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the biggest of all?

BigLorryBlog has been the site for some recent bragging about “mine is longer than yours”. The latest entry, a wind turbine blade,comes with an actual measurement, a whopping 61.5 meters (202 feet). But the previous entry (after the jump) is nothing to be embarrassed about either, even thought it lacks any official measurements. Note that neither load was being pulled by a Hummer.


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16 Comments on “Mine’s Longer Than Yours: Which One Is The World’s Longest Truck Load?...”

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    When I worked in a naval shipyard I didn’t see many long loads on trucks; saw several prop shafts carried on three railcars though. They just moved them from the drydock to the shop and back.
    I think the most interesting load I saw was the motor-generator set out of a submarine. This large, heavy lump of steel was sold for scrap and was hauled out of the shipyard on a low-bed trailer by a contractor. His guys didn’t do a good enough job of blocking the oddly-shaped thing, and it fell off the trailer as it was crossing the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. It took two very large truck cranes several hours to reload the lump and get it moved off the bridge; it had punched a considerable hole in the bridge deck that took some time to repair.

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    …and speaking of loads, my father took a job to haul a D8 Cat bulldozer from Tacoma to Fox Island. There was no bridge at the time, just a little ferry. The docks couldn’t hold the weight of the truck plus the dozer, so we had to unload it on solid ground at the top of the ferry dock and plank it all the way down the dock onto the ferry, which was a little 20- or 30-car boat. The Cat and the truck were on one side, all the rest of the vehicles on the other, but the boat still listed a little toward our side. Then of course we had to plank all the way up the dock at Fox Island and reload. What a day.

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    The current record for longest truck load was set in 2006 in Australia. A tri drve Mack Titan pulled 112 trailers 1,299,987kg, 1474 metres long  a distance of 100 metres.

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    Paul Niedermeyer,
        I have a picture I took last year of a truck that is at least as long as the one in the post picture.  How can I email it to you?

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    I don’t like to be pedantic. Actually I do. The top picture is a blade for a wind-turbine, rather than the tower (mast). The tower would be much bigger, but likely built on site from pre-made sections.

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    “Was this before or after the bridge collapse?”
    Cut me some slack here, okay? I ain’t that old; it collapsed in 1940. This was around 7 or 8 years ago.

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    As malcolmmacauley noted, the load in question is a blade, not a mast.
    See them fairly often on I-35 traveling between TX and NE.  There’s a manufacturer right beside the freeway.

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    What are the slalom times for this thing?  Is it RWD?

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    Speaking of long trucks.  Here’s a picture from of a 60ft long trailer from 1942.  The custom-built trailers were used to transport B-24 bomber parts from factory to factory.  The tractor used two engines linked to a single transmission.   Can you imagine driving this thing cross country in those pre-interstate highway days?

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    Judging by all the chrome and bullbar… the last truck is from Aussiesland.
    61.5 mts is effing long.

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