Sunday Concours: Nissan Leaf Tour

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
sunday concours nissan leaf tour

The Nissan Leaf Tour passed through our friendly local museum of science this weekend, and we were on hand to see the new EV. For the price of admission, we were also treated to Nissan’s bold vision of a future in which convenience stores have handy wind turbines and electric vehicles are consistently able to achieve their stated range.

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  • Steven02 Steven02 on Dec 21, 2009

    You guys from Canada with the cold weather... ouch. That is why I live in Texas. Going to get to the maybe the 60s (F) in Dallas.

    • Iamwho2k Iamwho2k on Dec 21, 2009

      Hawaii, FTW! People start wearing sweaters when it dips into the mid-70s (F).

  • Rusted Source Rusted Source on Dec 21, 2009

    Leaf car manual states the following: "While in reverse and looking out the back window, give yourself an estimated extra car length to ensure that you don't compact the rear bumper unexpectedly."

  • IH_Fever Another day, more bloviating between the poor downtrodden union leeches and the corporate thieves. But at least pantsuit guy got a nice new shirt.
  • IH_Fever I can't wait to see an Escalade on 24"s blow the brakes off of the competition!
  • Redapple2 Why does anyone have to get permission to join? Shouldnt the rules to race in a league be straight forward like. Build the car to the specs. Pay the race entry fee. Set the starting grid base on time trials.?Why all the BS?I cant watch F1 any more. No refuel. Must use 2 different types of tires. Rare passing. Same team wins every week. DRS only is you are this close and on and on with more BS. Add in the skysports announcer that sounds he is yelling for the whole 90 minutes at super fast speed. I m done. IMSA only for me.
  • Redapple2 Barra at evil GM is not worth 20 mill/ yr but dozens (hundreds) of sports players are. Got it. OK.