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as I still think of it

Did you know Mercedes still sells the G-Wagen here? I’d kind of forgotten about it. But sixty-eight buyers hadn’t in November. But then I’ve never forgiven Mercedes for how they positioned it here as a gangsta’ mobile. It was/is the ultimate off-roader. Oh well. GM continues to dominate this market with their big boyz. Range Rover looks surprisingly healthy. Did Tata buy low? Details:

Ranking by YTD sales Nov. 09 Sales % change YTD sales % change
Chevy Tahoe 6528 57% 63971 -25%
Chevy Suburban 4678 21% 36350 -24%
Ford Expedition 2654 -39% 26099 -49%
GMC Yukon 2253 0% 26073 -25%
Range Rover 1825 59% 16170 -5%
GMC Yukon XL/Sub 1543 -11% 14866 -34%
Toyota Sequoia 1397 -25% 14627 -48%
Caddy Escalade 1618 -14% 14736 -30%
Nissan Armada 953 34% 8265 -44%
Lincoln Navigator 784 -19% 6299 -54%
Dodge Aspen 58 -97% 5964 -71%
Infiniti QX 56 534 8% 5304 -27%
Dodge Durango 29 -98% 3492 -83%
MB G Class 68 -26% 589 -27%
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21 Comments on “November Sales Snapshot: Large SUVs...”

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    How did ChryCo manage to move 87 Aspens and Durangos? And the lux SUV I had forgotten about was the QX56, I can’t believe they’ve moved as many as they have. Nearly 1/3 as many as Cadillac did Escalades, and the Escalade has 4 variants.  

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    Oregon Sage

    I was looking over a late model G500 in Salem the other day. It is what I expect in a high end SUV. Nice size, well appointed and the underpinnings look like they intended it to be driven on unpaved surfaces.  There do seem to be a cadre of very committed users of these things who actual gather and drive them in the dirt.
    Pricey and the gas mileage is abysmal, but I would prefer it over the Rover.

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      Mirko Reinhardt

      The fuel economy actually isn’t too bad in the diesel versions. They currently make a limited edition version based on the military version, with wood floor instead of carpets and beige or green paint. That one is awesome.

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      Did you actually drive the thing? I tested out a AMG g-wagen not too long ago, and the thing handled so skittishly that I took it back the dealer after a block. No way I’d put my family out in that thing.

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    The Aspen Is out of production and still has a YTD edge on the QX56.  Ouch!

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    Interestingly, this means that the GMT 900 platform has 2/3 of the large SUV market, counting in for all the different versions. A GM positive post of the day?

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    Always wanted to get a G-Wagen – back in the good old days when you could only get one at Europa in Sante Fe. Once any yutz could get one at their local MBZ dealer, it was inevitable what would happen.

    That, and they went so damn upmarket with the G. Back when they were all grey market, buddy of mine had a 2 door with a diesel. About as spartan as a 240D taxi in the Gaza Strip. Ran through anything.

    Don’t forget Paul, you can Pinzs and ‘Mogs are very off-road capable. Not as comfy as a newish G-wagen, but it’s tough to stop either one of them. 

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    LOL @Honda Pilot. It’s not even real enough to be counted with others despite the humongous size (after 2009).

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    I didn’t realize the Pilot grew that much for 2009, but it is still quite a bit smaller than any of the other vehicles on the list, and was counted in the Midsize CUV roundup, which is really what it is.  Also, the Pilot is a unibody car based vehicle while all of these are either BOF or unique trucklike platforms.
    I have to say I am surprised that the GM full size vehicles sold that much better than the Expedition.  The GM full size SUVs are quality products, and possible GMs best products, but the Expedition has certain strengths too, and any comparison between the two ends up as a wash depending on whether you prefer the better packaging and road manners of the Expedition or the greater power of the GM offerings.  I can only guess that GM’s firesale pricing and incentives have led to the sales being the way they are, as Ford is still being pretty stingy with rebate money on the Expedition and Navigator.

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    I’m quite surprised GM so thoroughly dominates this segment. Not that the GM vehicles aren’t completely competitive and nice vehicles, just surprised they so thoroughly dominate the segment. I guess it’s just unexpected when you view GM’s overall market performance.

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    Do you really call it G-Wagen?

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    How about the Land Cruiser?

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    Dodge Aspen?

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    At $104,000 for the base, I bet MB made just as much profit on those 68 G-class SUV’s as GM did on the 6000 Tahoes :-)

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    Carlson Fan

    “I can only guess that GM’s firesale pricing and incentives have led to the sales being the way they are, as Ford is still being pretty stingy with rebate money on the Expedition and Navigator.”

    I haven’t been on a lot myself in awhile but what I’m hearing from others is that GM is not offering big rebates or incentives on these vehicles. They are just that much better than everything else out there in this segment. The current GMT 900 platform is heads and tails better than the previous generation.

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    You think the Honda Pilot has grown in size?
    Have you or anyone looked at the 2009/2010 Toyota Highlander?
    The present Highlander looks as huge as the last couple of  Toyota  LandCrusiers.
    Much larger than the 2003 Highlander I had.

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    Um, that’s Chrysler Aspen.

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