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Tie-up fashion. Picture courtesy

Mitsubishi Motors and PSA sure don’t waste any time. Hours after the news of their impending nuptials were announced, the happy couple retreated to a love hotel in the Kabuki-cho district of Shinjuku and hatched further plans on top of their planned capital tie-up.

According to the Friday edition of the Nikkei,[sub] “the two have already agreed that Mitsubishi Motors will supply its electric vehicles to Peugeot under an OEM arrangement. They are now considering expanding the scope of their partnership to include the development of hybrids and other environmentally friendly vehicles.”

For instance, Peugeot could share its diesel engine/electric motor hybrid technology with Mitsubishi. The diesel hybrid is scheduled for 2011. In return, Mitsubishi Motors could help Peugeot develop a gasoline-engine hybrid, or co-develop a plug-in with the French beau.

According to the plans, Mitsubishi Motors will supply more models to Peugeot. On top of the Outlander SUV that Mitsubishi supplies to Peugeot under an OEM agreement, Mitsubishi will supply another SUV to the French partner, most likely the RVR subcompact SUV, slated for release next year.

Further on the long to-do-list of the energetic couple is co-developing an all-new SUV, as well as jointly cultivating India and other emerging markets. Combining buying power to procure parts and sharing vehicle platforms are next on the list, as well as reorganizing production operations.

If that sounds like a merger to you, it is. According to the Nikkei, “Mitsubishi Motors and Peugeot are in the final stages of negotiations toward a capital tie-up. The outcome is likely to see Peugeot obtain a 30-50% stake to become Mitsubishi Motors’ top shareholder.”

The French-Japanese marriage is very popular in Japan. The Tokyo stock exchange feted the impending marriage by sending the Mitsubishi Motors’ stock 13 percent higher to 135 yen.

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21 Comments on “Mitsubishi And PSA Getting Tighter And Tighter...”

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    John Horner

    Sake will do that to people ….

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    Bertel, do you pick the pictures for your own articles?  Your having way to much fun with this.  I guess it’s true what they say about Germans and being kinky ;).  Of course I say this as an individual of 3/4 German descent.

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    Could this be a gateway through which Peugeot vehicles may pass to American shores? I wouldn’t oppose that one bit. Then again, no Renaults have been shipped to the U.S. since the ’80s, so it’s probably only wishful thinking.

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    Cammy Corrigan

    Mitsubishi better assert control in these negotiations, otherwise this’ll be DCX all over again. Another fiasco would just about finish them off.
    P.S. Herr Schmitt, what the hell kind of websites do you visit?!

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    Frau Corrigan, I’m in China. The good ones are all blocked ….

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    Wow!  I’ve seen string bikinis, but never a rope one.


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    no-one would believe that I visit TTAC for that latent odd sexual thrill… would they?

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    Oregon Sage

    Who cars about the girl, I want a 908

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    Japanese are even kinkier …

    Perhaps, but I guess that depends on you define ‘kink’. 

    If one were looking for, say, poo-eating-monkey-touching-alpaca-fart-porn, I really would argue that there is no substitute. 

    Or so I’ve heard… 

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    Bertel, does your wife know you wrote this?

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    The picture? Me likey.

    Seriously, PSA & Mitsu is a logical match-up on a bunch of levels. This was the deal that should have happened a decade ago instead of with Schremp the Chump.

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    Mr Carpenter

    PSA + Mitsubishi makes perfect sense.  As bomberpete says, this should have happened a decade ago. 

    Now, the rumored Volkswagen + Suzuki tie-up (i.e. take-over of Suzuki, effectively) will absolutely make sense, also.  Suzuki-Maruti are #1 in India, a huge growth area.  Volkswagen are #1 in China, an even bigger growth area.  Almost no overlap there; Suzuki is weak in China, Volkswagen non-existant in India.  Volkswagen are fairly strong in South America, strong in northern Europe and Suzuki are #1 in Japan (yes #1 in car sales in Japan!) 

    The Toyota executives will be pulling their hair out if VW buy Suzuki because their chance of being #1 worldwide will go “bye bye” for the foreseeable future if not permanently. 

    Game, set, match. 

    OTOH, Toyota could always snap up Mazda…. then they’d be back in the numbers game, again.  But I’m certainly not sure that’d be as logical a move as Suzuki-VW and PSA-Mitsubishi seem to be. 

    • 0 avatar
      Cammy Corrigan

      I don’t think Toyota will lose any sleep over VW snapping up Suzuki (I really hope that doesn’t happen). Toyota has learnt quite harshly, that numbers mean, approximately, naff all. Toyota like organic growth and expanding the Toyota marque. They really have bigger problems to worry about than acquisitions.

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    Mr Carpenter

    I was wondering whether Volkswagen has some kind of fetish for the letter S. 

    They bought Spanish SEAT some while back, followed by Czech Skoda.  Now Suzuki?

    I’m surprised they didn’t want to buy up Saturn, and Subaru, too. 

    Must have been different management back in the 1960’s, because, I understand that anyone with $7 million could have bought Studebaker’s Canadian operations in 1965 and that a Canadian business consortium would have done so, and later went on to assemble Toyota and Isuzu vehicles in Canada, for Canada (for awhile, anyway). 

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    Nice attire!  I admire a woman who is willing to be daring with the color red…

    Note to the Editorial Board with regards to the photo selections:

    Thank you for the recent .. er, “style” improvements.  I just realized that I have adopted a new habit.  I ALWAYS look at old headlines now.  Yeah, for the pictures!  But along the way, I see (and read) more articles and ads than I used to, even though I may not have any comments on the subject matter for a given article.  

    I guess I’m a sucker for a pretty smile.  Go figure!

    Maybe I’m not the only one…

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