Curbside Classic CA Vacation Edition Outtake: 1978 Porsche 928

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer

It’s been a long time since I saw one of these early 928s. This one is all-original, including those “telephone dial” wheels and mighty dinky rubber. Guess what size they are? 215 60 x 15″. That’s econo-box size today. The engine was the 4.5 liter V8 that put out 219 (net) hp in US trim; 240 PS in Euro tune. It was a fast, comfortable coupe for its day, and a pretty rare find today.

Paul Niedermeyer
Paul Niedermeyer

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  • Flashpoint Flashpoint on Dec 29, 2009

    I never liked nor wanted a Porsche...but, I recognized this one from Scarface.

  • Russification Russification on Dec 29, 2009

    anybody know anything about the plans to bring the redesigned 928 into production?

  • Oregon Sage Oregon Sage on Dec 29, 2009

    Paul, I guess you need to come back to Eugene. I walked by one of these in the parking garage this morning. Apparently one of the DAC morning people drives it since I see it from time to time early in the day.

    • Paul Niedermeyer Paul Niedermeyer on Dec 29, 2009

      I know there's a few 928s in Eugene, but none are this first generation. These have become quite rare.

  • Supremebrougham Supremebrougham on Dec 29, 2009

    Undoubtedly Chrysler used this car as the inspiration for the 1984 Dodge Daytona...