily sliding downwards to the 2nd-world level life-style (modified by closeness to the wee bit of trickle-down wealth) a cheapmobile that is reliable with a decent-sized van body could be a huge seller with a growing demand.

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